MMA’s Response to the Star – yet to be Published.

Sharing this reponse by MMA to the mainstream newspaper, in reply to the first slander-article published in The Star on Friday, 26th July 2013.

“from the MMA Facebook page

This statement has been sent to the Star in response to an article in ” Beware of Unethical Doctors” which appeared 26.7.13

Re : BEWARE OF UNETHICAL DOCTORS dated 26.7.13 in Star Metro Section page 14

The above un-researched article quoting hearsay evidence based on personal experience of a third party is a grossly unfair and a misleading article which may cause confusion amongst the Star’s readers.

Nowadays , Down’s Syndrome tests are done on 1000s of patients and most tests are negative. But it has to be done in all high risk cases or when indicated to rule out Down’s Syndrome. A child with Down’s Syndrome can have devastating effects on the family. There are many simple tests done as screening tests . More tests are done to confirm the screening tests if the screening tests proves to be inclusive or positive . Even these confirmatory tests sometimes are not conclusive and there may be a need to do more invasive tests like an amniocentesis..

It does not mean a test to confirm a disease must be positive. Doctors do tests to rule out many diseases and even if almost a certain diagnosis is made a test is done to confirm the diagnosis.

A Pap smear is done on all married women and those who are sexually active ,Doctors will advise a Pap smear and 90% of the time these tests are negative. Does that mean the doctor has done a test to “ cheat “ you . It is done to rule out cancer.

Such articles as above may create confusion and doubts amongst patients , and may prevent the early diagnosis of many diseases including cancers , communicable and non-communicable diseases , and congenital abnormalities in pregnant mothers.,
Private doctors – GPs – do not depend on laboratory tests for income as these are done by third parties – accredited laboratories. The GPs charge what the labs charge and these are strictly controlled by the Ministry of Health . Doctors always inform patients if a test is to be done and why the need to do so. It is only done with the permission of the patient.

As regards , appendicitis , it is a well known fact that even strongly symptomatic appendicitis will prove not to be so on surgery . The signs can be deceptive . Seeing another doctors after a few hours when the symptoms have subsided may give another picture for the doctor and thus a different conclusion.

In both cases referred to by the writer , if it the mother had a Down’s baby and if the patient had a perforated appendicitis , they would have sued the doctor for millions .Relating a story on hindsight is easy in the comfort of a chair

Anyway , these are common occurrences in the practice of medicine .However , If the patient felt ‘ cheated ‘ the patients could have complained to the Ministry of Health and the Malaysian Medical Council would have taken punitive action if the allegations were proven . The MMA would have supported such a decision . The above two cases as reported by the author , would have had no case to answer .

The entire efforts of the Ministry of Health and doctors may come to an abrupt halt by such sensational, unwarranted, alarming articles in a credible mainstream Newspaper like the Star. .”

This letter is yet to see daylight in that newspaper, WHY SO BIAS?!! Yet, the very next day, the slandering continued! Second Article

Is it going to be an article per day, keeps the public away from doctors? *baffled*


Any rational human being would know that something is wrong, with NO recent news in similar vein creating a public outcry, WHY should my ex-favourite newspaper stoop so low? In contrary, we have heard of clinics/doctors being robbed & harmed!
Are there some troublemakers behind all these? Seems very well planned trick. My bet is as good as yours.

I just wish to share this response by MMA to the general public, to be equipped with adequate knowledge…I PRAY the doctors in Malaysia are strong enough to withstand all these. And to primarily keep doing what we are here to do – not cheat people & make money (I mind you)…it is to help the Sick & provide the best possible healthcare service to them (if not at our setting, by referring to the appropriate nearest centre!).


And to the-people-behind-all-these, don’t blame us for leaving! For me, it wasn’t so much of the Pull factor, as VS the PUSH Factor. Perhaps not a loss at all…as even our opinion is not valuable.
#No Turning Back#

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One Response to MMA’s Response to the Star – yet to be Published.

  1. drvolcanoe says:

    I just had it with them. Shot an email & cc to MMA.

    “Dear Editor,

    I am Dr. L, a practicing doctor & a life member of both MMA & MPCAM. I am curious as to the what is the motive behind the 2 recent articles published in your newspaper on Friday, 26/07/13 & Saturday, 27/07/13

    When there have been no recent cases to highlight, but merely quoting stories of the past & giving hypothetical solutions without sound facts. If you are trying to educate the public, fine by me & many other doctors definitely. But WHY not get the feedback frrom doctors involved before citing stories that only tell half truths. What are you trying to achieve?
    Why don’t you cover on the recent pressing issue of doctor’s safety following the latest robberies & even goons harming a reputable doctor?

    It is very unimpressive that you have allowed the two articles (even if they may be personal opinion of the writers) to be published. Any grievances should be channeled to MMC by the the public & further investigations will be conducted. Or, your party should have fully investigated each story and interviewed all parties concerned before publishing your conclusion & opinion.

    The reply letter from MMA has clearly outlined all the TRUE possibilities in the stories cited by your first author. Yet, your paper did not Publish it. Instead the very next day, you went on to publish a second article in the similar vein as the first.

    I have respect for journalism, hope you do too and honour it by publishing an unedited version of the letter from MMA. You & your authors owe us doctors a public apology for not reporting based on concrete research/facts, but half truths and assumptions which may lead the public who belief your articles, to distrust doctors and perhaps turn more to their sinsehs and bomohs, and only seek medical intervention at terminal stage (for your information, this is already happening!).

    Once again, I request you to please stop this slander-mission against doctors, be professional & publish the UNEDITED version of the reply letter from MMA.

    Thank you.


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