My Home Sweet Home No More

Almost 1.5 years ago, I shifted into this cozy little unit – my PL11-11 studio apartment. My little brother (who was jobless back then), assisted me in the shifting process.

Today…1 year and 5months later (to be exact), with parents’ help, I vacated the unit. It was time to say goodbye to another abode. I have been procrastinating the packing partly due to hectic work schedule, and partly because I didn’t wanna live in an almost vacant unit.


I am just sooooooooo full of ironies!
Those who knows me well know that I have always said “I will never work/live in KL!” – to me, it is Kay-helL! And look where I chose to end up working & living in since March 2012. Back to the Klang Valley/KL/Selangor!
But as far as traffic jams are concerned, it is and always will be so. But there are other things that I am fond of about KL – the lights, for example 😀

And one reason I fell in love with this unit was the view – MOUNTAINS! 😀 What else can make The Kampung Girl happier? 🙂 It definitely eased the transition from peaceful little Taiping…all thanx to the mountains. Many a night I have sat enjoying the view out of my window, from my study table – the daily light (did I mention from Gentings? :)), the occasional fireworks, the morning prayer bell from Batu Caves (which I sleep through, if not work work)


I remember once upon a time, I used to say, “Its been years since I went to Batu Caves!” Always meant to visit, but it seemed to far away! Law of Attraction that brought me to live 5-10mins away from the Batu Caves?

I have yet to visit the Dark Caves of Batu Caves, or Genting Highlands in my life. Uhmmm…will do, still got time in KL. As the homeless me will be nomading around for a bit, before settling back at parents home in my good old kampung.


I loved having family and friends stayover. It wasn’t the first time I was living alone, I did during internship in the quarters. But then we had colleagues & friends as neighbours. Did I become more independent after moving here, as a friend theorized? Hmmmphh…I think not. It is just that due to my independent nature, and an apartment with good security, I was more than happy to have my own space rather than sharing with a bunch of strangers somewhere else.


Super glad I bought a trolley yesterday, that aided tremendously in ferrying the boxes/furniture!
And THANX to my parents mainly, the job was done in 2 days. If it was just me, I would have thrown away half the things! LOL…guess I am not the only hoarder, afterall :p
Managed to squeeze in some visiting in between 😉



The time was up.
After parents left, I loaded the last bunch of stuffs into my car. With Ted Chaplin too, of course! 😉


Parking in my Lot for the last time.
What an irony that the big ‘1’ should be on the wall of my parking lot alone…LOL.


Entered my cozy little studio apartment for the last time…


Waiting to be Passed over to the Agent/New Tenant.


Tick Tock, Tick Tock…Waiting waiting.
And by 1430H, My time was Up!


The wonders out of the window. And from the parking lot, I can see KL & Twin Towers on a good (non-hazy, non-rainy) weather day. And Batu Caves from the side view, near and clear!

Adieu PL11-11!
Officially HOMELESS. Oh…what a horrible feeling!

But Thank God for amazing friends who offered me to stay with them when I am in KL still. But for now, to drown the sorrow…I need a VACATION!

Going for it…

Signing Off,
The Nomad.

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