An Overheard Conversation : 30-and-single

Not even 1 minute after being seated in a restaurant for lunch today, overheard (an ongoing conversation) from the table behind us.

What a start to a lunch outing! Speak of Monday bluez… :0


3 people (2 men & 1 lady) who looked like they are in their 30s happily discussing on the topic of 30-and-single. Obviously none of them belong in that category.

One of the men especially, was sounding as if he was giving a speech at a conference. LOL. And his two companions, especially the lady piping is her affirmation and some personal experiences now & then.

That topic lasted a good 10 minutes, if not longer!


Sharing some overheard excerpts:
If you are 30 and unmarried or single, there is definitely something wrong with you!
Definitely…something wrong (God knows how many times he repeated that statement).
Very choosy…Commitment issues…Lifestyle…Responsibility.
By the time you are 30, you should be married.
Cycle of life.

Just like how when you are 7 years old you enter Standard 1 (my dear readers, by now it would be obvious to you that they are Malaysians! From the very beginning, their accent was a giveaway for me). You can’t say I’ll wait until I am 10 years old to enter Standard 1…if you do that, that’s definitely something wrong!
So if you are 30, you definitely have issues if you are still single.
One must do the right things at the right age.


By then, I couldn’t concentrate on my menu already!

I was laughing…unable to control myself *chuckles*.

I was impressed with the analogy given…yet was itching to butt into the conversation by asking if he is a qualified psychologist/relationship analyst, etc. How many subjects has he studied to come to this conclusion.
What is the age for settling down? Used to be early to late 20s in my parents time…late teens in my grandparents time…
So what is the ‘7 year old’ for this ‘standard 1’? :p
Who sets the ‘rights’ & ‘wrongs’?

Single-at-301Which, of course I didn’t!!


Later on in their conversation, it became evident to me that they were discussing about a friend of theirs who is in his 30s & single, and discussing about his status. Very opinionated indeed – rather than concern.
Pity that friend of theirs.

To quote my friend, ‘How unfortunate of that ‘friend’ to have friends like these who bitch about him behind his back.’


Note to self : What a judgemental world we life in…you can take a Malaysian out of the country, but their mentality – sighhhh. I give up…I totally give up.
I find Ozzies very vocal, but at least they aren’t judgemental in this manner (from my limited experience).


Savouring my finger licking good ginger mud-crab like a carefree ten year old…feeling like a sweet 16 year old…while reminding myself I am in my 30s & a Happy Girl and…Nothing is wrong with me! 😀

Well, every Second, we are aging anywayz…so, what! Age is in the mind…even when the body is failing and decaying a little as we age :p

P.S: This’ my 50th Post on this blog 😀
Happy Golden Jubilee to Mad Med Journey @!!

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