Celebrating my Silver Jubilee

I wish this is about me just turning 25 year old & the celebration…but that’s been so long ago. :p Though for the records, I often feel like my age has frozen at that number – 25!


Just noticed that I have already Published 25 posts on this 27 day old blog of mine…I’ve hit the Silver Jubilee mark yesterday! 🙂 Yeay!
Although I failed to live up to the 1 post a day vow, *pat on the back* for persevering this far & to continue writing – any progress is a good progress. Although writing is my passion, I have time and again proven to not be consistent & work on it as much as I would like to. With this blog, I hoped to break that ‘vicious cycle’.
For the records, I have been feeling good since I started writing consistently. It gave me something to do during my recent insomniac moments too! :p


Felt this next post should be something significant about this Blog.

#Dedicating my 26th post to :
The Most DEFINING Moment for me, as a writer of this Blog# 


A very much overdue post, to express my Appreciation generated 347 views on 15th August 2013. I was ‘shocked’ (in other words, pleasantly surprised) to notice this yesterday!

stat graph

But most of all, I was touched to read the comments & private messages I received on FB from fellow brethrens of MPCN, to whom I had dedicated that post for. Seems like I touched some hearts. That IS ‘the moment’ for me! Not the stats or likes per say, but KNOWING I have echoed the voices of others, touched some chords, and hopefully inspired some. Well, at least 1 person did enquire about how to apply for life membership following the post.

My most favourite comment comes from bro MHH:
-Ahhhhh… This is indeed the brightest sunshine after a long haze. Kindly copy n paste onto ur wall after getting permission n approval from (admin)
– When others seeing and mumbling about the occasional hairline cracks of a lovely shaped vase, u urself keep looking at it as a whole lovely painted intact vase of a family. Good job sis. N good luck of ur next journey.
– This post deserve a pinned 🙂

I felt like a ‘peacemaker’ advocate & half-a-celebrity :p LOL


And ALL the sincere good luck wishes, though my main intention was never to publicize that I am leaving for good (for the time being)…I was very touched. This is what being a ‘family’ is all about.

And I felt like a True Writer, once again! Not by what monetary gain I might earn via this, but through the Love, Support & Feedback from readers. (I have yet fulfil some requests to write about how I generated some income from writing, years ago. Will get round to that Soon!)

Lesson learnt: Whatever sincere expression that comes from the Depth of one’s Heart is always ‘Worth it’! 🙂


Just for the records, some printscreens of my blog’s statistics.

By posts:


Stats stat by country

By country! 😉 Lol…so much so for ‘tags’ & publishing ‘public’ly *wink*

My baby steps continues…

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