The Reason I Write

LIFE isn’t about FINDing Youself…LIFE is about CREATing Yourself – Anonymous

Writing is a good way to do that! 🙂
Thoughts attract words, which in turn attracts the actions and reactions we have brought onto us

a man product of thoughts - gandhi

I am an aspiring writer. But I will never claim the prize as The Writing Doctor. That award goes to & remains with the amazing Dr. Pagalavan alone!

It is in my bucket-list to be a Published author. Nah…I don’t do the medical journal writing kind of stuff well. Don’t intend to get into that kind of super serious writing either. Me? I am more of a rambler.

I have a folder named ‘author me’ in my hard drive that archives the few articles of mine that has seen daylight in Print – thanks to the Star’s RAGE column.  I made some money out of most of it too (and then, there were other – online stuffs)


1. Passion
A newspaper columnist (a real author) friend once told me something along the line of “I rarely see someone who has such a passion for writing”. Yeap…PASSION is something that keeps you going even when you are drained. 🙂
Unfortunately, I had to turn down her offer to contribute to their online blog on a weekly basis as it was then I commenced working as a Doctor. I was indeed too busy back then, till I abandoned this passion. 😦

Why else do I write, besides the reason that my decision to be an active blogger (again) kept me awake till 1am+, when I had worked till 10pm that very day & to be continued at 7am on the morrow?

Let me try (in no particular order of importance):

2. Dis-entangling my inner web I have been reading a lot of thoughts penned by others lately via blogs, newsletters, facebook (FB) status updates. Special mention goes to a newfound FB friend who blogs on her status updates – cool; her work was a great motivation and started my itch.
And then it struck me – its been a while since I sorted myself out. I doe that best when I talk to people.

Writing to me works its charm like ‘a coin toss’ 😉

coin toss

And the next best thing when you have nobody to talk to is to talk to God. That may be camouflaged in the form of Writing too, right!? 😉
And I know this is a healthy outlet for me in:

3. Creating Me

It is not much of the feedback that I got when I speak to someone that gave me the clarity – though undeniably I’ve had some almost perfect reflective listeners. But rather the entangling of the webs within, and discovering that ray of light – bright and clear 😀
#Enlightenment# – albeit temporarily.

4. Objectively ReFocusing Emotions

Via Reflections in this blog, my aim is for it to be different from my rest. I have some as ‘reminders to myself’, ‘venting out when I have nobody to talk to’, on special topics of interest aka travel, movies & books, collection of my poetry.

In what way have I grown as an adult, if I keep doing in the same manner, one decade after another? So…in my 30s, I aspire to be a more matured writer (I make resolutions on an ad-hoc basis).
Yeap, every post shall be written, edited and re-read, prior to publication (in this ‘Mad-House Publications’ of mine, of course).

The irony is, writing on my FB wall mostly is reflexive and adulterated by at the moment emotions – so it shall remain for current affairs.

5. To be Inspired
…when I re-read writings of the past.
I’ve been blessed to come across many an inspiring persona in my Journey. Recalling them to mind will not only be a means of saying “Thank you”, but to reminiscence that symbol of inspiration that they have been to me – and perhaps to my readers too 🙂
We are who we are today, for what we have been through. At times life experiences from the past can be a great source of inspiration, as well as learning from mistakes.
Even the Me of my past can be an inspiration to the future Me.

6. To Inspire & ‘Conspire’   

“I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world” – Mother Teresa.

Track-record shows a few people have claimed to be inspired by me – some even to pursue a pathway which I have given up on (Another post/topic Material this definitely is).

Inflated self esteem? Nah…I realize I am inspired by, and have been blessed with a chance to play a small role in inspiring others via paying it forward in social networking websites, ok okay…I admit it is – FaceBook! :p
Along the same vein, perhaps some medical students, interns, or people who stumble upon my blog here who are going through similar ‘stage’ as I have in my stories may find some inspiration? Or learn from my mistakes?

Perhaps some layman (this term shall be used to describe non-medical people throughout my blog) who stumbles upon this mad-med-world of mine while get some enlightenment that we Doctors are NOT Superhumans, but merely normal human beings like every other Tom, Dick, Harry, Jack & Jill and Janes out there too!
Sigh…is it too ambitious of me to hope people will not only focus on our ‘deficiencies’ as a human being carrying out our role as a doctor, waiting to pounce upon us to sue us – but perhaps…just perhaps they will Empathise with us and seek to Understand us?
I choose to remain Optimistic 😀

P.S: I am toying with the idea of inviting guest writers – now, that’s part of the conspiracy to unravel the greatest myths abound out there, about my Noble Profession & the Professionals in it.

7. Improving my Language Proficiency
Writing, self editing, and consulting dictionaries (online) are a good way to do so. Though English isn’t my mother tongue, it has become my primary spoken language in the past years. It is also my most written language. Sometimes reading one’s own grammatical errors makes one cringe in shame and disgust #Grammar police alert#. Of course at times, it is merely a case of butter fingers. The auto-correct on smart-phone doesn’t help at all!
And I aim to reduce colloquialism and ‘bahasa rojak’ (mixing up a few languages – can’t blame that habit as I come from a multiracial country) looking innocent

8. Incentive scheme
Brings Pavlov’s theory to mind.
Have I mentioned that I am in a lifelong learning curve? Exams year after year…that’s all I’ve been doing this past few years, and can see ahead of me in the next few. That is soooo not motivating me at all! BUT the necessary evil has to be done – to STUDY, and constantly keep myself up-to-date.
Struck a deal with myself – No Study, No Write!

Everytime I get the itch to write (henceforth), I may draft ONE Post for every (sub/)chapter completed. A fair deal? Will update on my progress of this ‘self-bribing’ experiment soon.
Pssttt…By the way, I am (over)ambitious. Aiming for a post a day 😀
But that means I have to study daily gasps :0

9. Leisure
Some call it Hobby too. All work and no play makes me a very very veryyyyyyyy dull doctor. This shall be my playground, to water and nurture. Perhaps a zone for this hermit to seek refugee too. Along with my blog, I choose to Grow too 🙂

10. Alternative Career Option
Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE my work/profession – Practicing Medicine 🙂
I don’t see it as a job, but a vocation. But then again, it is a PART of my Life, not its entirety.

But I was, and am still very pluripotent and undifferentiated. Perhaps I don’t have to – that’s why I ended up choosing General Practice?
Trying to find my niche…or even to create my unique one. (This theme will definitely form the bulk of my topics – if you are interested, stay tuned, my dear Readers). 

Hmmm…IF at all someday I decide to switch tracks, I am creating a strong base here as an alternative career platform.
If people like Dr. Khaled Hossaini who didn’t go to writing school can write such poignant, moving tales, why can’t we? 😉

Did I say that I’m a dreamer?


Ehemm…who knows, one fine day, I might publish a compilation of my bestseller stories from this mad-med-Publication house? Use the income from my book to buy and retire in my dream beach-house wink

LIFE isn’t about FINDing Youself…LIFE is about CREATing Yourself – Anonymous

I WRITE because it makes me feel that I’m Alive.

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One Response to The Reason I Write

  1. drvolcanoe says:

    The FB wall writer that I mentioned in this post, well I tagged her as a token of appreciation upon Publishing this post on my wall, and her reply was:
    “Itchy fingers with no obvious cause and is not associated with rashes or scratch marks. Symptoms are rapidly relieved by typing furiously at facebook wall. Diagnosis: facebook wall writer , You’re most welcome, and as always the pleasure was entirely mine.”

    By the way, she is a doctor too.

    AND…I received a pleasant Surprise this morning! She posted this on her wall, linking to this post *honoured*, MM says:
    “Ever since I decided that I will attempt to fulfil my own dreams of becoming a writer, I have received many comments on my facebook wall and private messages almost on a daily basis from self-proclaimed fans that my writings have somehow motivated or inspired them.
    All my life I dreamt of making a difference in the lives of others. Thank you L for mentioning me in your blog, it is truly an honour that can only be bestowed by one writer to another 😉 “

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