Scapegoats? On Dengue outbreak…

Sad but True. Had a case of ‘disturbia’ last night watching a press statement from the Malaysian Health Minister! 

Seems like whether in a developed or a developing nation, the pool of doctors who are the first to be picked on by the politicians are…..*drum rolls – no prize for guessing this right though * GPs!!

Yup the first line gatekeeper…your family doctor that you see from any A-Z complaints. That probably 3 (or more) generation of your family has been seeing….we are the scapegoats.

Be it the recent Medicare issues in Australia or the more recent issue of 99% of private GPs in Malaysia being blamed by the health minister for failure to detect dengue at first presentation – even on Day 1 of illness!


Please use some critical thinking reading the article below.

Statistics shouldn’t be conjured from the air. Then, there’s no difference between us & the shamaans. Please be evidence based.

Does this mean if in the very first visit patients went to a KK, Hospital green zone, or even the mushrooming 1Malaysia clinics, they would have been diagnosed with dengue on Day 1 itself?
What I’m hearing from some of the GP brethren is that (minus the cost & availability factor of NS1 rapid test kit for early dengue detection), there have been cases of suspected dengues that were referred to hospital are being sent home. I am not blaming the hospital here, I believe they have their reasons for suspecting it to be unlikely dengue – but hey folks! Lets stop pointing fingers & work hand in hand to eradicate this problem…it is a mosquito borne disease – Aedes aegepti is the culprit. Lets eradicate them!!

I remember learning look at the legs – black&white stripes = Aedes!

Coming from a dengue endemic area, one of the so called black-zones for dengue, Manjung District & after years of managing dengue fever, and having the salient points hammered into my head – SIGH…

Care for some facts on Dengue? WHO – Dengue.


Prevention is better than cure. But instead of going all out for vector control & prevention for a disease without a vaccine or definitive treatment, blaming it on the private GPs pulak! Aduhaiii…
Mind-boggling isn’t it?


Yet we march on…being there to serve any patient of any age, gender, background – to answer any of your questions, from pre conception, and anywhere between your womb to tomb issues.

– Your ever faithful first line gatekeepers @ GPs –

P.S: Coming soon…a press statement from GPs in reply to this ‘accusation’

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