Flashback #6…and #7

Flashback #6

▪ 6. – I will be a government servant till I retire, hence pension scheme. I am too honest for the private world.

-He says: LOL! You will resign a little after your 4 years compulsory service! – I shocked alot of people, and even feel amazed at the series of decisions I took.
-It is all for a greater course/plan!


As I have already shared the story of how I was ‘instigated’ to give thought to this whole working-in-Australia plan in other earlier flashback posts…I shall SKIP THIS & move on to…

you wud not be content

Flashback #7

▪ 7. – I am a child of the world. . But I WILL Never leave my parents (&family), country & migrate!
– He made those very things my biggest push factors to embark on an overseas adventure.
– Our mid-point…one of the points in my bucket list is to ‘live in a 4 season country for at least one full year’.. and He is giving me at least 5!!!


I just ‘had it’ with the system (spoken about this in a past post too). I asked myself ONE Question, and the answer made me realize that if I achive my then DREAM of becoming a Paediatrician, I will still be busy and stressed up as my specialists were. Where is the work life balance?

That is what seemed appealing to me about Australia! Working 38 hours/week…sound too good to be true! You will never get that in Malaysia, what more if you are a doctor? Unless if you are a freelancer, and can STOP yourself from working more hours to earn more money :p


A chat with dad a few months before the idea was put forth in my path.
Dad: If someday in the future you get a chance to work elsewhere & migrate, leave! Not like there is anything much here. The country is going to the dogs.

I was still very innocent about the true happenings in my country’s political and economic arena in 2011! Only in the run up to 050513, were my eyes opened wide!

As such, dad’s statement :0 shocked me! Coming from the same person who was very reluctant to allow me to apply to East Malaysia for housemanship! Things change with time, eh :p
We all learn…

wings not branch


But that same statement from dad was also the first thing that came to my mind when my dear ‘instigator’ friend me suggested joining them for AMC & to work in Australia. That was why I was CERTAIN that I will get my parents’ blessings, ultimately…when I decided to pursue this pathway.

I started it all due to an opportunity, and used it to break the news of my plans to dad. Mom was initially thinking that I was joking about it. Especially when I used to repeatedly say: I want to runaway from home! :p
But when I resigned from KKM, set aside Paeds, and spent my life savings on the course and exams, they knew I meant business….and they were truly happy for me when I passed my exams, and proceeded to each next step.

choices reflect


End of Flashback #7

Lesson Learnt:
The system, my country & my parents may have been the very reasons that are my PUSH-Factors, BUT they are ALL the very Reasons why I took the plunge/leap of Faith…and am leaving today too!

As such, I THANK all of them! 😀

And I Thank God!


P.S : I am done with my latest updates & flashback series too! WOW! I consider this a Feat thousands of miles up in the air 😉 And I feel like a TRUE WRITER, with a mind that seeks Solace in WRITING!
endings awesome

FIVE (5) blog posts…oooops, SIX drafted high up in the air 😉 – wow’s the word!

THIS IS a reason for Celebration!
And I am going to do it by savouring my dinner, which is fast approaching me on the trolley now…
*Oh, Rumbling tummy of mine…have you already adjusted to Melbourne timing – blinks- *

Till I write again (my next post) from Melbourne, bubyeeeee…



 Disclaimer: I TOTALLY Believe in LIVING IN THE PRESENT. But these flashbacks are Essential for me at this point of time. 

Each of these are ‘soul searching’ walk down the memory lane which I have to embark on to lift the transparent veil clouding my heart and soul lately. .I suspect THIS is the real reason for my insomnia!
The best way for me to unravel myself is through WRITING & you are welcomed to join me on this Flashback Journey.
Not to brood over.. but to learn from!

If I manage to inspire someone, or prevent someone from making the same Mistakes I did. .. Mission Accomplished as a Writer ▪


-The END of my Intended ‘Flashback Series’-

25th August 2013 @ 1915H (Malaysian time) & 2115H (Melbourne time).

And my Final post drafted high up in the air! 😉

under construction

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