It used to be cinema shootings that first pops into mind. Or photography 😀
Unless if we are speaking of the USA, of course it is the other kind of Shooting… Right??!??

Sigh…but the recent incidents make me wonder: HOW SAFE IS MALAYSIA?

Just came across this Article: Shootings-list-of-recent, shared by a friend on Facebook.


I never believed our police when they released a report sometime last year/early this year, saying our crime rates were decreasing, and at its lowest. Not even a teeny-weeny bit. Only someone who’s been living in a cave would!

On the other hand, I too found it hard to believe the website report that Kuala Lumpur was the 6th most dangerous city in the world! I mean, of course we are nowhere near the safest, but “common man! we ain’t that bad nor dangerous, are we? 6th in the world? Nahhh…”

BUT…In the past 2 months, my perception has taken a 180 degrees turn!


Reading the article above, trying to analyze and digest the list of all the shootings that’s been happening since April 12th…in both urban & suburban areas…hmmmph. *Speechless*

Let me try…in summary:

  • KL & Klang Valley – checked.
  • Ipoh & Taiping (2 of the so called ‘retirement towns’ I used to work in) – checked.
    Retirement is supposedly highly synonymous with Safe, nope?
  • Almost every state in Malaysia – checked.
  • Traffic lights & intersections on roads – Checked
  • Coffee shops – Checked
  • Car parks – Checked


The list didn’t include the goons shot down by a Tan Sri in a clinic, recently
Technically, that makes :

  • Clinic & its vicinity – Checked 😦

Is anywhere safe? I agree that most of these shootings would have a/some strong motive(s) behind it. But, do tell me…is it safe for us, the general public to walk/drive down the street?
What if we are accidentally harmed by a bullet that missed its target?
Or…taken ransom? :p Okay…I’ve been watching too many movies!

Ohh…pleaseee don’t get me started on robberies!
And it won’t be an exaggeration for me to say: We, doctors are among the prime target for robbers!


Ironically, my grandmothers who used to sound me for not wearing gold earrings or chain (gold is generally considered a good luck charm, especially among those of Indian origin) have undergone a paradigm shift in their way of thinking. *thumbs up* They have come to realize its not a safe world out there (or even in the house) anymore. And almost never harp on wearing at least a piece of gold ornaments anymore 😉


I am known to be berani dengan membuta tuli. I am the type of person who would rather do something alone, rather than sit and brood that I have no company, if I really want to do something 🙂 And I do not tend to overly worry of what can go wrong! Or so I used to be for the past ten years or so…

<About 6 months ago, Adelaide…around midnight>:
Mode : Felt Safe.
Walking back alone about 1km+, from the field where the Fringe Fest was held back to the Inn where I was putting up. Seeing horseback police-officers (both men & women) trotting around was definitely a confidence booster. And there were some other strangers on the mainroads, going our own separate ways. Actually, I wouldn’t even have been afraid to walk down the streets all alone…it felt that Safe! 🙂

Truth is, I have never been afraid of Ghosts – neither as a child, nor now. As I choose not to believe in them… though ghostbusters used to be one of my favourite childhood shows 😉

But of the latter, almost always been! *shudder*


<In KL, out of my (ex) apartments, just past dusk>
Mode : Feel (ooopsss…FeLT) UNSafe

In KL, I would never even dream of WALKING to the shop outside my (ex)apartment, after nightfall. Drive, yes – if I have to go out (work, socializing, get food – only if I have nothing edible at home).
Walk – Alone – NEVER!

Paranoid? Well, for the records….last year, around Deepavali (sometime in October 2012) there was a shooting incident in the apartments just behind mine – separated by a futsal court!

Or the Incident in my Hometown 2 years ago…where a senior from school was gunned down right in front of his house on Deepavali day! My supposedly safe little hometown 😦


Of late, I have seriously considered getting a small-sized firearm (legally of course!), and attend shooting classes!! No kidding.

There’s only one thing stopping me…

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