The First of my 3-Rs

Took the weekend off from writing as I’m busy spending time with family, in dad’s hometown. There goes my one post a day pledge to my blog.
And then reality struck that I have alot of reading to catch up on! But upon turning on the laptop, the writer’s itch struck :p And here I am…


3Rs…Reading, wRiting, & aRithmetics.


Throughout school days, I remember the column HOBBY in report card/record book or any essays with that topic will definitely get this mentioned as the list-topper by yours truly.

Used to frequent both the school & the public library in our hometown (bi)weekly. Between my sister and I, we used to borrow 8-10 books from the public library. Thanks to dad who used to fetch us there, mostly after religious class on Sundays. The allocation was only 2 books each, but we made full use of all our family members’ library cards. Brother wasn’t a big fan of books…


I even stop to read advertisements and the train, at the waiting area, etc etc. Sadly, not someone who can read in a moving vehicle…sleep is a better ‘hobby’ while travelling in public transports 😉

And then, there were novels. Sadly, started losing my regularity with novels since pre-Uni days/Form6. I am trying to get back to novels lately. But the guilt of having pending assignments bug me, and prohibit me from relishing them too much. For the past ten years, I’ve been ONLY reading mostly medical stuffs, if any…

And then, there came facebook! And the links…and the links that those links link you too! First it was only via laptops/computers. Then, there came my smart-phone! Basically, I can say that I am just addicted to reading…anything and everything.

This is where I need to train my brain to exercise discretion. Especially around the 505 fiasco…concluded that anything and everything is False until proven otherwise. TOTALLY stopped reading online newspapers since end of May 2013. That’s a good 2 months’ plus.

As for daily newspapers…from someone who used to relish turning the pages to get my daily fill of news (only read the interesting ones), and greedily savour almost each page of the complementary sections which used to feature interesting and informative articles…I have grown to hate my once-favourite-mainstream-newspaper. Stopped reading the hard-copy years ago…and have been boycotting the e-copy lately too. I only read whatever article friends share on social media.

Facebook’s newsfeed is where I get my daily dose of news nowadays.


When all is said and done, isn’t it ironic that while I love reading…it is such a chore to read articles and textbooks; for serious study purposes??!
Sigh…*knocks self*

That’s all, folks! Time to (try) do the necessary evil. Wish me Happy Reading/Studying!!

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