(Almost) A Vacation a Month

Usually, I don’t bother making new year resolution(s). Reason being hardly a week or two into the year, the list would have been long forgotten and forsaken. Instead, for the past few years, I have been making resolutions on an ad hoc basis.

2013 was an exception…I don’t know why. But felt compelled to draft a list. erm…the outcome isn’t anything to shout about (as usual), except for one promise-to-self (isn’t that what resolutions are truly about!) 🙂

travel richer


This post will be a continuation of Travel.

Now, back to the topic. VACATIONS/TRAVEL!
My resolution was to ‘reward’ myself with One vacation per month.

By definition, Dictionary.com says
Vacation= a period of suspension of work, study, or other activity, usually used for rest, recreation, or travel;recess or holiday.

Disclaimer (before I go any further, and make any reader turn green with envy): All were/are UNPAID vacations

In a way, this’ to achieve my aim of covering all the states in Malaysia, while visiting family and friends who are scattered all over. Another reason was to ensure I don’t kill myself with work!

I have NO REGRETS for freelancing since 2013 began…otherwise, I would have never been able to achieve this ‘resolution’ 🙂


A quick recap:
2013 vacations

January : Cousin’s outing. After years, 9/17 of us gathered together from Johor, KL, Perak wayyyy up North on the Pearl of the Island. So happened to coincide with Thaipusam weekend, hence a long(er) weekend. 4days3nights of lazing away & exploring some parts of Penang.

February : As the first trip was at the very end of January, February was an exception. Afterall, it was only 31 days before I packed my bags again…
This February, besides saving up for an exam & overseas trip, I was too busy trying to study by cutting down on my locum slots. It took a lot of willpower to turn down the slots…seriously!

March: For the first 11 days of the month, it was Melbourne & Adelaide. Thanks to friends (old and new) in Melbourne, my sanity was preserved while preparing for the exam. Even attended a Zumba class at the local gym for the first time 😉
And then it was a personal record…spending 4D3N in Adelaide, all Alone! 😀 Too bad my ex-batchmate who was based in Adelaide was sent off to Sydney during that very week. But I decided not to reschedule my flights, and stick to the original schedule.
Thank God for the Fringe festival that weekend, or I would have succumbed to boredom! Thanx to wifi too!
I had one regret…not knowing how to play snooker/pool. Could have made friends with the other travellers at the backpacker inn, if only I knew how to play….

April: Pangkor Island! So near yet so far (the jetty is merely 13km away from my parents’ home)…after idon’tknowhowmanyyears I revisited Pangkor 🙂
Thanx to my ex-classmate (who is settled in the UK)…glad to be part of the selected group of invitees for the Getaway Wedding! 🙂
My first and only beach wedding so far. Couldn’t make it for the beach games during the day…but both the beach ceremony and dinner reception was beautiful.
Gathered some idea for mine, someday…in the future 😉

May: Thanx to the company of 2 friends whom I met while they were still students, during my working years in the Silver state…crossed off one of the points on my Bucket List! To step feet on all the states in Malaysia.
On the 26th May 2013 – the dream became a reality! 😀
If not for the company, I wouldn’t have been CRAZEE enough to pull this off on my own! A thousand kilometres journey covering the EAST Coast of Peninsular Malaysia…finally over a 3D2N trip, I visited Kelantan & Terengganu – covering ALL the States in Malaysia! 😉

June: One week later, it was down South. Technically, another overseas trip…Singapore :p With my little brother.
The main agenda was a 10km run. One run that I will never forget…thanks to being overambitious. After spending a whole day in Universal Studio Singapore (which was another place to visit on my Bucket List), brother and I met up with with our sister and her friend, and we proceeded to hit the midnight run venue.
I paid the price with soft tissue injury of both ankles…and near tears before I could complete the run! But I DID IT…and no other medal means as much as the Sundown Marathon’s 10km Finisher Medal does 🙂
And I made brother drive my car the whole of the next day, as swollen and sore ankles aren’t good for driving in the jam (though auto car) :p
Truth be told, the run was just an excuse…to revisit Singapore. During my last trip 3 years ago, we went 1 month too early, prior to the completion and official opening of the USS (Universal Studio, Singapore).
Another dream came true on 1st June: The wheels of my car hit the roads of every state and passed by the all the border-towns in Peninsular (Bukit Kayu Hitam, Jeli & Woodlands).
Took the opportunity to explore part of JB, visit the famous Glass Temple, and spent a couple of days with relatives on my way back to KL.
Oh yeah…paid a visit to TWO (2) families I befriended during my student and MO-ship days in Kulai & Batu Pahat respectively; on my way to visit my cousins who are working in Muar. It was then that they took me to one of the loveliest beach-side restaurant I’ve ever been to in my life! The food was pretty standard, but the ambience…to die for! 😀

July: On a weekend trip back to my hometown, I detoured to Taiping & Ipoh; Two of the places I have worked in during my KKM days. Met up with some ex-colleagues who are based there. It was good catching up, just like in the good old days 😀
Confession time – Since I moved to KL, I miss the camaraderie. Of having colleagues…people to discuss with, talk nonsense with, have meals with, etc etc…I compensate that by disturbing my friends who live in KL/Klang Valley from time to time, in between my (often) crazily-busy work schedule.

August: Officially – Nomad. Homeless.
Once again (since after last June), I am in Labis..dad’s hometown. After a couple of days in Seremban…mom’s hometown.
Travelling with parents, it feels like ‘school-break balik kampung’ again, just like during my childhood days 😀

It is always good to spend time with extended family, though I miss the days when all of us cousins used to be around…as kids. Now, it is down to just the few of us…as most of us are working adults – HOW TIME FLIES!

Mode: Reminiscing…

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