No Regrets…

Its been some time since my fingers did the talking…but generally, I feel I have become a quiet person lately. Wonder where did I leave that part of me that was fun, spontaneous, bubbly, trigger-free, etc etc…lost in the great Ocean?


Ya right! Perhaps there are just too many voices in my head.

And the voice that says, ‘Serves you right, L!” have made its way into it over and over again, recently.



Looking through some photos & realized the truth in the phrase “Love your work, but not your company – as you never know when your company will stop loving you”. How right I was in taking the ‘sudden leave’ post-Deepavali last year, and gladly being the driver for our family trip to Cameron Highlands – and it was a Cameron trip none like my previous ones, Unique indeed! 🙂 It was some time since all 5 of us got together for Deepavali…what more a family holiday.

Had I chosen to be back to work the day after Deepavali, as my then employer tried to squeeze off me…I would have lost out on precious memories of a good time. Nobody remembers ONE Day spent at work when you would have rather been elsewhere. But when it comes to holidays, now…those are precious memories! 🙂

No regrets at all…in fact, I am smiling looking through the photos 🙂
tension relaxation

And remembering that I am looooooooooong overdue for a Holiday! My one holiday per month resolution saw daylight for the first half of 2013…all thanx to freelancing! 😉


So for the very first time, I am going to be away from my family and home for Deepavali.
Although it is usually just a day of lazing around with the idiot box…munching on all the goodies (mostly homemade by parents) – some years to the point of driving myself sick…some fighting :p & perhaps catching up with some hometown friends…and a trip to visit my sweetheart in my favourite Sitti Vinayagar Temple on Deepavali morning is a MUST for me…


Damn, serves me right!


But oh well…I have Faith that I do make good decisions afterall. I hardly look back with Regrets…the one and only regret in my life remains ‘forgetting to swim’! *paiseh*

So, everything is for the best…I am glad I spent the day(s) last year as I did 🙂

And I hope not only today, but for the rest of my life…I will feel and say the same – No regrets.

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3 Responses to No Regrets…

  1. Chel says:

    Hi, I was very inspired after reading your blog and your journey towards a career in Australia. Your words are encouraging. I am about to do the AMC Part 2 and have been unsuccessfully searching for a job for the past year. Most of the websites I read are frankly quite demotivating regarding the job market in Australia but this is the first that has been positive! Please continue your writing efforts. I would like to hear more about the process you went through to secure a job there.

    • drvolcanoe says:

      Hi Chel,
      Sorry for the super late reply. The job market for IMGs are definitely very competitive. Hope you have secured a job!
      It is always sad when someone had to go back for failing to secure a job. But the real challenge begins once we are in the system. Nevertheless, let’s not give up.
      Cheers, mate!

    • drvolcanoe says:

      Hi Chel! It has been ages. Wonder if you are happily settled at a job here?

      I finally started writing on IMGs Road to Australia to answer the repeated questions I get. Doing it part by part though.

      Wondering if you would like to share any of your experience? If yes do let me know.

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