Watch your Words

image Anyone and everyone, unless you have been isolating yourself in some island with no other human contact, would have had moments when someone regaled you with tales of despair / survival / heroism etc etc. How the Listener responds can play a huge part in the Storyteller seeing themselves as a victim / victor! And the response can shape the Storyteller’s self talk…especially by being consistent from a tender age. Read on this article from Karen’s blog post. My favorite phrase from that article: ” I’m an indomitable spirit, a phoenix rising from the ashes. Nothing keeps me down!” *** Take a simple example. A child who had a fall and grazed his knees. If we go all “You poor darling…are you hurt? This looks soooo painful”, the child would wail louder and embrace his victim role more than ever. In contrary, if we just clean it & ‘kiss the pain away’ saying “You are such a brave little one”, not only will the child stop crying, but in between his sobs will start Believing ‘I am brave & strong. This doesn’t hurt so much afterall’. Miracle, isn’t it? 😀 The power of words… *** As health providers, while showing empathy to our patients, it is very important to practice good reflective listening regarding their issues and coping mechanism & make them use positive NLP themselves. Thoughts become Words than becomes Actions. Else they would be victimized and prisoners of their past events or chronic diseases, trapped by their own minds! How unfortunate that would be. As we all know, there is a strong mind body connection & no medications can cure us if we have a non believing mind. image Posted from WordPress for Android

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