MPCN/MPCAM – Why I pledged my Membership

To think that it takes an insomniac to write this up!

LOooooong Overdue Post – My apologies on my tardiness to express my Appreciation. But, better late than never!
I have been away from work for the first 13 days of this month, BUT swamped with numerous tasks in this past 2 weeks. But as the nomad returned to her hometown (albeit temporarily) after ten days of travelling, she had a sweet surprise waiting for her, in the form of a package 😀


Finally, PROUDLY Announcing that I am officially a Life Member of MPCAM since 29th July 2013.




I am not a big fan of becoming a member of random societies or associations. Exception goes to those that is set up for a good purpose, with a good track record.


As far as the medical profession is concerned, most of us only know of ABC (acronym changed).  As a medical student, thanks to my lecturers and some batchmates who promoted it, I became a student member of ABC association.

Naturally, when I commenced working, I joined as a full member. Hardly one year later, as there was a promotion for life membership, I signed up for it with a fee of RM2,000. That was back in 2008.

When non-members ask me what are the benefits of joining ABC, I used to highly recommend that they join…as thanks to ABC, we are receiving the amount of oncall allowance that we are getting today. Or else, it would be less than RM100/call, as it was years ago. And to represent the voice of doctors/medical professionals in Malaysia, we need one strong voice…by standing united under one umbrella, we can bring about the changes we hope to see in and for our profession – present and future.

Or so I thought. What I told others was my own belief.


Reality was, from my passive involvement in organization ABC, these were the other benefits I noticed:

  1. Monthly magazines – which I rarely read nowadays.
  2. Membership card – okay, so that’s some proof that you are a doc.
  3. As a recently graduated student, I was invited for a student wing meet of ABC to give a speech on my views representing the Private Medical Students. Public speaking. Hmphh..
    No doubt, as a first year HO, it was an honour for me.
    Thanks to my junior who was the then-President of the student wing (all because during my final sem in Uni I delivered a speech in a school, targetting F3 students for a group project, which my groupmates deemed very well done)! 
  4. Can purchase souvenier items, ranging from mug, tie-pin, emblem next to car numberplate, car sticker – I only have the last on my windshield, that too a gift from a friend.
  5. I learned from the same friend that outstation doctors can stay in the rooms available in ABC‘s headquarters, for a minimal fee.
  6. As for committee members, even the student wings’, all expenses are claimable.
  7. For the AGM, members are entitled for unpaid leave (yes, even HOs!) and if fortunate, it can serve as a 2-in-1, meeting cum holiday package. I haven’t attended any, so I might be biased. But according to those who have attended, they had fun away from wards and hospital. Usually the head of departments will approve these leaves, unless there is an acute shortage…but unpaid leave, hmmph.
    I should have gone! But no geng :p
  8. Medical talks held at various hotels, with CME points, PENS (yes, those essential Pens in the door-gift bag) and good food….yummy!


When there were pressing issues, suddenly ABC’s validity of registration was a big query…not so very long ago. Internal politics, uh? I don’t know the facts. BUT, how can an association that represents doctors just say ‘aye aye captain’ when a failed pilot project was launced nationwide?!! – That was the final straw for me as far as faith in the whole system is concerned. And personally, I finally admitted to myself that ABC was more talk than action, possibly with an underlying motive of profit and personal agendas for some of those running the show. ( I stress – POSSIBLY ).

As the largest association, which should by default be the uniting body too – what BIG agenda has ABC achieved for both the public and private doctors as a uniting association…hmmph, I DO NOT KNOW!


And then came MPCN!
I can’t exactly recall how I became a member on this closed facebook group. Whether it was through friends’ recommendation, from DFM course, or just happened to stumble upon it on FB *shrug*! I am a self-professed Facebook addict.

Thanks to my lucky stars, SOMEHOW, I ended up as a member 🙂 I used to check it on and off, till one day I hit the ‘notification’ button to update on every new post. And then, I started following, almost religiously this past few months. I have learned a lot without leaving my home/clinic…from the cases and opinions shared by field experts, or senior GPs with experience in treating such cases. CME a mouse-click away! WOW’s the word…there may not be official CME points accumulated via these internet activities, but the knowledge gained on a daily basis is immense.

And then we have non-medical posts too…which cracks us up & enlivens our mundane routine. MPCN also serves as a stress-buster and an avenue to just let-it-out, when one is having a rough day – dealing with incredulous patients, bosses, etc etc.

say No to Bullying

Over this past year, I have also noticed how MPCN via MPCAM, which is the official registered body of the online group has been walking the talk! They not only ‘fight’ bullying, but in my humble opinion, have pretty-much united the fragmented practitioners, with one aim. To fight for their rights, rage war against bullies (be they legislative bodies, or ‘so-called rivals’ like pharmacies, sinsehs, bomohs, beautician, and even Kak-cha *wink*), holding forums for discussionsmarching for Unity.

Ultimately it all boils down to patient first & their safely and best interest at heart.


Providing a ‘medical team’ to standby for public rallies! Was almost a part of it…but then, I got lost in the seas of people that Black Wednesday, 0805


I have always opined that we doctors should have a union. One Voice that speaks in the best interest of all of us. MPCN seem to be the dream come true…

That is why I have broken a few self-imposed rules:
– No adding ‘strangers’ as ‘friends’ in Facebook – Hey! These guys are brethrens…with the chats that goes on in MPCN group, you will feel like you know them; yeap, FB identity can be deceiving, I know.
No spending money on any membership etc etc…as I am leaving the country soon – Merely one month before my departure, I signed up as a Life member of MPCAM!


Nope. All for a single reason…UNITY.
I might not be able to benefit from attending any of the proposed talks/seminars, raya ‘open house’ get-together, membership recruitment drives travelling all over the country…just to name some.

BUT I have been benefiting daily from the online discussions, and have been seeing how much the men & women of steel behind all these are ‘fighting’ hard for ‘what we believe in’.


I was ‘SHELL-SHOCKED’ upon finding out the fee for life membership! In a good way 😀 And there I was thinking I can’t afford it, with all the ongoing & upcoming expenses.

Just as what I used to say to encourage peers to join ABC once upon a time, today I say that RM500 for life membership is an EXTREMELY SMALL PRICE to pay in exchange for pledging one’s support for UNITY!
There is Strength in numbers. As such, I joined as a member of this registered association – MPCAM!


KUDOS to bro Alex Wong (the founder), bro Jim Loi (president & my super-duper senior from school whom I’ve previously ‘met’ years ago, via our now-dead ACS Sitiawan forum) & the M-team!

DO KEEP UP YOUR SELFLESS, SUPERBLY GREAT WORK – by being the pillar of hope and strength in upholding the Unity among our brethrens.


To my fellow brethrens in MPCN, do keep the discussions coming…love them!
And for those who aren’t paid members of MPCAM yet, I urge you to JOIN! If not life member, at least annually first.
Unity can only be achieved with numbers…and WE, each and everyone of us, make up that number! All for a very very small fee.


To those practicing/fully registered Malaysian doctors reading this who are clueless, join Us! Hope to see you on MPCN first…And perhaps progress to become a paid registered member, subsequently 😀

It is simple, trust me – I did everything online, from membership form, to online payment, to emailing the slip – and everything was processed efficiently! *2 Thumbs Up*


For the House-Officers in Malaysia & Malaysian medical students anywhere under the sun, a new wing (MPCN-juniors) in the form of a closed facebook group has been recently created. Do join us!


I will not be able to display this in my clinic, nor meet most members in person, but…


I hope to somehow contribute to the ongoing good job done by MPCAM…with internet and facebook, I believe I will continue doing so, at least as a sleeping member via MPCN!


P.S: In case you are wondering, NOPE, I haven’t been paid to write this *shake heads* I love people who walk their talk (which is becoming a rare commodity nowadays)…and that alone is Sufficient Reason for me to love MPCN/MPCAM. My sincerest heartfelt THANK YOU for everything 🙂


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3 Responses to MPCN/MPCAM – Why I pledged my Membership

  1. Rohaya Masod says:

    Excellent Article. Just like how i feel, and may others. Well written !
    Congratulations and lets hope MPCN grow stronger and benefits all members.
    Bye bye to ABC ( Air Batu Campur?)
    Rohaya Masod.

    • drvolcanoe says:

      TQ sis Rohaya, for the compliment & well wishes.
      I too hope so…instead of bickering over petty stuffs, may we always see the bigger picture – for Unity! *Cheers*!

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