In Sickness we Appreciate Health

Well said, Gandhi-ji!image

Of late, myself & quite a number of people I know (besides my patients, I mean) have been falling sick!
I started the year in the midst of an irritating 3-week cough…which at one point was so bad that it could have choked me with all the talking I had to do. Hmmmph, some patient shared their bug with me for sure…or maybe it was more than one – which finally got me started religiously on my Vit C supplements.

The funny thing is when patients who come for their follow up, follows up on their doctor’s health – sweet.
Or when a doctor is still working while having to dish out medical certs to patients who are more well than themselves – frustrating.
The questions from patients along the line of : “You are sick? But YOU are the doctor.”
– God bless their ignorance that we are mere mortals who fall sick and die too. And mostly who aren’t living a much balanced life ourselves, leading to crashing immune system that makes us susceptible to catching the bugs from our (high risk) environment.


Health isn’t just the absence of physical illness.
On the contrary, it is about holistic wellness – Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual.

So the next time the doctor you see is unwell – please understand that it is a magnanimous task to be listening to all the complaints and trying out best to help you when we ourselves are under weather.
To all my super understanding patients, I am very grateful.

And personally when unwell, I prefer to stay far faraway from any negative entities…the Mind Body connection is very real! :p


You could say that over and over again, Gandhi-tataa!

27 days into the year, and I’m on sick leave already. Ishh…and less than a month from the last one – felt so angry with myself today. Beginning to feel that I don’t understand my own body 😦
Being under weather twice in a month, right in the beginning on a brand new year ain’t cool. Times like these, I get homesick & miss mommy…


Right now, I am Thanking God for returning my body to Good Health =D
And praying that everyone will be Well & Happy always, always!
For Good Health – *Cheers!*

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