General Practice

Flashback #5

▪ 5. – When I got my first real asset, my ‘baby’… my car! AGP 2***…me to mom: “LOL What an irony! A GP? That’s the last thing I’ll be!”
-He showed me over time how narrow minded and immature I was. .and I will live to swallow my own words!
-I’m still ‘searching’… but for now, this seems to be my destiny. And my mindset has totally changed – as a more experienced and mature doctor & person.


#PART 1#

First thing first, LETS Define General Practice – gosh, Feel like I’m answering my PESCI/viva question! :p

That was what the experts have to say about it.

In my own words:
A family doctor who treats you holistically, and will know and have treated generations of your family {perhaps the know your grandparents, parents, your own generation, your kids, and your grandkids (if the GP lives long enough) etc etc…}, one you go to for any illness be it acute or chronic, and one who cares for their patient without having any bias (all doctors do this, I’m just generally speaking 🙂 ).

In other words, a Jack of All Trades who cares from womb to tomb = > Ahhh…that summarizing a good definition of a GP! 😀


For most of us, our first memory of a DOCTOR would be the GP (general practitioner) in our hometown…better known as our ‘family doctor’ whom we go too. You will be either scared of him, or love him – I guess its a little difficult to be nonchalant about your family GP. I loved my GPs (under dad’s company panel, we always visited private GPs…only once when I was really really small – I have vague memory of going to the Hospital to get some ? foreign body removed from my ears!) back in my hometown.
They all had one common trait…FRIENDLY. To a child, that is something great…especially when Doctor Uncle gives you Vitamin C during every visit! 😉


My very own FIRST memory of a GP (mind you…very very FAINT & vague memory it is…but guess I had nightmares about it, reason being why I had any memory of all of an incident that happened when I was still a toddler) is the time I got my ears pierced!

LOL! I dunno why my parents took me to a GP instead of a goldsmith…but then, well…perhaps being the eldest & all, I was deemed special :p Or perhaps they have heard abit too much about infections. But hey…I belief my siblings had their ears pierced by goldsmiths afterall….*shrug*

Though very very vague, the only memory I have is the little me Crying in Pain! Soo much so for a first memory…well, doctors ain’t new to me! I spent 11 days post birth in a government hospital. ? birth asphyxia & neonatal jaundice…such a problematic newborn I was! :p


So, another paradox. I was always like “Anything, but a GP!”


OUCH…that hurts

Done?…  Okay, please keep your pistols away now…pretty, puhleeez.

Now, do hear me out! 🙂


Generally my perception of GPs used to be that they a doctors who are tired of the government health setting, and retire early (in other words, Resign), and aren’t motivated to pursue their studies. Thus, they are chronically GPs, stuck in their daily boring routine.


With all the recent misperception & doctor bashing in the Malaysian media (especially newspapers – GRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrr), the public might miscontrue that GPs are blood-sucking vampires! Sigh…why do politicians have to interfere in everything for their benefits, or to pull through some underlying plans….in the end of the day, the People should NOT suffer!


I digress…back on Track.

When I decided to work on leaving the country, I had to ask myself a very very important question. Hospital or Clinic? Paediatrics or General Practice?

I was growing weary of on-calls. ..have I told you that I love SLEEP?!! 😀 And I always believed in the Middle-Way…seeking a Balance in Life. I wasn’t having enough, or a good balance. Blame it on myself…for living my life the way I did.
When I worked, I worked hard…and when I holidayed, I holidayed even harder – perhaps, you can say it is Living in The Moment 😉

So, for the sake of Quality of Life, I chose GP as my future pathway.
It was a slow, but conscious decision. The day I finally signed up for Diploma in Family Medicine under the Academy of Family Medicine of Malaysia…and the day I joined GP practice (1st March 2012), I swallowed my own words – albeit very humbly.


But that didn’t mean I rested my DREAMS to be a Specialist. Hey! That doesn’t mean I short-changed myself when I decided to ‘rest’ my Paeds dreams (or what I thought was my Ultimate aim) in this (Medical) field.
dream DEEP

In this era, where there are so many doctors being produced every month…hmmmph…one definitely has to specialist, and even perhaps, Sub! Else, the future may be bleak…in the years to come, in my beloved homeland 😦

But I can’t fathom working in Malaysia as a GP.
No offence to all you great GPs out there…it is just my 2 cents. Things are really going downhill for us, I am sure you would agree with me. So, I decided to take up the opportunity that came knocking at my door. An idea I wouldn’t have pursued if not for my instigator…



My dear instigator, SG, is none other than one of my girlfriends from my ‘HO-geng-of-5’. For her, this whole pathway was a dream…after their wedding, she and her husband were saving up for the Big Plan – course, exams, etc etc…everything required hefty financial commitments, or shall I say investment.

And one fine day…1st October 2011. It was my best friend (from school’s birthday) & I was down in KL for Unimates’ wedding reception. On the way, decided to pay a visit to the newlyweds. And that was the fateful day the thought was seeded into my mind…

Me: I am not applying for masters…(narrating my story & disappointment with the shift system for HOs). Will try my MRCPCH Part 1 for the third time next year.
SG: Lavz, why don’t you take AMC? Join us!
Me: (taking it as a joke) Yeah…why not?!! What have I got to lose. Faster give me all the forms before I change my mind…

Apparently SG was serious about the suggestion, while I was taking it as a joke – but one that I wouldn’t actually mind finding out more about…and perhaps pursue? *shrug*.


In the weeks and months to come…
SG sent me links and forms to apply for an AMC number…that was the first step. Henceforth, it was guidance as to how to proceed for each step….and when I decided to Quit & enter GP world (I had some options/alternative fields before making my choice), she assisted me with contacts in KL; all the way through AMC preparatory course & exams…treating me as one of her own family member and I am very grateful for her sister & bro-in-law, her parents & her aunt – who hosted me for 10 whole weeks while we were there last year for the course and exam – just for being SG’s friend, and one who has boarded the boat along with them…I can never thank them all enough for their kindness.

For the records, NOPE, I do not have any family members residing in that Land Down Under.


SG…it sucks to be leaving without and before you (+your hubby). When without you both, especially YOU, where would I be? Still in KKM…in Paeds still?
You were the one who instigated me & got me started on this whole tedious journey thus far :p
SIGH! The first time I broke down was for this fact + will miss my car :p
It is a horrible feeling, dear girl. So, I decided to Not focus on it, or let us grow…BUT Focus on Celebrating Deepavali with You! And hopefully, maybe….my family too? *wishful hopeful thinking*
FASTER come & join me, k!
While I just tapped on the Opportunity that You brought my Way…for you, its been years of Dreams! You guys should be going first…but I belief all these is for a reason too…ONLY known to Him.
God I know it is ur plan
Not at all because I can’t survive without you guys, but because it will be more fun & self-fulfilling (I know I am a little selfish! :p) to continue the Journey…OUR JOURNEY, together!
~With Love, Lavz~


This topic will be continued…too tired right now. Part 2 will be about MY Career as a Malaysian GP – permanent & free-lancing. Stay tuned, folks! 🙂 …

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