Life of a Freelancing Malaysian GP

25th August 2013 @ 1820H (Malaysian time) & 2020H (Melbourne time).

The turbulence just passed. Phew…It is dark out there, and getting colder.
I still can’t sleep (blaming it on the writer’s Active Mind!)…and am awaiting my dinner!

How can merely sitting in a flight make me hungry? Beats me…

Not like I have a friendly character like Ajith Kumar (Tamil version) or Big-B (Hindi version) who was Sri Devi’s characters flight buddy in the bilingual movie, English Vinglish! :p
This solo trip, I have a pair of Indonesian Chinese brothers studying at the University of Melbourne sitting next to me. That’s as much conversation as I had with them…both are engrossed in passing time with movies/games on tabs :p I am still optimistic that just like I have made friends in bus before, one day I will meet interesting people on a flight 😉
However, since my laptop was fully charged last night, and I am currently blessed with the time to write…I WILL resume my flashback series.


heart said

Flashback # 5 – PART 3

Didn’t know such a job scope existed for doctors?
I won’t blame you. Neither did I, before I came out into the GP world.

You will have to read Part 2 to understand why I quit my permanent GP job, and Part 1 to know why I quit KKM. One thing for sure, if it wasn’t for the fact that I was working on leaving the country, I would have remained. Only the government system allows one to practice ethically, according to guidelines…and some GPs.

when things go wrong.look up
December 2012 :
But after being traumatized by one GP clinic, I wasn’t too keen on jumping on another  offer! I did some homework, attended some interviews, and realizing that I didn’t want to get myself into deeper mess (my committing my name and APC as person in charge of clinic, etc etc) – last thing I wanted was to dig my own grave – that if I am taken for a ride, will affect my ‘certificate of good standing/conducts’ which are essential to venture out of one’s country. After consulting some GPs, & friends of friends who are clinic owners…I rejected the new clinic’s offer.

One of the GPs in KL whom I used to locum for on & off, especially on my non-working (at the permanent Clinic N I was attached to) weekends, was the first to make me seriously consider freelancing. She helped to allay some burning questions that were troubling me. Especially knowing that I can still renew my APC (annual practicing certificate) without any problem – I did it!!


I don’t know about you. But I TREASURE my Freedom! Of mind & time….I always SEEK PEACE. That doesn’t mean I meditate…perhaps, my style of doing it is through Reflections 🙂 Sorting out my thoughts.
That is the reason I began my flashback posts – to seek Peace with my past & gain a proper understanding of my own self.

If someone is nice to me, I will be nicer. But once you betray my trust, I am capable of even worse. However, I kept my vengeance aside, as far as Clinic N is concerned. I don’t want to stoop down to being such a lowly person, but part of me wonders if I should report them for malpractice, still….but then, would KKM really bother??!! Hmmm….

I must Thank God for the Abundant Opportunity & contacts I had over the months, since December 2012. I even had to turn down some offers, when it coincided with another slot, or when I had to put ‘studies’ before ‘money’. Though both are important, sacrifices had to be made.

heart said


BENEFITS I Gained as a freelancing GP:

–  I could choose the clinic and bosses I worked for.
–  I could pick my holidays. On the whole, I tried to keep at least ONE day off in a week. Failing which, at least a few half day slots when I worked daily…
– I have never travelled a lot (mostly within the country) & visited relatives as often & as long as I have this year! It is noteworthy that I have crossed off some of my ‘places to visit’ & ‘drives to make’ this year too – done with covering all the the states & borders in Peninsular Malaysia this year! 😀
– Spent almost more than a week travelling down & up with parents, visiting relatives (that was my second round of visiting, but I am not complaining – as I had an ‘instinct’ that was my last trip. True enough on the final day of our trip, I received an email confirming the approval of my Aussie Visa! :0 I wasn’t expecting it that soon, after the last email from them requesting additional documents.)

CHALLENGES I faced as a freelancing GP:

–  TRAVELLING. Although I love to drive & travel…not in this manner! Had to brace the jam & travel tens of kilometres almost daily. And from one place to another….if I only sought convenience, I couldn’t have sustained myself. So, it was a necessary evil.

– Fluctuating income. Some months were good, others ‘rainy days’ – but overall, it was good. I managed to sustain myself, and then cover some unexpected expenses that cropped up, while saving for my (this) trip too.

– Each time I holidayed, it was with the knowledge that I was NOT gaining any income. I could have worked each and everyday of this year so far…but I would have lost out on something more precious – visiting people & travelling (seeing places). As such, I have NO REGRETS!
So, I chose to Holiday kow-kow, when I took a break…anyway, those days when I worked harder, or the stretches without a break day, it was with the consolation that I am saving for a holiday 😉

never give up on yourself


Once again, I repeat…if my ultimate aim wasn’t to while time while awaiting to clear my paperworks to leave the country (for work), I wouldn’t have become a freelancer.

However, I did what I did with the best resources I had…and I learnt that NOT all GPs are corrupts. I met many pleasant, honest ones….thus, regaining my FAITH in Malaysian GPs & the future of our patients.

I have yet to report Clinic N. Should I? :p

End of Flashback #5 (FINALLY!!! :p)

P.S: One thing I seriously missed during my 16+ months in GP world was having COLLEAGUES!! With MPCN facebook page, terubat juga rindunya 😉


4 posts during a Flight journey isn’t that bad afterall!  Will I be able to complete my other flashback stories & complete the series during this journey itself? I will try 😉

 Disclaimer: I TOTALLY Believe in LIVING IN THE PRESENT. But these flashbacks are Essential for me at this point of time. 

Each of these are ‘soul searching’ walk down the memory lane which I have to embark on to lift the transparent veil clouding my heart and soul lately. .I suspect THIS is the real reason for my insomnia!
The best way for me to unravel myself is through WRITING & you are welcomed to join me on this Flashback Journey.
Not to brood over.. but to learn from!

If I manage to inspire someone, or prevent someone from making the same Mistakes I did. .. Mission Accomplished as a Writer ▪

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4 Responses to Life of a Freelancing Malaysian GP

  1. Aniz says:

    Hi I’d like to ask how do you renew your APC when you are freelancing.. A friend of mine is doin her aesthetic masters and freelancing so she doesn’t have one permanent place. How does she renew her APC?

    Thank you…

  2. hasif says:

    hi, im a freelancer as well. Just a year im my freelancing career. One of the clinic that im working plans to open a new clinic and asked me whether he can use my APC as PIC. How much can i expect to paid mothly for the use of my APC for PIC? thanks

    • drvolcanoe says:

      Hi Hasif. Sorry I am not sure if there are any clause regarding payment for using your APC for PIC. One thing I know though, you are responsible for the clinic if your APC is used, especially when it comes to DDA. Why not ask your question in facebook’s MPCN page where there are experienced abang-abang & kakak-kakak in Malaysian GPland (
      P.S: You need to be accepted as a member in the closed group though.

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