How I ended up doing Medicine

Flashback #1

▪ 1. -Menara gading had always been = Public University to me.-He made me go to a Private Uni.-I had always wanted to be a doctor ever since I can recall… and He made me one. My destiny?

Please don’t be mistaken that I was forced into Medicine! Not at all *shake heads* In contrary, ever since I can recall…ever since I knew the meaning of the word occupation & ambition, all I wanted to be when I grow up is a Doctor 😀 That student progress book where our class-teacher’s record our ambitions in, DOCTOR was always on top of my list. The other 2 varied from year to year….I can’t even recall what they were because I just mentioned it for the sake of filling up space :p
Essays on ‘My Ambition’ was always on being a doctor too.
Doctor’s playset as toys – guilty of that too.

I could have accepted the Chemical Engineering course offered me by a local University after STPM, but hey! I might have deliberately failed for the lack of passion in it :p

Well, yeah…though I did quite okay in studies up to Form 5, I kind of screwed up in the Form 6 exam! Wasn’t fit to enrol into the local University’s medical course. Mine was the year quota system for entrance was replaced with meritocracy system. I am glad for that!

Ehmmm…How do I put it? Had I entered under a quota with the result I had, it would have made me feel bad that others with better results didn’t get a place just because of our ethicity!


My Form (Upper) 6 year was the year my ‘enlightenment’ journey began! During mid-sem break, when I was soooo self-centred about redeeming my grades…an Earth shattering news felt like a SLAP! For the first time in my Life, I felt I was very selfish…


I first refused to balik kampung during the mid-sem break as I had to work harder to improve my grades for the big exam! When parents broke the news to us that a dear aunt (whom we were very close to) was at 4th Stage of Endometrial Cancer….no words suffice to describe my remorse.

(It has been 12 long years…but, in case you are wondering, my aunt pulled through till the end of that year, where we spent some time with her post major exams too – after much suffering, she succumbed in the January of the following year)

Through her end (she was only 49yo), I learned how FRAGILE life truly is. We never know when our turn is…when the ‘inevitable call’ comes, we have to go…our Final one way journey! I learned that there is more to Life than what we plan & desire…I learnt that only His will prevails, and nobody can change it.


When my results were finally announced, I was saddened, but practical. One of my best papers in trial exam was a total SHOCK to me. I was ill during that paper, but didn’t expect that kind of disastrous outcome. An ‘8’ for paper 2 Pengajian Am (General studies!)!!! I

t was hard to digest as for trial exams, I was the best student for that subject! I still remember that our teacher recommended those who didn’t score well in essary to read mine and a few other classmates’!!

Exam is a great part about LUCK too – I learnt that lesson the hard way!

Thank GOD though that it was an ‘8’, and NOT a ‘9’! Thus, I ended up with a ‘C’. A potential ‘best student for PA subject, turned into a (almost) failure. Or my overall result would have become ‘R’ (subsid)..


‘BBC’ for the remaining papers… I cried myself to sleep that night – for being a failure. (One good habit of mine is, I never CRY twice for the same reason! :)) I was realistic. I knew a moron like me would not qualify for a place to study medicine in one of the local Unis. I was ready to admit defeat and give up on my ambition. Personally, a private University education was never in my option. How could I, being the eldest of 3 kids, burden my parents?

university top gandhi


But my dad thought otherwise. What I saw as a FAILURE (a major one too, in my Life), he saw as an opportunity! His first question upon hearing my result (which I informed very sadly, with a heavy heart) was : “Can you enter XYZ Uni with this result?” I fulfilled the BASIC entry requirement & he was HAPPY about that!


Dad has been checking out on University XYZ for a while…which I learnt from my late aunty & her husband (my maternal Uncle) during our last visit! He has been doing extensive research on private (local and overseas) medical Universities for a few months, perhaps even 1 whole year! But it was me who was in denial… I couldn’t digest the idea of entering a Private Medical University – THE COST!!! Its a bomb (12 years ago…now, I have no word to describe the fees charged!)


I argued with parents that I am ready to do any Biology related course. Biomedic, Bio Science courses, and even Psychology was in my mind. But under dad’s watchful eyes, I had to tick all 3 Medical courses in my application form…knowing very well that my case will be lelong (auction)! Long story short, while I buried my dreams & was willing to pursue a higher education just for the sake of getting a degree, and becoming a graduate… convo berrets …my dad forced me into the Private Medical University! He valued my ambition, passion and Dreams more than I myself did! I was initially bitter, but over time SAW the bigger picture & have always been grateful for my dad’s forced me to PURSUE MY DREAMS. God worked in the form of an angel, my dad…for me to embark on a Medical Journey!

To be Continued…

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