The Planner – Part 2 : My ULTIMATE Planner

This is a sequel to the previous post.

My Dear Reader,

I digressed too much in the earlier post @ Part 1. What I truly wanted to story you under ‘The Planner’ is as follows…

Any guesses?
I did give a hint yesterday…


If you remember, yesterday, I spoke about the SECRET(s) to the Art of Planning. But I omitted one important TRUTH. An open secret actually!
Sometimes…the best PLANS are the ones devised in an impromptu moment in time, instead of the ones planned months ahead.


A lot of my life-events have proven that I am a PARADOX!!
Give up Defining urself

Perhaps to some, I might even appear as an oxymoron! ‘Blame’ it all on him.

That’s what THIS post is all about. HIM…

***   *   ***

Summarizing the Scenarios that makes me the Paradox that I am…
Major highlights of
-‘What I was Planning’
-‘What He had Planned’
-‘Our mid-point/Common Aim’…or to be far-fetched: A Truce! :

▪ 1. -Menara gading had always been = Public University to me.
-He made me go to a Private Uni.
-I had always wanted to be a doctor ever since I can recall… and He made me one. My destiny?

▪ 2. -I wanted to be rich with friends & Enjoy my ‘campus’ life.
-He proved me to be a misfit. . Knocked down hard by prejudices, & betrayal over and over again.
-I developed very Strong antibody against nasty people. I too realized those teachers were my vaccine to resist a lifetime of nasty people out there. He made me realize how Independent & Strong I truly am.
I too learnt to Appreciate the lovely friends in my life. . Then & henceforth. And always will.

▪ 3. -I wanted to serve in East Malaysia.
-He nudged me with signs that I should be closer to home.
-My work life in Silver state was overall a blissful experience 😀 Not even the slightest regret.

▪ 4. -I decided Paediatrics is my Passion & I was born to treat kids & perhaps be a Paediatrics HOD somewhere, someday!
-He showed me there’s more to Medicine & I was born to be a holistic doctor as long as I am in this profession.
-We both concur that I was born to be a safe, Good, ETHICAL doctor. . and (*fingers crossed*) a Specialist.

▪ 5. – When I got my first real asset, my ‘baby’… my car! AGP 2***…me to mom: “LOL What an irony! A GP? That’s the last thing I’ll be!”
-He showed me over time how narrow minded and immature I was. .and I will live to swallow my own words!
-I’m still ‘searching’… but for now, this seems to be my destiny. And my mindset has totally changed – as a more experienced and mature doctor & person.

▪ 6. – I will be a government servant till I retire, hence pension scheme. I am too honest for the private world.
-He says: LOL! You will resign a little after your 4 years compulsory service! – I shocked alot of people, and even feel amazed at the series of decisions I took.
-It is all for a greater course/plan!

▪ 7. – I am a child of the world. . But I WILL Never leave my parents (&family), country & migrate!
– He made those very things my biggest push factors to embark on an overseas adventure.
– Our mid-point…one of the points in my bucket list is to ‘live in a 4 season country for at least one full year’.. and He is giving me at least 5!!!


▪ Each of these are ‘soul searching’ walk down the memory lane which I have to embark on to lift the transparent veil clouding my heart and soul lately. .I suspect THIS is the real reason for my insomnia!
The best way for me to unravel myself is through WRITING & you are welcomed to join me on this Flashback Journey.
Not to brood over.. but to learn from! 🙂

If I manage to inspire someone, or prevent someone from making the same Mistakes I did. .. Mission Accomplished as a Writer.


Between my plans and His. .. everything is soooooooo very unpredictable! Things that I have been doing are totally paradoxical to what I said or did just not so very long ago. ..

But I TRUST in Him. .FULLY & with Unwavering FAITH that Only HE Knows Best … and ALL IS WELL in His GOOD TIME. Only His PLANS are the best. . Over the course of time. .. and that will prove true. .time after time 🙂


I am sure you know who HE is now 😀
My apologies if I’ve misled u to think that HE is my Father, Brother, or Boyfriend :p

HE is The Ultimate Planner. ..our creator!


My posts lately have become a series of dedications…
and This post is
#Specially Dedicated to GOD#


Does this mean I’m going to STOP Planning?
Old habits die hard. ..

redirected to something better

And in our book of life. .He has written in some chapters ‘AS YOU WISH’! 😉
SOooo…as much as I yield & concur with His plans, I’m not taking any chances 😉

For now..its time for me to take on a ‘Blast to the Past’ challenge…

Signing off for now,
‘The Planner-wannabe’
(who BOW to my Ultimate Planner)

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