Hail Sweet November!

Completing my 32nd round around the Sun, and still counting…

Its been one helluva challenging year! As if living away from home (a rational willing decision that I’ve at times questioned but always ended up feeling “If not then, now definitely!”) isn’t tough enough…the neverending drama imposed by people in your (work) life – shabaaaa!!


The good news is I survived this round trip too (amidst a narrow escape that shook me up for a few months)…and tomorrow will be the Dawn of another new Round-Trip around the Sun for yours truly.

The not too good news is…I feel as if I’ve not achieved much since moving to Down Under.

Important exams pending and not cleared yet due to personal reasons…

THE Exam (I’ve finally settled my monkey-heart & indecisive mind on General Practice 3 years ago when decided my destiny lies in Australia) that if I remained in Malaysia I’d be appearing for end of 2016 (the conjoint exam under twining programme)…seems further than the stars for me now *sobsob*

I’m happy to see people I did Housemanship with obtaining their masters (the first batch it is..many more to come next year)….but I feel a pang…a hard slap on my cheecks at the same time – like “Where am I? What am I doing? ”

The rules are different here…experience assessment isn’t supported by letters from the most important party here – refused with excuses. I know my rights, mate! Dont BS with me
Personal Vendetta and biasness…that’s all I’ve faced since starting my career here…not forgetting backstabbing & tarnishing my image the year before! (Perhaps someday… I’ll write about that.)

I know. ..I know. ..I took the road less travelled (but I’m not alone on this path -Thank God for the fellow nomads on the same track), but what a price to pay. To feel Lost?!! But I’m not literally Lost, am I? Just a bit delayed…

Sometimes, feel so left behind in the career timeline.

But then again, They didn’t take the same turning as me ๐Ÿ™‚ Each to our own battles & wolves to fight…

My day will come…my light at the end of the tunnel is fast approaching. Yes! IT IS ๐Ÿ™‚


Been a year of…
-Missing brother’s & cousin’s ROM
-Realizing that somehow or other, God will return true friends who are meant to be in your life back where we belong : In each others’ stories.
-Losing my grandma…days like tomorrow, I feel her abscence…that she is no more, as I never fail to seek her blessings over the phone – if she doesn’t call me, I would. Now…she too is watching us from ‘up there’
-More experience in losing friendship (seems like I didn’t learn that lesson well enough in my 20s uh)…for all that it was I used to feel I should work on it..after all these years – but I’ve been the one trying to patch it up over the last 2 years & putting up with nonsense for old times sake. No friend who isn’t there in need is worthy of any amount of years I’ve known them – perhaps didn’t deserve my friendship in the first place of all! There is a limit for everything – Thankful for realizing people’s True colours & probably the best decision of my life to keep narcissistic hypocrites out of mine : Ignorance is Bliss!
– Getting “resit” for an exam that would have meant liberation! Failed to make the mark by ONE Station…im still kicking myself about it : Stuck
Or else I’d have had my genealogy registration last April ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
– Rescheduling the exam but postponed it to next year for personal reasons
– Hardly speak to anyone at work except friends : Trust is an expensive Gift
– Neverending backstabbing & drama Queens & drama Kings nauseate me !
…I keep it to Smile & Exchanging pleasantries with others (often I sense the fakeness in the other party or the ones that behaves like a wall-stone…I haven’t decided which is worse…actually I know; ) ).


Any wonder why I rethink my decision at times?
But the political nonsense back home and the way they handle the haze issue angers me a lot! Like to the point of if I was back in Malaysia…I will be erupting lava out! :@

I knew for sure…nope I made no mistake in choosing those road few years ago, when the door opened for me.
This is a land of opportunity…just that I’m currently in the wrong ‘cheese factory’… as such I’m a white-collared-coolie-mouse, overworked, underpaid, bullied!
But nope. .I didn’t sell my life to the Devil when I signed on the dotted lines few years ago.


Having 2 lovely people who are my friends diagnosed with SLE & Breast Cancer respectively..
Well, well, the good news is one of them finally conceived naturally after the lupus was detected and treated.
And the cancer is only at Stage 2…
Berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu memikul.
Though the journey is long and tough for them both…God is definitely with us!


On the bright side…
– I attended brother’s engagement & was a massive family reunion
– Attended one of my best friend’s wedding back in Malaysia too.
– Helped create beautiful flower arrangements for a wedding!
– During the shocking news of grandma’s demise….touched and overwhelmed by kindness of (some) colleagues.
– For overseas trip well it is a place I’ve been to already but not the exact spot…Lake Toba it was! : 1 spot off my bucket list ๐Ÿ™‚
– Some friends who have always stayed through thick and thin…in my day to day life in this dungeon-like place : I am Blessed!
– A roof over my head…Thank God the explosion in the microwave didn’t burn the house :p
– The car accident that didn’t harm me..that could have been so much worse! My car saved me…Tq Black Beauty!
– New friends made
– Existing friends here who became more dear…over time.
– Sister visited me for 2.5weeks…when I seized the opportunity to be a pseudo-tourist myself & visited so many places for the first time in Victoria ๐Ÿ™‚

– The romantic department is still non-existent in my life…but hey at least I made time for dating in my busy schedule & choatic life – I tried. . Far from falling in love with anyone still :p


As the curtain closes on my current trip…one great Lesson learnt : Faith.
Now (more than ever before) I Trust All is Perfectly aligned in His Good Time…so there’s no need to fear or worry! TIG.
Hakunamatata & Cest la Vie!

Learning to fall in Love with Life all over again! That’s my aim for my year ahead…

I started reading Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist yesterday…

True that!

As always I shall travel with Spring in my Steps…Optimism & Faith in my Heart…and the Serenity Prayer close to my heart…as a guide. .as a source of wisdom & strength.

I See the Light at the end of my tunnel : The Scorpion star hath definitely stated shining…and I am looking forward to an amazing 33 (double-three) ahead of me!
It shall be a brand new start…a second chance at Life in the Land Down Under.

33…WatchOut!! Here I Come….


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