‘Kampung’ Girl in Big City – FOB

“YO MATE! How’s the going?”

The first blog post I am writing since I landed on Sunday night, almost midnight. Thus, shall take Monday as my Day 1.


Highlight of my days, thus far:

Arrival, Sunday night @ Airport
– At the waiting area, chatted with a Malaysian family. With the (grand)parents asking the kids to ‘Salaam’ & speaking in Bahasa, it felt good…like home away from home, already!
– And then, an Indonesian Chinese lady approached me for assistance with the pay phone. It felt great to be useful 😀 And I was glad half a dozen family members of mine studied in that neighbouring country of ours, and I have learnt some words from them. I even addressed her as ‘ibu‘ 😉

Monday, Day 1 – I unpacked all my stuffs, except accessories (which is still PENDING) in ONE Day! Even I was surprised. Guess I didn’t want my room to be messy & so that I start to feel settled & at home! It is liberating to have SPACE
No more homeless nomad 😀

Tuesday, Day 2 – My housemate taught me that briyani rice can be cooked in TEN minutes!!


Now, that’s the wonder of a pressurized cooker! 
I can’t help recalling new year eve 2012 when we cooked briyani for 4 hours at my best friend’s place – I must try the same recipe with this cooker someday.


Otherwise, to summarize my first 2 days would be: Some drive-around tour of the neighbourhood, Shopping for essentials, Orientation to how to prepare for work-world (which added stress to me, as there’s just sooooooooo much to study – breathe, Lavan…breathe! :p) & trying my best to reply personally each and every message both on my smart-apps & facebook! Between all these, I have come to realize that I am feeling exhausted at the end of each day…aduiii!

At the same time, devising meet up plans with my non-medic friends who are currently based here. Have I mentioned day by day, I have come to discover that I know more and more favourable people from my past, who are now here 😀

I have no complaints about my housemates – do not mistake me. I am feeling very much at home thanx to my housemate & settling, if not already settled down.
But, its always nice to have more friends around & mingling with non-medical people make me feel BALANCED 😀


So, NOW, to my TOPIC! ‘Kampung’ Girl in Big City’ 😀

Day 3 –
I woke up at 545am & ventured out into the city today. Out of necessity, of course! WHY else would I wake up in that cold hours :p
The bus stop is just a few hundred meters down the lane. Very the convenient.


I was only about 5 minutes earlier…but a lot of thoughts raced through my mind in that short time! Paranoid? NOPE. In contrary, I was taking in my surroundings…and relishing the feeling of PERFECTLY SAFE. There I was all alone at 615am on an empty street in Victoria…and I felt Safe.

I can’t imagine walking down my old place in Batu Caves, out of my apartments & waiting by the roadside all alone…I would have not felt safe (last year, there was a shooting incident police-gangster in the nearby apartment!), unless armed with a small gun stashed away somewhere I can reach with ease, and only where I know the location (secret pocket, perhaps!??) and having attended shooting classes!

Nope…I don’t own a gun, not have I attended any formal training sessions for shooting. But were I to remain in Malaysia, I definitely would have! No joke.

Six months ago, when I was all alone roaming around Adelaide at midnight, I felt safe too! But not in my homeland! Sigh….how sad can this be? When we are supposedly a developing, civilized, MERDEKA (free) nation! Very sad…


Bus & train rides…I recalled my VMPF days when my friends & I used to travel on both these mode of transportations everyday for 6 weeks from Craigieburn <–> Melbourne City!

And then, I arrived at PARLIMENT station – NOSTALGIA+++, dear readers! Seriously, the very station we alighted at for a whole month in October 2012!


Attended my compulsory briefing session and identification interview with the medical registration board of Victoria. Made a few acquaintances among the other IMGs, but an hour is too short to make friends.

Argh! My registration couldn’t be finalized as apparently one of the documents weren’t in the records. It was unfortunate that my case officer wasn’t around today! The person who stepped in was nice, and accomodating…and promised to settle my registration immediately once that signed document is received by e-mail & my name will appear on the public search website as a registered practitioner within an hour.
Unfortunately, today wasn’t my day..Trusting that everything happens for a reason, While working things out. 


Finally started using ONLY my S3 as I changed my sim to micro sim, for merely a AUD2 fee. Go, YES OPTUS!
Maxis charges RM20 for that, if I am not mistaken…shame on them!


Rambled around on feet. It was fine weather. Cool, but not too cold..Sunny, but not too hot!
Went shopping in town. Trying to orientate myself and recall roads we travelled last year…unfortunately, I failed big time! My geography of Melbourne city isn’t too good.
Haha…but these were the roads we didn’t travel last year! :p  And I DID NOT get lost! Credit ought to be given, when it is due.
I discovered the places, without a detailed map in hand…there grins the adventurer in me! 😀

And I got the stuffs I was looking for. Thanks to BTT, my friend’s suggestion! 😉
And it was At THAT gift shop…that I experienced my HighLight of the day :
“A shopkeeper aunty in Melbourne City was surprised when I told her I’ve been working for 6 years. In massive disbelievement, she went like “I thought you were only 21, or the most 22years old!” (almost terbang di awan nombor sembilan dah masa tu!) 
What a massive compliment to be mistaken to be ~10 years younger…till I remembered *ouch* my body age said otherwise, thanx to Mazlyn Mustapha‘s gadget recently.

I am just happy that the compliments continue to follow me from Malaysia to Australia!  Hehehe…my post on this is still pending.
I have one worry though – that patients might lack ‘trust’ in me! :0 “

life age...

And she (a Malaysian too) told her staff “Aunty is a very Malaysian way of addressing…its been a long looooooong time since I heard that” – Aww…seems like I made her day too!


And then, it was on to my meet-up with my first non-medical friend in Melbourne 😀 My next is scheduled for this Sunday, thanks to BTT, I am looking forward to meeting more people 😀


Melbourne Central it was! Our standard meeting point, PM? 😉 I love this clock….lovely, isn’t it.

Was good to meet up after a year, P! Hope it didn’t rain after the initial drizzle, girl!


My favourite part of walking in the city was that at 730am, it felt like a Sunday in KL!! Can you imagine the massive jam in KL? Ask me…how many times have I wasted my time being stuck in it with 
my baby! This was a breather…

And…the fact that we pedestrians are KING of the Road – Juzt Love it! 😀 There were times I stopped for the car to pass though, Old habit dies hard – back home, we’d fear being knocked down if we don’t let the cars pass first!


The next part of the story made me feel: KARMA!
Karma is getting back to me, for all my complaints about KTM and its tardiness over these years….
aduhai. The Train service sabotaged me! I was cool about not catching the 2:02 train, as I knew there is one about 20 minutes later. Little did I know suddenly that train switched track and didn’t enter Melbourne Central – Grrrrr! It was another half an hour of waiting in a crowded station.

Thank God it wasn’t raining while awaiting my bus – a drizzle was all that there was. Though I was equipped with an umbrella – I wasn’t in the mood for rain, right then. Learnt that much about Melbourne from my past trips – UNPREDICTABLE Weather! Always carry an umbrella with you, and one that is STRONG enough to withstand the strong wind. :p

Alighted the bus 1 stop earlier, and took a walk down the lane….lovely warm weather pulak suddenly!!
Felt like the sky was showing me its true colours & saying “Welcome to Melbourne, the World’s Most Livable City!!!”

Things could have been worse. I am thankful for the (mis)adventurous day that it has been…back in the (well-organized) Big-City!

This is sunset at ~6pm-ish 🙂



P.S: To answer another FAQ, I haven’t started working yet. Have to sort out registration and some other paperworks. Can take up to 2-4weeks before I join the Victorian workforce.

To quote my friend, BTT:  “People call newbies here ‘FOB’ fresh off the boat =.=”

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