The Planner – Part 1 : The Art of Planning

Day 3 of Raya..upon arrival at my friend’s house to berhari-raya plus lepak (loosely translated as hang-out or while away time):

LB  : “So what’s the plan? Lav…”
Me: Why me?
LB  : You ARE the Planner.

That set me thinking, how true…


<<Dedicating this post to all my friends who have been
victim(s) of my planning>>

My Apologies if I had been a tad over-persistent & super irritating at times in following up on the Plans


THANK YOU for making the Plans a Reality & invaluable memories… 


(Back to my story)

That set me thinking, how true…
Mostly, when it comes to initiating plans & rounding up members, I take the proverbial bull by its horn! Be it an activity, or gathering…You can even say it is a PASSION of mine 😉

(I have even wondered if I should have been an event planner instead of a doctor?!!)

I know a lot of people HATE doing This, as it takes Patience, Perseverance & the extra mile to connect, follow up and ‘bug’ people even at times! :p
Trust me, I have ‘sworn’ over and over again that “this will be the last time I initiate something, it is just too draining when plans don’t see daylight in the end of the day” – but even when I say so, I know it is just a matter of weeks or months before my restless mind starts to cook up another PLAN! 😉

So, I take it as one of my STRENGTHs…and the most important lesson I have learnt is to FOCUS on those who CAN make it, instead of brooding over those who can’t! TREASURE what/who we have in hand.


As such, sometimes I imagine myself to be the filling that keeps the sandwich breads together…sticky, gooey, & maybe even yucky to some (some of us love raw tuna, while others just can’t take it – raw nor cooked)but The very part that adds taste and makes the sandwich special!

Just like Medicine, Planning is an ART! Don’t you think so?


Okay…okay…I know that self praise is ‘international disgrace’, so shall STOP thinking & speaking too highly of my Strength! :p

Anyway, my point is that I think I go the extra mile (without complaining) to keep my group(s) of friends connected…even up to the point of being a pain *blink blink* – if you are my close friend, you might have experienced that. Sounds like a sadist nah…seeking pleasure in torturing others – LOL!


So, yup…once upon a time, I used to be a Perfectionist! Type A personality. Perhaps that is why I am impatient to sit around and let things happen…when nobody initiates, I would. And I follow up on it joyfully 😀

But trust me, on the occasions where Someone Else takes lead in being the Planner…I am more than happy to Sit back, Relax & Enjoy being just another participant – though fact is, mostly I will end up being roped in or volunteering to be co-planner!


Haven’t totally shed that (the Perfectionism) off, but I have successfully installed ‘procrastinator’ program into my system.

So, WHY did I STOP being a Total Perfectionist?

Because when I left home (read: University undergrad, out of the safety cocoon of family & learning about the real world) I learnt it the hard way that Perfectionism was a bane for yours truly. I learnt to loosen up… thus, morphing into a more adaptable person, who could co-exist with the rest of the world.


Did I mention that besides Persistence and Perseverance, a BraveHeart that never say die is an important ingredient to successfully complete the planning-cocktail?
Pretty simple, isn’t it?

I truly belief that is all it takes to master this Art of Planning 😉

Plus, perhaps, to be blessed enough to be surrounded by a sporting group of people in your life…This is MY SECRET!


In summary, alright….alright….before you have haematemesis (to vomit out Blood), my dear reader…I shall STOP.

Enough self-praise & blabbering! Too tired to carry on with what I set out to write about today…Do stay tuned for Part 2 – Tomorrow!

***   *   ***

The Planner – Part 2: Just a sneak peak…

Time and again, I eat my humble pie in front of the Ultimate Planner’s PLANS for me. So much so, that I am a great fan of Geethacharam from the Bhagavad Gita, and have committed it to Heart. I totally believe in it….each and every word of it.


With some mild tweaks from me, English Translation from this website is as follows:

Geethacharam (The Essence of the Bhagavad-Gita)

Whatever has happened, has happened for Good

Whatever is happening, is happening for Good

Whatever will happen in the future, will happen for Good

What did you loose?

Why do you cry?

What did you bring to loose?

What did you create to be wasted?

Whatever you took, you took it from here

Whatever you gave, you gave it here

Whatever is yours today will be someone else’s tomorrow

Another day it will be somebody else’s

This is the rule of the World

And the essence of my Creation.

-Lord Krishna-

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