When You Dance…

A Reminder to Self: 

wen u dance

The same goes as you move through life, from one phase to another.

The purpose isn’t just to Enjoy the Final Destination. The ULTIMATE purpose is to ENJOY Each STEP of the Journey, to stop and smell the roses, and as much as possible to make each phase a little better for others due to some (however small) contribution from you!

As I leave behind memories & experiences earned, I hope to continue being useful &  enjoying my life ahead of me, come what may. And perhaps, leave some footprints behind, before I venture out to the next phase of life.

turn face to JOY

May God give me the Serenity to accept things that can’t be changed…
The Strength to change things that can be changed…
And the Wisdom to know the difference between these two!


2 hours down…6 more to go. 


(Another post drafted on 25th August 2013, from high up in the air)

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