Aidilfitri – Raya ke-3

This year’s Raya 1 & 2 had been full of travelling and visiting family 🙂 Except for the jam part, it was cool..

The beginning of this Syawal brought me a much awaited news, sooner than expected too 🙂

<Raya 3>

In the spirit of Raya, wore a baju kurung today after more than a year!
Thanks to my yesterday’s locum slot that was cancelled (blessing in disguise, indeed!), managed to have a small get-together, visiting 2 of my ‘geng’ of girlfriends from working life as a HO (house-officer)…we gathered in good old Ipoh, where we began our careers, and befriended each other.


Besides the Raya delicacies and traditional dishes, watched the second half of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (one of my all-time-favourite-movies) on TV3 for i-dont-know-how-manieth-time 😉

And duit raya as a token of blessing 😀


Found that really sweet and cute. Can’t remember when was the last time I received ang-pow for Raya :p


This past 10 days has been mostly lazing, spending time with people who matter, and just (I repeat) Lazing around…and after family, was glad to be able to do so with close friends too. Last minute plans, but often those impromptu ones are the best 😉

Wish our ‘geng-of-5′ had an opportunity for another friends’ outing like what we did for Christmas 2010! But that will remain another plan (before I leave) that didn’t materialize….

P.S: I am thankful for all the great times I have had with my ‘geng of girlfriends’. May God bless our friendships till the end of times…

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