Reality Check : My Health

This post has got nothing to do with the reality that sunk in yesterday, about my leaving. But, it has got everything to do with my personal request (for a Facebook friend I was meeting for the first time) to bring along her wonderful body age calculating gadget.

I brought it onto myself!
Hahaha…too bad was pressed for time, thus no photos of the results.


Basically, you feed it the info on your Chronological Age & Height. Then, you stand on the gadget (like a weighing scale) & hold on to the centre-piece like holding onto bicycle handles.

A few seconds later, it would have calculated all the parameters & it is SHOWTIME…


  • My BMI : Within Ideal range for Asians – Good *thumbs up*
  • Weight   : Gained 2.6kg in past 3 months – SUPER BAD! *2 thumbs DOWN*
    This wasn’t so much of a surprise, because even my face is chubbier now. But I thought I’ve only gained 2kg…so it was a BIT of a surprise :p

    I attribute it to eating more than usual, thanks to all those travelling I did :p I can’t help it. I eat more when around people. But FAIL to balance it with exercise, but continue with my sedentary lifestyle…KL isn’t safe to jog or hike in alone, man!!! Or so, I place the blame…while truth is I have been mostly working, when Not travelling – and that’s all I do, day & night, SITTING Down too LonG!!
  • Body fat composition : 1/3rd of my total body composition – Bad!Last I checked at some medical-camp during a run earlier this year, was somewhere around there too, so I wasn’t surprised. Need to recheck that small piece of paper on my body mass and body fat percentages :p
    According to this Sports Medicine website, I am wayyyyyyyyyyyyy above the ideal body fat % for adult women – oh ohhhhhhhhhh. Genetic part I can’t modify, lifestyle – is Totally IN my hands!
  • And the TOTAL calculation pointed to my Calculated (Real) Age to be 4 years older than I am!! – Epic FAIL


I was never, am NOT and will never turn into an anorexic or bullimic. :p I will never switch to some fancy diets, like only juices, nor protein rich diet…nor turn into a fruitarian (for being a non-meat eater, or “pseudovegetarian” as what I label myself).


But I definitely need to watch what I feed my body and start to burn some calories. I am super determined to do the latter soon…with only 38 work hours per week, instead of the current 60-70 hrs/week, I have NO reason Not to…

But no time before this next one week. I will have to satisfy some cravings for Malaysian food and home cooked meals, plus…I am sooooooooooooo in need of a local fruits-party! Durian & Mango – checked.
Rambutan, Mangosteen, Duku/Langsat, etc etc….Tropical Fruits


As for the relearning swimming, learning salsa, regular jogs/runs/hikes that I was aiming to do this year, I hardly got started on any. It is mid August…in this 8 & a half months, I only recorded :
-2 runs (10 km & 15 km each that I completed withOUT any training)
-probably 2-3 episodes of jogging
– I can’t recall any Hiking…hmmmph (very bad!!!)
– I haven’t picked up any of the new hobbies I was meaning to learn…
all because I was too focused on earning money. At the expense of health? – *dang*!!


Thanks to my Facebook friend, MM & her body analyzer device, I am motivated. Hope to keep it up…and follow up on it!

How ironic though! On the very day I was trying to shed some age off myself, to live up to some misperceptions 😉 – with the latest being that I am in my late teens or early 20s still…I got this reality check. :p


Wish ME Luck!

Anyone up for a ‘aku janji’ (I swear) pact with me?
For a leaner body mass target? 😉

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