A Visit to the Site of Amma’s Childhood Home

Down memory lane…

Grandpa last lived there in 1994. Eversince, nobody have lived there. And over the years, we heard that some of the houses were torn down to make way for new housing projects.

After more than a decade….we revisited the spot today.

Signboard is New

Signboard is New

I was expecting to see a dilapidated house…but was in for a shock! :0

This is where my grandparents' houses were...link-house in those days itself ;)

This is where my grandparents’ houses were…link-house in those days itself 😉

Nearby River

Nearby River

The same ole' Bridge

The same ole’ Bridge

I recall the kampung house was very very VERY cooling! Air-Cond anyone? There was a natural one there 🙂

Generator operated lamps once upon a time. If my memory serves me right, way beyond that they had oil-lamps even!

Mosquito coils and nettings 🙂


There was once around Deepavali time we (with siblings and cousins) played fireworks in the house compound. And the last time we stayed there was after grandpa’s demise…till the 16th day prayers, my longest stay there, no doubt.



This time, I left with some souvenier. Mosquito bites :p

My 'souvenier' from Mosquitos :p

My ‘souvenier’ from Mosquitos :p

Next door neighbours' house is now a scrap-metal-workshop

Next door neighbours’ house is now a scrap-metal-workshop


Mom would have had an even greater ‘memory jog’, excitedly showing us around – ‘where what was, once upon a time!’ 😀 Memories…

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