Paging the Writer Within : WakeUp Call

Ooops! I did it again *blink blink* I’m not talking about the Britney Spears song, but the fact that I created yet another new blog today!
Not many things keep me awake and motivated to keep vigil past midnight; not even my necessary evils such as studying, packing-up, uploading long overdue photos onto social medias. The fact that I am AWAKE past midnight, Writing…means something Big! 

I have a few other blogs (on other sites) – but am guilty of NOT actively maintaining any. Probably some 5 blogs or more! :p
NO JOKE! 2 of which are no more – R.I.P

For the last couple of years, I am a FaceBook addict! Five to ten years ago, used to be addicted to Friendster & that is when this whole blogging bussiness began (when I was in Medical school) – haha, seems I found ample time for things other than studying Medicine. And then with an ex-schoolmate who thought I could write, we tried a bussiness venture. A blog with proper hosting and advertisements, but very little income generated. Hardly any LOL. And the I got busy with housemanship (internship). Slowly, my 2 pioneer blogs died (when Friendster changed its policy without me realizing it)/decided to shut it down (as I realized I was incapable of doing justice to the ‘bussiness venture’).

But the passion to write never really died.

I love writing. How bad is it? When I repost something on facebook, my own thoughts about it can be very far-fetched. An overkill.

Why don’t I stop it then? In all honestly, I wanted to. Take ‘time-out’ and just go MIA (missing-in-action). But then again, in the past 1-2 months, 3 friends have mentioned & personally thanked me for the quotes I share. If something reposted spices up even one person’s day…that means I have made a difference. They are my daily inspirations. It would be Wrong to STOP paying it forward.

My work have been in print before – a few articles I wrote for the RAGE. That is the crowning glory for the writer in me. (I will speak of it in a future post)
That, and having interactive followers of my late Friendster blog, and knowing that I had some followers in the form of lurkers was a prove that I could write read-worthy materials.


The Older I Get

The above post made my hands itchy and served as a wake-up call for the writer in me who was in deep slumber. Why and How?

Because it has 100% TRUTH in it. And that I belong to that category too. Now, don’t we all think we have a Life Plan blueprint ahead of us? The more effort we put into it, things will iron out on its own. God cannot not reward hardwork and passion. *tuuut* wrong answer.

As much as I am an irritatingly optimistic person who believes in the Law of Attraction, I can’t deny the fact that Murphy’s Law has its place too. Though I am 30 going on 31…this isn’t a mid life crisis. I’ve got ample time for that one!
My age kinda froze at 25 :p

This is More of a Journey of Reflection. Not just of me as a person, but as a doctor…
An avenue to allow myself to walk down memory lane – to discover my True Calling. I am still very much in a limbo. The Best way to find oneself is to Lose oneself, right? 🙂 I begin from myself. Rekindling the memories of the path I have travelled & still am…in my wonderful Journey.


This time I aim to maintain my blog & raise the writer within me…that can only be done by constantly feeding her. I choose this blogosphere to curb the itch to write & spare myself from spamming my own FaceBook wall! :p

‘Mad Med Journey’ shall be my wall of confession.
I am who I am today because of what I have been through 🙂 My inspiration is Andrew Matthews, the author of the famous ‘Being Happy’ & my eternally favourite life-changing book ‘Follow Your Heart’.

Reminiscing my Journey thus far will be a good starting point #Reflections#

Disclaimer: All stories mentioned and people quoted in my blog are NOT fictitious. If in any way the reader is offended, kindly alert me.
They either exist somewhere out there, or once did. Some may have contributed to my vivid imagination in being an inspiration to my stories to be narrated in my future posts 🙂

P.S: I will try to quote all the sources of photos shared as much as possible. And I will NOT name/tag anyone in my posts, though initials may be used – in respect of privacy.

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2 Responses to Paging the Writer Within : WakeUp Call

  1. shaa says:

    Happy Writing , Lavs! 🙂

    • drvolcanoe says:

      TQ for d encouragement, shaa…
      Will need as much support and interactiveness to keep the writers-spark sizzling & this mad-world alive! Do stay tuned.

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