Making a Difference…

I think this will be ONE of the Reason anyone would choose the Medical Profession. And it is one of the reasons I Write. And personally, it is one of the reason I am Alive 🙂
To be a brush in God’s hand so that He could use me to paint as he wishes to, to be useful. A bigger dream regarding making a difference remains a dream still…for time being.

I haven’t achieved much in this life, despite existing for 3 decades. That has been a common feeling on & off. And eversince I started writing, I have been getting some encouraging feedback (via personal messages) to keep this up – will share them soon.

And today, a dear dear friend gave me a card, with this beautiful poem embedded in it. *touched* – beyond words. Almost brought tears to my eyes “this card will reflect what is in my mind & heart”, and rest of the penned message in it.
I hope I will always live up to these words:


How would you feel if you got this card?


Read somewhere recently, something along the line of:  Often we are afraid of moving on not just because we are afraid of missing the people & things familiar to us but because we are afraid we might lose a part of who we are Today/Now! We know that we will never be able to Return to being who we are at this exact point of Time.

Geez! Did someone read my mind? ~ that’s how that quote made me feel!

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