Ironing out some FAQs

 25th August 2013 @ 1503H.

Now, I feel like a TRUE writer! High up in the air….WHO would be writing, if Not a Writer? ;p

I can’t read in a plane (although not as bad as on the roads), not for tooooo long in the air. I get a headache when I read in motion. I’ve been very busy finalizing my packing, and visiting past few days – thus the absence from blogosphere. NOW, the writer in me is BACK. High up in the air, en route KL to Melbourne 🙂 Nope, we are not over the Pacific Oceans yet. There was a delay in my flight departure. 40 minutes behind schedule.

Best time to catch up on my Flashback series that isn’t over yet – NOW, during a 7 Hour & 45 minutes journey. I’m way behind my intended schedule to complete it…


But before resuming my flashback series from Part 3 of Flashback 5, I have to write about my big move!


A lot of questions have been asked as to where am I leaving, following recent comments on my wall and status updates on my Facebook. There are a good proportion of my close (and some who are not so close too :p)  buddies who already know this.
For those who don’t…read on! 🙂

Will address some FAQs for the curious cats out there :p


A little over 13 months ago, I was flying out of Asia for the very first time, on this same route, with two other friends. Once again, I flew down to Melbourne last March – alone. This is my third solo flight (very first was to India in Dec 2011).

Q: Did I get a PR?
A: NOPE. I am going on a 4 year Temporary Long Stay Visa 457.
In other words, a Work Visa. 

Q: Is this for good? Will I come back?
A: Only time will tell.
As a friend told me recently, “Nobody who has left Malaysia comes back b’coz things are better here, its only because Malaysia is HOME”. I will continue brainwashing ‘some people’ to hop over…some day, hopefully! 😉


Captain’s announcement @ 1513H:

South-east bound to Jawa Island, Indonesia. 37, 000 feet above sea level.
Cloudy weather. Just out of minor turbulence.

Expected to arrive at original ETA, though departure was delayed.


I proceed with the FAQs.

Q: Do I have family in Australia? Melbourne?
A: No. Not family; only friends. And over this past year since I started working on this pathway, I have made some new ones & come to realize there are more people I know since childhood who are either studying or have migrated to Melbourne! Can form not only a ‘Kampung Malaysia’, but perhaps if I look hard enough, even a ‘Kampung Sitiawan’ here :p

For many of us, we are blessed with the life we have today THANKS to our (great)grandparents who ventured out of their homeland. Perhaps, I am paving a path for my family…my generation (siblings & cousins) & the next (nieces & nephews) :p

Q: Won’t I miss family? Malaysia?
A: Duh!!! Of course I will. I am embarking on an adventure of a lifetime! 😀 And family and friends back home are just an internet (video) call or a smart fon app contact away (Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, Tango, Line, VChat…name it! I have them all thanks to my S3. Not like I have been physically meeting everyone on a daily basis all along.
Q: What will I miss most about home
A: As my friends were joking during last weekend’s dinner get-together, FOOD! Hehe…they were saying that the best way to make me homesick would be to POST pictures of awesome food & TAG me on Facebook – LOL. I half agree with them – food, yes – but not the Prime ‘thing’ that I will miss.

BUT honestly speaking, I will MISS the gatherings…the occasions (whether involving family or friends) where we just put aside work & the mundane daily routine and come together as a family….awwww….there are already a few wedding invitations that I had to decline! 😦 Always knew this was coming, the day I decided…I have to life with my choice.
As for my closest friends and family (siblings & cousins), if you truly want me to be present, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee inform me wayyyyyy in advance when you guys get married k! I will be there – afterall, we’re just 8 hours away.
Its just like a drive from Sitiawan to Johore Bharu 😉


This’ a topic I don’t want to talk about, but I have to. I will miss paying my final rites to anyone who should pass on during my absence – that hurts!! It did when I was down for Pesci exam trip, and my ex-Tamil teacher cum family friend passed away during that time – and the knowledge I haven’t visited him in a long looooong time!

But that IS Exactly WHY I used to & have spent as much time as possible with all my near & dear ones. In the event of any unfortunate event, I will have to just life with the memories alone…Life is a fragile thread that binds all of us together. Any mortal will have to answer that ‘last call’ when the time comes.

My ‘BABY’! I can skype/communicate via all the smartphone apps with parents, family and friends. But how will I communicate with my beloved Car after this??? Sigh…I took her for one last ride yesterday evening, to quench her ‘blinking’ state with petrol. And after turning down offers to sell her off, I am entrusting her in good hands 🙂 With that, I have to let go of my first asset…the one thing registered under my name that I own 100% (for the past 1 year).

THR-raaga! I hope their online streaming is accessible from Melbourne! Apparently my cousin in Medan cannot assess it 😦 Or else, it will be my limited latest Tamil songs collections & hopefully you-tube. But I will miss the ‘settai’ DJs.

Enough said…


On to the next FAQ…

Q: Do I have a Job? (I personally find this a very odd question! I mean, DUH, I tell people I am going on a work-Visa, and I still get asked this question. Haisshhh…Anyways, to answer)
A: YES. I would not have been able to have attend the second exam (March 2013) without an employer sponsorship) & definitely Australian Immigration wouldn’t have granted me a work visa otherwise :p

My visa was approved on the 9th August 2013.

Q: Will I feel at home there?
A: It was okay the past 2 trips. Felt ‘quite at home’. Back then, I was busy with classes and exams. While accommodating myself to the weather (Melbourne is infamously known to have ‘4 seasons in a day’!), I learnt abit about the culture too. Lots more to learn and adapt to…

Now comes the greatest challenge, to adapt to the work system in Australian GP system…hmmm, After years of knowing only our style back home. Do-able, of course 🙂
my goal
Hoping to achieve my targets set out work-wise..and to be able to truly say I feel at home in Melbourne, some day…although probably it will always only be my second home, 30 years is a very long time to be replaced by another.

Post GE13, Ever since an ‘honorable’ minister made the statement “If you are unhappy with the state of affairs here, leave to other countries!”, I have been joking around that I am heeding his call.

stopp worry pleasing others
Q: Am I heeding the ‘call’ to leave-Malaysia, made by an ‘honourable’ cabinet minister not so very long ago?
A: NOPE. I have/had my push factors, and I ‘had it’ loooooong before he made that ridiculous statement! I am leaving today because I have been planning & working hard for this for a little less than 2 years. I didn’t empty my life saving, just to follow someone’s orders! If anything, those who knows my nature would know that I would retaliate & STAY PUT – but since I decided before his ‘call’, I proceed.

Q: Did I cry at the airport today?
A: Nope. I pride myself that I only cry ONCE for One reason :pI had my cries:

I had my fragile moments:
3 days before departure…
A week ago…
and, 2 month’s ago.
All were for slightly different reasons. Will write another post on this…

Q: How do I feel?
A: One word – BLESSED. Initially it was Void.

I am NOT totally excited or happy, as I was during my very first trip to Australia 13 months ago.
I am NOT tearful and sad right now, because that would mean I am ? regretting my decision made 1 year & 9-10 months’ ago? After entrusting that this IS God’s will for me, how could I mar it with tears Now!??

I am touched…at the gifts (some I asked for, some found its way to me) and ang pows I’ve been presented with these past weeks (will be back with a pictorial post soon).

I feel LOVED – the fact that I had 11 people who came to send me off at the airport. I had only 1 ‘condition’ set out to them, to NOT CRY when bidding me FareWell. The ladies FAILED big time…my best friend totally went against my rule. And the rest (mom, aunt, darling ex-housemate a few years ago) of the ladies all developed dust-in-their-eye-disease, with breaking voices when I hugged them.
GOSH. It was difficult, but I maintained…my Optimism has been said to be contagious – PEEPZ! Melbourne is awaiting you!!! So am I…

Well, well…to be important (for them to spend time to travel all the way to send me off) & close enough to some people (family & friends) in my life, that the thought of parting with me makes them tear…I MUST Have done ‘something’ right in life live and inter-personal relationships with them!
god gives u ppl
That IS a nice thought. ‘Earned’ just by being myself…without any pretensions nor dramas.


My best friend mentioned that I will be crying in the flight.
And my mom said, once I reach there.
I hope both are wrong ;p


My favourite Bon Voyage wish for today is from my best-friend’s hubby. “Enjoy, Lavanya! Enjoy your vacation” – superb…that wish made me feel very YOUTHFUL already 😉

I believe that Life should be Enjoyed to the Max – at every phase, in every situation, & with everyone who crosses our path.

Oh yeah, to answer one last FAQ.
Q: Will I forget everyone back home?
A: Yes, IMMEDIATELY *roll eyes*.


LOL. I find the ‘reminders/advise’ of “Lavanya…don’t forget us/family back home!” superbly ridiculous!!!

Honestly…I will NEVER forget anyone I have crossed path with. What more if they are in my list of ‘gems’. If you know me, I can be a real pain in keeping in touch (in the GOOD WAY, as I am the one to make the effort most of the time). But if people get too busy for me, I will ‘release them’ 🙂
removing ppl out of life
But for those who put in the least bit of effort, I will always be willing to meet you more than halfway, by putting in that little bit of extra effort.


From my past experiences, I have learnt one thing : I am never alone! Even in the loneliest moments, I have had God with me 🙂

build new

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  1. Jonathan Ling says:

    Well Lavanya, let me be the first to welcome you to Australia! You’ll love it here!

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