Describe Yourself ?

Smile…the curve that sets everything straight πŸ™‚

An ambivert…enjoy outdoor activities & socializing, as much as cuddling in with a good book/movie & a cuppa. I find solace in Nature – be it the greens, mountains or seaside.

Traditional (in values) yet modern (in outlook). Friends have labelled me as an ‘irritating optimist’. Opinionated, yet I can agree to disagree *peace*.

Passionate about my profession, yet striving to strike a balance with my other passions. I still dream of becoming a world traveller someday… What’s better than being a tourist? To be trigger free to capture the moments & pen (or literally type)-down the memories to last a lifetime. Over time, places & people change…but our experiences & memories – remain. Change…is the only constant in life. Why fear change? Prolly its the associated pain? Without pain there is no real growth.


Remember that the Beautiful Butterfly was once a Larvae cum Caterpillar that had to undergo extreme pressure through the process of Coccooning & emerge out of its Coccoon via Metamorphosis. Had the butterfly underestimated itself and its ability, or tried to skip the necessary pressure required, it would have never spread its colourful wings and share its short colorful live when the world – instead would have died a shameful slow & purposeless death.

To find ourselves, one needs to lose oneself first…the path of Service…am I prepared for that, fully? Then, why am I perturbed?

For now, in the midst of my second year of living in a new country – and finding my niche in my home away from home in Melbourne.

Life is too selfish a journey to be travelled alone. We only travel this way once, so striving to make the most out of this journey πŸ™‚

Live…Laugh…Love…the ‘el-Power’! πŸ˜‰

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