Post Holidays – Back to KL & Work

A 13 days’ stretch away from work! This is the longest I’ve been off-work this year 😀 Only second in place to my 12 days’ break early March. But hey! With an overseas trip and exam, that was justified. And I am anticipating a longer break from work soon…very soon. Hopefully no longer than my 2012’s record, prior to official resignation from Ministry of Health @ KKM.

This time…hahaha….all that I can say is it was a MUCH NEEDED time off!


Lately, I’ve had this funny feeling that I am working for money! I hear those laughs and snorts… “Isn’t that what we work for? *roll eyes*” says you??

But that isn’t the main reason I work. For the first 5 years of my working life, I have been working for the joy of it…and let the money naturally roll into my bank account. That’s how I ended up with some life savings & assets.
Almost all of which I have spent off in this past 1 year! The optimism in me says it is all an investment…but to work 40-60 hours per week, yet to have had the word ‘Savings’ erased from my dictionary – OUCH! It hurts…

dear salary

Anyways, I needed time off.


I am grateful that I got what I wanted…A BREAK! Wasn’t that the reason I decided to freelance? To be my own boss, in the matters of my ‘holidays’ to spend time crossing off ‘people’ & ‘places’ from my list?
My last 13 days: So much has happened since. I have hardly had time to FEEL or Think anything about them all! Instead, I have been functioning of a spinal jerk reflex this past 2 weeks.

After sentencing myself to a state of homelessness on the last day of July, officially a nomad – I started my travelling. This time it was no visiting fancy places. Instead, my childhood ‘vacation’ spots – as we say it here…Balik Kampung! 😀
Just as how we used to do every long school-break, when my siblings and I were still schoolkids. Inversely, this time it was me who was the driver, while parents sat back and enjoyed the ride in my dear little car 🙂 Southbound…with some pit stops.
Sister joined us in kampung.

Happily whiled away time with family (immediate & distant), while travelling across states. Visiting newborn baby, a temple function, a few hours outing with cousins…movie & mamak – to name some. Otherwise, mostly just lazing around, or trying to be helpful with daily chores, while catching up with relatives.

(I know I’m beginning to sound like writing a post-holiday essay in school! :p)


All along, I knew I should start working on my assignment for Dermatology module of DFM course. And I did start reading while in kampung. But the reading material for this assignment seemed like the neverending-story!!!
Before I knew it, it was time to go home (Our Family home. Not my little hideout in KL…I am a homeless nomad, remember. My parents’ house – which will be referred to as hometown henceforth).

Northbound…we had plenty of pit stops too. As usual, too many homes to visit, limited time.


All the visiting : Little did I know for sure, though I suspected it might be a string of goodbye visits. But I COULD NOT FEEL…

I am glad for all those relatives (near and far) whom I managed to meet during these trips. And way tooooooooooo much of good food!


On the way back, stopped by to visit brother at his work-place – a town about an hour from hometown to deliver my fridge to him. Seriously, the act of giving away my things began to feel like a dying person disposing his/her possessions! But I was glad that some of my pre-loved possessions continue to ‘serve’ my loved ones…

The 5 of us sat down and had a family dinner after ages!! After how long? Seriously, I can’t remember when was the last time 5 of us got-together…its been that loooooooooooong.
Too bad the seafood restaurant that brother wanted to take us to was overcrowded…would have been a perfect spot for celebration…or so, as some said I had a reason to celebrate.
But I…was numb.
Funny isn’t it? When you finally get something that you have been working for…after some hiccups…but when you get it, the happiness is transient. I entered a no-feel zone. Zombified? I dunno…

Drove back to hometown, met up with a couple of girlfriends in the name of Hari Raya get-together…

I was in an overwrought state for the last few days (of my 13)! My main focus was ONLY my assignment. Day and night…all I did was read, analyze, and write (type) medical stuffs. There goes my last 3 days of ‘holiday’ 😦

Somehow in between, I did squeeze in some necessary, important matters without procrastination – all reflexively. And updating those I promised to…also at a spinal cord level. I hardly had any conversations with my parents even…actually I prefer to be on my own during rush-hours! Too bad…with no nest to call my own, I must have appeared a sour-puss while being deeply engrossed in my ‘work’. But then again, wasn’t that who I was in all those schooling years? *shake heads*

I seem to be detached from even myself…blame it all on Stress! All rooting from my procastination (my oh myyy…I will just have to write a post on this topic soon!)


And FINALLY this morning when I completed typing the last sentence and uploading my second assignment…the relief felt was immense! 38 hours ahead of deadline…phewwwwwwwwwwwww. I’ve done worse before – just submitting before the stroke of midnight, for example. For all the stress I inflicted on myself by procrastinating, hopefully I am a smarter doctor now :p


Away from work I might have been these 13 days, but not away from studies & other paperwork. Holidays? Hmph…pseudo-holiday is more like it.
So much so that I was wondering “Why do we pay to torture ourselves!??” – that will be the subject for another post.


I didn’t started job-hunting back in hometown perhaps partly due to the procrastinator within, but the truth is the Optimist in me said “hang on till Hari Raya” – and she was Right! 🙂
So, it was back to KL…to keep my promises (too bad I’ll have to break some) & earn some moolah for the month of August. 


What a Sight to greet my ‘back to KL’ moment! LATAR highway southbound…a lorry was on fire, obviously after a collision.. but I didn’t manage to identify the mode of accident. Kudos to the police and highway authorities who cleared it pretty soon…fire brigade wasn’t there yet…pray no casualties! Just a few hundred meters away from Templer park exit.
I could feel the heat from the flame as my car passed by the burning lorry. SO HOT! And the amount of smoke emitted…my, my, could choke a man. OMG!


So right now, here I am. Back to work…freelancing doctor – here, there & everywhere. But not for long…just one more week.
I promise myself will stop labeling KL as kay-hell. I will cherish every single moment, including the traffic jams, without a sigh…perhaps some day soon, I will miss this!

But I know what I will truly miss about KL/ Klang valley! The LIGHTS!!! The People…my friends who live here. Those whom I meet rarely due to our hectic schedules, but occasionally do get-together for a meal…some celebrations…I will miss that alot!


I am thankful that this nomad has a place to bunk in with her best-friend…an opportunity to spend time with her & hopefully with some other friends too.

Somehow just visiting without knowing that it is the ‘goodbye visit’ feels very different from knowing that this might be the last time you get to meet and hang out, for some time to come. Looking back on my 13 days…I am super glad to have spent some quality time with all those I got to 😀
What is losing some potential income in comparison to This? In the end, it is the memory that counts…that makes us richer, for being who we are 🙂


Lately, I have begun to wonder which were the decisions I made consciously, and which – reflexively? Plus, in an effort to be able to FEEL, again…I am going to be doing what helps me do it the Best – WRITE 🙂
My next assignment can wait for now, says the procrastinator in me :p

I am going on a writing spree soon…to unwrap myself, down the memory lane…


“Welcome back to KL” to me!

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