Have a Holly Jolly Christmas…


My Dear Readers,

Merry Christmas to you and your beloveds.
It is a public holiday (PH) in most part of the world…and I wish you a happy holiday & safe travel.

For those in Malaysia, the PH began yesterday (with Awal Muharram) & continues till Sunday. In Australia it is from today till the coming Monday. Yeayyy!

To those working, you are a blessing…keep up the good work.


It is great that my clinic is closed this 1 day in a year šŸ˜€ And shorter hours throughout the PH, with doctors rotating. Which gives me 2 out of these 4 days off!! *touched*

That’s a first since moving to Melbourne – to be off on PH when it isn’t my weekly day off ā˜†
Sounds like I do have a life afterall!


🎁 Glad I’ve received the best and most wanted gift 1 month plus before Christmas this year šŸ™‚
For now, There is nothing much I wish for other than the health & safety of family and friends…as well as the opportunity to do my level best for those around me too.
Thankful for all the external factors & internal factors that brought me this gift. 🎁


P.S : Santa is entering our airspace soon..time to sign off – Sweet Christmas dreams!


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