Jump Street

While surfing Groupon,  it was interesting to see there is a 79, Jump Street. What an apt name! It came with the description “Not only does jumping reap many health benefits, its a tried and tested method of reaching for your dreams”.


That brings me back in time to exactly 2 weeks ago, this morning!

But Why does it feels like ages ago… Time flies when you are having fun…but once the good time are over, why does it seem so far far away!?



That was in Petaling Jaya, during my recent trip home. What a crazee morning it was…just landed from Medan, was picked up & whisked off to Jump Street…
We received formal tutorial session on safe jumping.

Jumped away for an hour, amidst failed dodgeball game & shooting basketball goals, I didn’t dare try the jumping off into the soft-bed, but all of us had our turn at the cubes section – that was niceeee 😀 I was busy snapping pix of talented cousins/siblings in between all those jumping too.

Fellowship of (part of) MP Clans

While waiting for the sudden downpour to stop…we took the opportunity to snap selfies & wefies and the good old style of getting some random stranger to snap group picture for us. Loved the very artistic backdrops they had there. And we had to record our own short movie on ‘jumping’ – back at square one 😉


And that was just the beginning of our project ‘KL-ai Sutti Parke Porom’ @ ‘Cuti-cuti KL’ 😀

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