Today, a guy wanted to hug me. When I didn’t respond in kind, instead he went like “I love you sooo much…” in front of his partner! 😀
He just cracked me up a few minutes before that – definitely a light touch to end the crazee busy day at work #allinadayzwork


So, here is the full story:

We were acutely short of doctors today due to unforeseen circumstances. I started a few hours earlier than the original schedule & was the only doctor in the last hour plus. Amidst the few who were truly testing my patience, the rest of the patients who had to wait between 30-50 minutes were amazingly patient & understanding of the situation _^_

I was like a headless chicken, trying to keep my head on my neck while trying to do my level best for each patient – some which unavoidably took longer than the allocated 10 minutes.

In my last half an hour of official time, in comes this guy with his girl, after the initial history taking and quick examination, I offered a compression bandage for his hand swelling – both were expressing their frustration about everyone else (from another clinic and imaging centre) who were all apparently not too helpful, even with a ‘fractured knuckle’ years ago.

At the end of the consultation, with the compression bandage in place, the patient was so happy. He was saying that feels snug and promised to rest his injured hand till we rule out fracture – all this in less than 10 minutes.

He was soooo appreciative, that he almost hugged me. I was indifferent to it – buat duh!
Instead I apologized again for the long wait earlier.
That’s when he went like: “You are the only one who seems to take me seriously, and do something to help me feel better – in such short time! You are a legend, doctor!”
I burst out laughing, literally LOL…

Me         : Well, we aim to help, as much as possible.
Patient: I love you sooooo much
I just laughingly wished them a good night, while furiously applying my ‘6-finger-typing-skill’ on my keyboard.

Feeling : Amused

He definitely made my day today!


On an unrelated note, last week one of my regular patients from the previous clinic I used to work at made my day!
The only reason she was willing to travel half an hour 2-4weekly to follow up for her work cover issues with me (and when needed even before the work cover issues cropped up) was because the senior doctor she used to see retired in December 2013!

She got a shock to hear I resigned! Lets call her X.
I know a few others who will be very sad, and might even shed a tear of sorrow to know I have left. A lot of patients who seem faithful, might not actually be (experience speaks). But my policy is to do the best for those who come to see me. No love lost if they do not return – learnt it the hard way.

Back to X…
So X apparently did the most logical thing –  She googled my name!! *amused*
And she told me that my name appeared firstly under my previous employer’s clinic website, and the second search result revealed my current!! I was impressed to learn through her that my current team have already added my name onto our clinic website within weeks – something that took months with the previous.
An interesting fact : Some of my ex colleagues have served 2 years & even left, and their names never went up onto the website till their last day there! *again, amused*


I hugged X!

Basically she just came to say Hi to me, and announce “I found you! ”



“As long as you are here, no matter how many hours away, I will come to see you! You have not only helped me a lot, but my son’s asthma too in the last 2 years! You know I don’t doctor-shop. It is your compassion and care. The other doctor I saw there the other day wanted to ‘wash hands’ and suggested I see the practice principal the next time (who won’t have time to get read about & know all my issues). She didn’t even show an effort to want to know details. ”

“I said it is okay, I will see my doctor when she is back from her break. Imagine when I kept asking  the receptionist when will you return so that I can book in advance…after much hesitation, one of them told me that You Resigned!”

“My heart stopped Dr! And I was just tearing”

Now now…I must mention X is a very strong women who even in the toughest moments might swear, but not tear!

As she was narrating her story, she shed tears of Joy…while profusely thanking me.

Unbeknowed to me, I started tearing too.


What a touching moment it was…

As I am admiring X’s lovely little gift package (which consists a special Hungarian chocolate), I am humbled and thankful for God’s grace that allows me to touch some lives – knowingly or unknowingly….

I am glad that in my darkest days, I still managed to carry out my duty as a healer and leave some footprints behind, even when I have physically left (in the context of resigning, not dying :p ).


When my practice manager rang me this morning to request me to commence earlier due to the unforeseen shortage of doctors, she was truly appreciative…

My friends are surprised I’m working so many days of long shifts in new clinic, when I used to complain about long hours in the old clinic (unpaid hours with no patients, basically a waste of time, and when questioned we were made to appear ‘lazy’!)
Now, now…though one is very busy, when one knows they are appreciated & being surrounded with positive people and an amazing team, it doesn’t seem like a chore – instead a pleasure!

P.S: An ex-friend has mentioned to me, “A dying man’s final wish is to be appreciated…” How true.

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