The ‘Hunt’…plus, some Tips for other Bookworms

Happy Monday! Its the last week of July already – *gasps* How time flies!

Today is Day 9 of blogging, and so far, keeping up my 1 post per day target – YEAY! 🙂 Though I am teribbly failing to upkeep my 1 sub-chapter of reading (medical stuff) per day!


First and foremost, SORRY for the delay on this update – overdue by 4 days! This post is a follow up to Medical Marvel Booksales.

In between work schedule, and my much procrastinated packing, I wasn’t going to miss on a dirt-cheap medical booksale (while still being a KL-ite).

book xcess

Isn’t it just catchy!?? 🙂 This is the bookshop, Book Xcess, located on 3rd floor of Amcorp Mall. Their tagline says “Read More for Less” – and they definitely live up to it! *thumbs up*.

So, as advertised, this Medical Marvel Booksales is from 24/07/2013 – 04/08/2013. And the books were selling off like HOT CAKE! Mind you, this is an update from Day 2 of the Sales.
The family medicine book I wanted was out of stock – sold out on Day 1 itself! Along with some handbooks and other topics that I was asked to check out.

GLAD that I was able to fulfill my cousins’ wishlist to an extent. Good luck with your think fat textbooks, couzins! 😉


And then, I found this might be relevant for me. As if I don’t have enough books :p Aiming to complete reading both my John Murtagh & this book by the time I go for my fellowship exam, some years down the road – ahhh, that seems like an achievable target! 😉 May I be blessed with the DISCIPLINE!


There were 3 Editions of this one book alone! 2007 for RM19.90, 2009 for RM29.90 & I was lucky to get this last few copies of the 2011 edition

General Medicine, yeap I know. But it does cover a wide range of relevant topics, only downside small prints :/ More like a souvenier for myself for this hunting trip @ Medical Marvels!


And then, at the Bestseller’s Shelf…rows and rows of The Kite Runner! A book that I’ve heard lots of, before I finally read it this year. I rate it a perfect 5/5, and is currently with a friend. I was lucky to get my hands on the last copy at the Big Bad Wolf sales last December. And now, newer edition…so fresh! 🙂
* Nope, I didn’t get a second copy. I am decluttering, actually. And all my collections will end up in my sisters’ library.

Unfortunately, the other novel by Khaled Hossaini that I was looking for, A Thousand Splendid Suns was out of stock.
Aihyaaaa…just my luck!! Almost always never get what I want! 😦


Posted this story on my timeline last Thursday night. I have to share it here 😉

# Scene 1 # : While browsing through the books at Book Excess this afternoon, I can’t help but overhear a daddy speaking to the child over the phone in Tamil-English mixed, feeling sorry that he couldn’t find most of the books on her list, and giving her some alternatives, or suggestions on other topics available…and it was so cute when this daddy suggested one ‘Medicine’ book & described it as erm..”It seems good, quite a thick book & got topics like hypertension…etc etc”. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, so dunno about the outcome. hehe..

# Scene 2 # At Customer Service counter.
I was enquiring the availability of Family Medicine books & getting my card, which I applied for about 1 year ago. Suddenly noticed the same Uncle standing behind me in line. I smiled. I stood aside while awaiting my membership card. The book he requested for were all out of stock too.
I spoke to him in Tamil saying alot of books of the newer edition and common topics have been sold out like hot cakes. And he seemed disappointed…”My daughter Is calling me from there, asking me to get her a whole list of books.” I found out that ‘there’ was UMS (University Malaysia Sabah).
And here is the HIGHLIGHT:
Uncle: Are you from KL?
Me : Yes, currently.
Uncle : Where are You studying…UM? (mind you, I wasn’t holding any of the books I bought for my cousins – or he might have thought I was a real studious/nerdy undergrad.
*beaming – second time in a week made to feel YOUNGER than my age* — feeling blessed.

FINALLY, I collected my member card – AFTER One Year! I applied for it during my very first trip to Book Xcess with my sister.


From the Bestsellers’ shelf next to the service counter, these were staring at me! My affair with Self-Help books began in late teens, thanks to The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, a gift from our cousin to me & siblings. It did serve as a bit of a paradigm shift for me…
*fingers crossed* that I will finish reading all these…


And a little bit more:

Fictions! Jodi Picoult!!! How could this hunter resist a Buy 2, Free 1 offer? As much as I needed to declutter....errrmm - BOUGHT these! :p

Fictions! Jodi Picoult!!! How could this hunter resist a Buy 2, Free 1 offer? As much as I needed to declutter….errrmm – BOUGHT these! :p

How can a hunter leave a bookstore WITHOUT some Fictions! Great deals at that too! They let the mind off the leash, and daily rigmarole, don’t they?? *grinning from ear to ear*


And last, but not the least:

Grabbed a Gift for a soon-to-get-married-friend

Grabbed a Gift for a soon-to-get-married-friend

It isn’t the price that matters…but the content and the thought, nah 🙂


Too bad their credit card system was down! Anyway, I couldn’t carry all those books to my car in one trip. So, fair enough that I paid half first and loaded them into my car…withdrew some money and purchased the rest. Hahahaa….that was something as it has been months since I have actually withdrawn any moolah from the ATM! Its been all about cashing in, since I started freelancing Jan 2013.

BUT I got an extra 10% discount off all items, thanks to being a member. How much more awesome could that be!
Cheeky me to cousins: “You are all lucky to be related to me, as you are entitled to an extra 10% discount ;)”

The euphoria did sustain me through the 2 hour bumper-to-bumper abnormally more than usual traffic jam I endured that evening. Guess it was worse due to the long 3-day weekend for Selangor & a few other states beginning the next day (Friday).
I was an hour late for work. Sigh…but thank God there were no patients. This IS something I will never miss Kay-helL for – TRAFFIC JAMS!


Now, I would like to end this post with some tips for fellow hunters. Be it to try your luck at the Medical Marvel Sales this week still (I WISH YOU ALL ‘d BEST!) or to check out the other awesome books in Book Xcess.

Take note of these points, fellow hunters:
1. If you don’t plan to buy much, Take PUTRA LRT. Alight at Taman Jaya station, if I am not mistaken. Or is it Asia Jaya…hmmm, my memory favours the former. Amcorp mall is just across the road.
2. Like me, if u are going on a massive Hunt, then please drive! You don’t want to risk breaking an arm, carrying all those books home :p
3. If you drive, for goodness’ sake DO NOT park at the Ground Floor parking lot! Yes, it is super duper convenient – but for the cut-throat parking rate charged there, you could be richer with some books or eat a meal!
4. So, if u drive : Go up the multi-storey carpark…you have to drive around the mall, to the left side & it is only RM2/first 2 hours…and standard, very reasonable rates. Just beware of Reserved parking lots – too many! You don’t wanna risk clamping.
Ladies!!! If you are on your own, park nearer to the lifts, please. On 6th floor, there was a guard – I din’t check whether she was armed though 😉
5. If you want to spend some extra hours book shopping, worry not about starving. There are many food outlets in the Mall, even a Secret Recipe on Ground floor, right next to the main entrance 😉
6. If you want to seize some other stationery, there’s a Popular bookstore on second floor (I got my masking tapes there!).
7. Malaysian Mega Sales is ON, for the time being. Shops selling clothes and accessories are aplenty in Amcorp Mall! Almost on every floor…worth checking out, I am sure – though I didn’t have the time to.


Alright…that’s all for today.

I am going to continue reading Change of Heart by Jodi Picoult, in between patients for today… *tataaa*

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