Walking Group – Meetup

This post is about Recreation/Hobbies!


All work & no play not only makes Jake a dull boy, but all of us too :p


Been a sleeping-member of Meetup till this morning. I’m super glad I made the time for it instead of sleeping in after a hectic weekend of parties! 😉

Miss my hiking/trekking days in Malaysia, mostly during KL days with my friends, sis & her geng. Always wanted to do the same here, but no ‘geng’ thanks to our schedules – so, finally when I switched job, I requested for Saturdays off 😀

When sister was down visiting me in September, we did a bit of trekking – Grampians was awesome & enjoyed the Night-Ghost-Walk in Melbourne City too! But 1000 steps…I realize my stamina is failing – cam mana nak mendaki Kinabalu sehingga ke puncak, kalau cam ni – aduuiii.




Starting point of our walk

My very first meetup event was today, a Monday morning walk with 6 other walkers who are fellow members of the South-Eastern Moderate Walking Group. I was the youngest in the group – not surprising given it is a weekday morning.
The oldest…an artist in her 70s, if not 80s, I’m sure! Age is no limit, mate – it is the will 🙂

The first person I started chatting to said, “You look fit!” hehe…God knows when did I last exercise!

We had a good 1.5hour walk (on mostly flat grounds) & enjoyed watching the shimmering sea while sipping a cuppa. And after the group dispersed, I enjoyed an ice-cream while watching the waves and enjoying the caressing breeze, by the pier – awesomeness!


Lamington Flavour i-scream, anyone?!! Its new…

It was a lovely experience not only due to the lovely weather & trail…but all the gorgeous people – it was a pleasure meeting them all 🙂
Great start to a brand new week…
Hoping to join more walks in the future.

Great work, organizer!


Meetup is global. I heard about it from an acquaintance earlier this year.

If you have a particular interest, but no buddies to share it with…and wish to have activity partners, Meetup is the place to be!

What are the categories…anything and everything under the sun!

Just create an account, key in your location, your interests…and worry not that all your friends are too busy, or your schedules clash to do fun stuffs together – it is like going on a trip on your own.
The good thing is you get to meet a diverse group of people who share the same passion (or whatever common ground the group is for) with you 😀


Why wait for new year to start a healthy lifestyle, right? I believe in making daily resolutions…

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