Farewell Prezzies

Tried sleeping. Couldn’t. Looking forward to my pre-booked meal in an hour’s time. That would also mean only 3 hours’ left for landing. I would seriously appreciate a bed right now…instead of a rocking plane seat, to get some shut eye moments.

(Fourth post from High Up in the Air)

Writing the previous 2 posts made me abit nostalgic, YES. But no tears 🙂
I am still ‘walking my talk’ of No tears, Only Cheers! (as dictated to my sending-off-well-wisher party) 🙂

walk the talk

Right now…it is teatime in Malaysia, and dinnertime in Australia!
Oh ohhh….I hope I will not be too jet lagged this next few days – and may my sleep-wake cycle, eating habits, and level-of-functioning be fined tuned ASAP! I have my O&G assignment to get started on…I haven’t even touched a link from the latest module! So much so, for wanting to turn over a new leaf and settle my assignments on time this module onwards! :p *DFM woes*


My next topic – GIFTS/PRESENTS!

Don’t we all LOVE Receiving GIFTS?
But sometimes, I suspect that I gain more satisfaction from Giving, than Receiving – I am weird. But then again, there is the issue of appropriteness!
This time round, I decided to be very gracious about receiving – except for one! And there were some that I had to reluctantly, but finally did, with much Gratitude.

Gifts are a nice way to remember people who give them by. It is more meaningful if it is something that we can use – Daily? Even better 🙂


I had ‘ordered’ what I wanted from my siblings months in advance. 

But my brother didn’t have the change to fulfill my wish of that particular ‘Swatch’ watch I have been targeting for a few years. It was a blessing in disguise that I didn’t manage to find time to purchase it in KL during one shopping weekend-day! The very next day (that same weekend), I visited my ex-housemate (whom I always refer to as ‘the darlingest-of-all-my-darlings) at her house for lunch (so sweet of her to make vegetarian ‘nasi lemak’, specially for me) & was surprised with a card and a Gift! No price for guessing what the gift is – not ‘Swatch’, but a WATCH!
Totally unexpected, and sweet…but even more sweet was the card with a pre-written poem that was so touching (she has a gift for picking up the ‘right’ cards, PY does!!) & her words and 1 year old baby’s hand-tracing that was even sweeter, and gave a personal-touch.


My best friend, BSR wanted to gift me a watch too! Seems like WATCH is a favourite as gift, uh 😉

She was insisting on it, till PY gave me one. So BSR had to crack her head for something else, though I seriously wasn’t expecting one! And she didn’t have to. But I know that she wants to…as a token of ‘farewell’.

She helped me to pick up my gift (revised gift) from brother.

My last night in KL. Double gift.

The first was a total surprise! From one of my freelance clinic’s boss & staff!

(that was my last working day)

A CAKE – WOW!! I was touched…

And a GIFT too! I did suspect it would be my favourite ‘Vinayagar’, when the boss called me earlier that morning to confirm my religion. Vinayagar (the elephant-headed-form-of-God) is the one we turn to, to seek blessing and protection upon embarking on anything at all in Life…what more a new phase?


My hunt to find an exact replica of my car-Vinayagar had been in vain. This gift will make a good substitute, the day I get my second car (first in Melbourne). I have bought an exact same one for a friend before, because I liked the design 🙂


That night, a goodie bag from my best friend, BSR was awaiting on my bed (most of the things I requested to be purchased), but an additional package as my gift. Will remember you, everytime I use the perfume, dearie 😉



Two (2) dresses from my instigator! I agreed to help her reduce her wardrobe’s burden…and they were both very sweet pieces! Thank you for wanting to gift them to me, SG! Opps….didn’t get to take a picture before packing them into my box! Sorry.


-From Parents: –


Even though I have my smart-phone, I will need another normal one, as ‘smartie’ doesn’t have dual sim function (the only downsite, as far as I am concerned!). As my first phone was a Nokia, and I have a very soft spot for that super durable phone, I requested for a SIMPLE Nokia phone, with only the basic features.

Blue IS my favourite colour, though not in this shade. Hehe…even mom realized the colour is a bit ‘odd’, but they didn’t have a choice, and actually…it isn’t too bad! 😉


Dragged mom along to accompany me on some errands…little did I suspect she was planning to oblige another request of mine! We chose the chain and pendant, and after trying on a few combinations – we both concurred that this IS the Best! 😀

Excited about having a permanent chain again, after years. I refuse to wear gold for being ‘Bulky’ & for safety reasons. Ahhh…now, my grandmothers will be happy that I am not empty-necked anymore! :p


Sister’s gift was a mail order. We weren’t expecting it to arrive before September! To my pleasant surprise, it arrived in time yesterday (one day before my departure). Talk about being Just in Time!!! 😀

Seems a little too big, especially the frame (for someone who prefers frameless – we didn’t have that option), which isn’t the type I am used too. Sis was a little concerned about that.
But the colour suits me (I too can make a good choice from online catalogue :p). And upon trying it on, seems okay…perhaps, I should even say, ‘classy’! 😉


And the ang-pow (gift-money) that was banked in by one of my Uncles last week, and another from my Aunty at the airport today – they shouldn’t have! I am the one who should be giving them ang-pows…oh dear! Well, well…they want me to get something for remembrance. I know what I want to get…will do so with the gift-money that I have gathered.

And not to forget, our family friend cum Tamil-tuition-Sir’s wife gave me an ang pow too! I wanted to pay her a visit before I leave, as I had been unable to drop by ever since after my Sir’s demise (which had to be during my last trip to Aussie this March, for an exam) – I was unable to pay my last respect to him. And have been guilty of not visiting him for a long time too. I was super touched that he had left a message with his wife that they MUST give me an ang-pow before my departure.

And then, there was another! SIGH. This was the only gift (in the form of ang pow) which I denied. Mom was forced to take it, and I asked her to return it to the giver perhaps as her birthday gift! How can I receive a gift from someone I don’t really fancy, and am not close to?? A lady from my hometown, who is also a family friend, but more of my parents’ good friend.
She is the only guest I have told-off in my life…for making unwanted comment about my acne as a greeting comment (when it was actually improving) & that wasn’t the first time! Did I not take the gift because I felt Guilty?
forgive others..urself

Perhaps a little…What kind of person tells off a guest? No matter how RUDE they are? Or, perhaps I did right by being assertive, and perhaps will make her think twice before making unnecessary comments towards others!

I don’t fancy her & not someone close to me – that’s the Main Issue for not being gracious about her ‘gift’. So, I rejected it professionally. Anyways, I know she only wanted to give me the ang pow as a way of repaying my parents kindness in helping her with some matters. Not because she loves me or even fancies me! :p

Lets NOT talk about unhappy things….


To all those whom have been so sweet and thoughtful, or merely obliging my wish…hehe (nope, I didn’t put a gun to anyone’s head! :p). THANK YOUUUUUUUUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, All!

kindness language

(Although I have personally thanked each and everyone, I am tagging those with FB accounts on my FB link – that is almost everyone, except for my Ang-Pow givers. Hoping my gratitude will resonate out to them).

25th August 2013 @ 1820H (Malaysian time) & 2020H (Melbourne time).

Another turbulence! The pilot is skillful, though. And my headache is increasing after each one…*ouch*!

May we have a safe journey…halfway there already!

P.S: Not to forget the prayer ‘vibuthi’ as blessings! TQ, mama:D

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  1. drvolcanoe says:

    OH NO!!!!!!!!! Just noticed the shades broken! 😦 Without using…OUCH!

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