Independence Day…Not?

When I was just a little girl…this was ONE public holiday (perhaps after Deepavali) when I would excitedly WAKE UP Early, joyfully! And happily we would plop ourselves in front of the idiot box & watch the National Day parades on TV.

And then…I grew up!
The enthusiasm died off, slowly…but there were years I proudly flew the flag for an entire month, on my car.

And NOW, this year…I have started questioning are we truly Independent? And I have  decided to NOT celebrate this day, anymore! Not until we are truly independent…and fair (will I live to see that day? *wondering*)


What IS the meaning of Independence? says: “freedom from the control, influence, support, aid, or the like, of others.”

Tepuk dada tanya selera…are we truly in an INDEPENDENT state, to celebrate the day? Of course, there are no wars…but there are a lot of shootings all over the country lately. There are no penjajah controlling us, but ‘divide and rule’ exists still. And don’t even get me started on freedom of speech & fair and free reporting by press/media. And all these are just tip of the iceberg.


The day any form we fill up STOP asking for ‘Race’ – Melayu/Cina/India/Lain-lain…but just have 2 categories : Malaysians/ Non-Malaysians…that will be a step forward, towards fairness and true Independence.
I had this talk before, in Form 6…with a good friend, that forms in school must never racially segregate us. School should be the place to sow the seeds of Unity in every soul.

Yesterday, I went to open a bank account. There were no questions on Race – Now, this IS a developed nation. Will we truly reach this status in 7 years time – huh.

Things could have been worse…but being complacent & comparing ourselves with third world countries, will never take us any closer to becoming a first world nation.


31st August is justanotherday for me…The Magic is lost.
Enough said.

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