“Medical Marvel Sales”…LifeLong Learning

Despite my love-hate-relationship with ‘Kay-helL’, these are the kind of things that makes me appreciate being a KL-ite!  😀

Last year, I went gaga over the Big Bad Wolf sale in Mines Wonderland! Imagine I went all alone after finishing work at 11pm, and spent about 4-5 hours post midnight on a Friday night (during the 72hour-sale)! I know wolves hunt in pack…but beggars can’t be choosers :p
Hunting with the Big Bad Wolfies was a FUN experience.

That was when I fell in Love with Lamborghinies too…awwww. So my dream car is Ferrari no more…its a Lambo 😉

Pardon me..I digress. All of the above will be subject matter for future posts.


Back to the TOPIC at hand:

And then, someone asked me (can’t recall if it was a friend or one of my cousins): “L…won’t they have these kinda dirt cheap sales for Medical books too?”
Me: “ermmm….I don’t think they sell medical books. And can’t dream of Kamal bookstore doing this kind of sales”.

Believe it or not, the books at Big Bad Wolf Sales were as low as RM8! That is because these guys travel overseas themselves and purchase in HUGE bulk & bring it home to us – thus, the affordability to reward any ardent reader to quench their thirst. And they went on a Nationwide tour the past year.


So, finally my friend/cousin’s wishful thinking CAME TRUE!!

I always thought Kamal bookstore was THE place for medical books! Second runner up goes to UM bookstore. The other Uni bookstores, even the one at my alma mater hardly gave much discounts and are considerably pricey.

And now, BOOK EXCESS (which is run by the same guys who are behind the awesome  Big Bad Wolf Sales) brings us this ! I was first introduced to this bookstore by my little sister sometime last year. Shopped there a few times already 😀 Good place for educational gift hunting too!
Yet to collect my membership card though…


Medical Marvel Sales

Initially I was a little sceptical if they are truly first hand copies, or probably super ourdated Editions. According to friends who checked it out on Day 1 (yesterday), not all were outdated. There were even 2012 editions…hey, that’s last year! And they were selling out like hot cakes….*panas, panas! (hot, hot!)*

RM29.90 – RM59.90 for a Medical textbook is almost toooooo ridiculously cheap! Any medical student or doctor will definitely know that. But its here… 😀

My DFM classmate informed me last night that all the Family Medicine books were gone! Wow…that’s only Day 1, mind you. But seems the store promised to restock today.

I’ve got some orders from cousins’ who are not KL-ites…

*keeping all my Fingers & Toes crossed*


Gonna go hunting today, Lunch-hour onwards…Amcorp Mall, here I come!!

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