Standing my Ground – Say NO to Bullies

In our professional life, we come across many a people…this narration is a reminder to always respect fellow colleagues, no matter senior or junior, and an example of what not to be!

So today, late morning, we morning doctors were told that a physiotherapist is sponsoring lunch for those on duty Else during those hours when I was chasing flies I would have gotten some takeaway.


And then finally it got a little busy past 1 pm.

In the midst of my consultation, I heard 1 knock on my door & the knocker opening my room door!

What’s wrong in this scenario?

One should never barge into a room after merely 1 knock! Even our boss will be waiting till we get the door, after knocking. That was quiet shocking to both my patient & me, unless if we were expecting someone.

I just went like “Sorry doctor, anything?”

Having worked in this clinic 1 year plus every Tuesday mornings 8am – 5pm, someone who has newly been rostered should have a bit more sense to check which room will they be using?

I went on to just realize this person has newly been rostered to work from 2-6pm on Tuesdays (for the records, we usually use the same consultation room, and 6 months ago havoc was created in my professional life thanks to this same ‘senior’ person who made a mountain out of molehill about another room issue – eversince then realizing that person is a double headed snake, pretentious as she went around badmouthing me but is all smiles to my face, I maintain my distance & limit my conversations to mere greetings – and she is a qualified FELLOW – GP). Let’s name this person X, to ease our storytelling.

Realizing X was staring at me (in anger) as I was using X’s room, but irritated that she barged into my consultation, I just went like “Are you working today, doctor? I’ve got patients” – looking at my patient.

Closing the door, X walked off.

Hardly 2 minutes later, received a call from receptionist. Why was I not surprised that X started harassing the receptionist. Now, what happened next is typical BULLY attitude.

Receptionist informed me that Dr. X wants to use the room, can I relocate to another room?
Me: I am with a patient now

Receptionist: Maybe after this patient, doctor?

I showed no pretension in camouflaging my anger. I showed no remorse in saying, there are 4 other empty rooms, and I have 2 more patients right after this patient. Since X has patients rostered soon, and I have been here since morning, please tell X not to be a bully. Just because someone is senior doesn’t mean they can bully others around.

And I deliberately took my own sweet time with all my patients realizing X was happily chit chatting in the pantry with 2 trainee receptionists, while she had a patient waiting. X gave me a dirty look when I walked pass the pantry to call my next patient. Not a courtesy of asking me that she wanted to use the room…but just trying to use ‘authority’ as a senior to ‘chase me away’.

As I found out later that evening from receptionist who called me to negotiate this room issue.

X walked back to reception from my consult room in anger.
X : I want my room.
Receptionist (R) : But she (me) is with a patient.
X : That isn’t my problem. Management/admin issues. You call her now and sort it out.
R : (while talking to me and negotiating)
X: (realizing I wasn’t gonna bow down to her demand) I don’t care. I am not going to use other rooms. You ask her to get out. 

I felt “wow!” – only 1 word came to mind at that time!!



After finishing my consult with those 3 patients, I noticed X finally started seeing her patients when there were more than 1 waiting patient.

X not only tried to chase me out of the room I was based in, but STOLE MY LUNCH! I will say it is my lunch as the sponsor specifically brought it for 3 of us on duty. Calming my anger, went for a walk with the other sweet senior doctor who is a mentor to us youngsters & had lunch out of clinic. At least some time away from all the drama…there goes our peaceful Tuesdays! The drama-queen is rostered to kill the little peace that we enjoy in this clinic *roll eyes*.


Thinking to myself, what kind of person would go around complaining about it, not realizing their own action wasn’t very commendable. Not even an apology for barging into my consult – but added the initial rudeness with a glare!
My thought: excuse me – left your manners at home, or merely don’t have any?

Yes, that disgusted me. And that made me tell myself, if anyone insists on chasing me away from the room I was already in for today, I was going to walk out of the clinic right away for the day too! And I was 101% ready to do that.

Fortunately X didn’t push me anymore, but must have complained to management. I wasn’t surprised at all that there was a message that from next Tuesday that room is for X, and I was to use another room *roll eyes*


I am not saying we shouldn’t respect people who are senior to us in age & position – on the contrary, I have been raised & have been instilled with that value. But at the same time, the value of self respect is also deeply ingrained into me. And I AM ANTI BULLYING.

So, I stood my ground today to make a point that I shall not be bullied – again & again!

And I am proud of myself. After all the drama X has created in my life…Grrrrrr. I didn’t have to chase myself away to make space for drama-Queen who barges her way through.

Is it unprofessional of me to blog this? Nope.

This is a reminded, no matter how senior, or how highly qualified one might be…never ever forget to respect another human being! A colleague – whether senior or junior to us. Arrogance, entitlement mentality & lack of common courtesy are all inappropriate behaviour which are unacceptable to any decent human being.

Had I been a pushover, I would have been allowing X to bully me today!

Even my receptionist who was dragged into the drama today was glad I didn’t budge, as even she said “That was so wrong”.


Here I am in a country which boasts about equality, but let me burst that bubble. Even as a professional migrant, racism is prevalent subtly (and occasionally more openly at my workplace) & we are being suppressed!
Anyone planning to migrate to Ozzieland for a better and more equal life, please remember that the grass might look greener on the other side, and may even be a little greener than yours – but Utopia doesn’t exist.


X stole my lunch, while trying to steal the room I was consulting in…how impressive for a full fledged specialist! Leaving me hungry & angry…

So after my lunch, neither hungry nor angry anymore (finally X started consulting in one of the many other vacant rooms) *smile of victory* while continuing to see more patients…this one patient made me day!


A lady in early 20s was walking out of my room, when she turned back and randomly said…“U have a very soothing personality; very nice & u know that” 🙂

This sweet lady made my day! Patients determine who is a good doctor at the end of the day, not bullies (be they senior colleagues, or management!)

God please bless me with Peace of Mind & Serenity as long as I work here…and beyond! Amen.

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