Back to School (A Tribute)

*Dedicated to my awesome batch of VMPF MCQ classmates*


Today is exactly ONE YEAR since we met as Classmates.
It was an amazing journey for me (not only because it was my first trip out of Asia) – a great part thanks to All of You!

family friend...chosen

Tried immortalizing our moments in stanzas – here you go:


Exactly a Year Ago We Met
<23rd July 2012 – 2nd September 2012>

Place: Melbourne, Victoria
Season: Mid-Late Winter


Amazing Six Weeks they were,
A break from Routine so sure,
First at St.Vincents’ we gathered as strangers;
Ended as a family than mere peers.

From various countries ’round the Globe,
Aged from 20s to 50s – no Joke,
Men and Women – all trained Doctors;
Striving to pass One exam guided by tutors.

So back to school it was,
Such a cool mix :
Not only Practicing Doctors;
Also talented singer cum bussinessman,
To research assistants & IT whiz,
Academicians and Specialist,
Nurses & Fresh Undergrads,
And also the yet to be employed.
7 other countrymen of mine as classmates,
A record we hold – I am sure!
How not to feel at home?

Our class monitors – J & J,
Awesome leaders were they,
In settling disputes;
& Spreading important news’
Not to forget Mark & his crew 😉
Boy, some headache we gave him – tatz true!

Intensive Winter tutorials we were attending,
From morning till evening We kept writing!
Our fingers froze when the heaters went faulty,
Goodbye Museum, Hello 1SpringStreet – oh no, dim lighting!

Together learning as a Class,
With One Aim – to Pass,
And then…*drum rolls*;
Just as predicted we started arguing!
But glad it was mere bickering,
Questioning, challenging, and arguing,
That we settled democratically via voting;
Camaraderie blossomed & not enmity.

A few hospitals we covered via classes,
Opthalmologist &  Radiologist we travelled to see,
One ENT specialist who was simply toooooo good;
But please don’t remind us of the ‘Dermatologist’!
The rest were tutors who had tread our paths,
Who unselfishly shared their hard work & notes.
TQ from the Bottom of Our Hearts,
We Love y’all, dear Teachers! 🙂

Oh! Did I mention weekends in Monash University,
In Victoria University – coffee promotion we were lucky.

In the city and then some…
We travelled together on trains and trams,
Such a sight to behold,
We even sang ‘Happy Birthday’ on the road!

Team travels Not only for classes,
Also for leisure purposes –
Beaches, Temple, Movie;
On that one Friday evening!
And the ‘class party’
Buffet at Crown Plaza.

Aromatic coffee & tea,
Tidbits & chocolates,
Around the class being Circulated;
To keep vigil during classes.

Two computerized assessments
– first & fifth weeks!
And then came the ‘graduation’
Which we weren’t all so excited,
Yet it became such a photo-session,
I’m sure we all did have fun 🙂

On the last day,
There were some tears,
A lot of hugs & well wishes;
And promises to stay connected.

Over the months one after another,
Mostly passed & rejoiced together,
Through thick and thin we motivated each other,
VMPF tutors Optimism has indeed rubbed off on us 😉

July is almost gone to join her June,
A year hath breezed past us all so soon;
Even a blink now seems longer,
Yet the fond memories grew stronger.

Amazing Six Weeks they were,
Though in money I was much poorer,
I friendship – wayyyyyYYYY much richer;
Cheers & Good Luck to all of Us!

P.S: What were YOUR best moments – Care to Share?

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One Response to Back to School (A Tribute)

  1. drvolcanoe says:

    SS said: That was awesome stuff !!!!!!

    SK said: Indeed a pleasant journey .. thank you…

    SG said: time flies….really enjoyed going back to ‘school’…I miss everyone in our class! I like yr poem..tq

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