2015 in Reflection : What is The Price to Pay…?

Flight – Checked
Hotel – Checked
Tour – Checked
Airtrain – Checked
Airport parking – Checked
Things to do in the city (where I will be ushering in 2016) – Pending…

But as I am planning  my interstate trip for 2015/16, I am reminded of my state of mind during my last interstate trip in Australia – August/September 2014 to Sydney – Horrible! I will admit it, I was depressed and down in the dumps.
If not for some support network in the form of amazingly kind good people who I’m blessed to have as my friends, I wouldn’t have survived that storm. As that was when my ‘inner strength’, which is my strong point, completely eroded and became ashes…for a day at least – until I sought peace and balance at the banks of the Mornington Peninsular beaches – at least to stop feeling hopeless, and attain a zombie state!


Today, I feel it is a miracle to end up with 3 days off in a row (Saturday the 2nd Jan being my weekly day off) without me applying for leave : Amazed!
I am treated humanely….equally…without being bullied…although I am new! After 2 years all I ended up with in the old place is “I’m glad I am out of H” kinda feeling!


I am going to rant about the conman who hired us, to whom the only reason I am grateful for is ‘First Ozzie Job’ opportunity – the price which I paid for being….(I have no accurate word in my vocabulary)! Read on, and you will get my drift…I am definitely NOT Ungrateful!
There were ample times I was too kind not to show my middle finger to him and his management and walk off! 
I am going to rant about this once and for all at the end of this year 2015 – and flush them out of my life for good!


The only other thing I am grateful about the organization is I met a lot of lovely people, whom I am still friends with – some colleagues and staffs…who bothered to check on me (without hidden agenda or lurking behind my back), or I’m keeping in touch with ^ 

One week into working at my new clinic post Malaysian trip for my brother’s wedding, one Thursday night I was driving home from work…that’s when I got in touch with my feelings – and started REALIZING that I felt a ‘new, different feeling’! I was actually mindfully asking myself, what is this feeling? Feels abit strange…new…yet so soothing.

Guess what? Not the Joy of Freedom! BUT…

The moment I realized that I almost teared. Instead, I gave Thanks to God Almighty. I always knew he was testing us in the beginning of this new path so that someday we will look back, laugh at our naivety, be angry at our stupidity and those who exploited us, yet only Be Grateful that old life is wayyyy back in our past & that we have wonderful Bosses today…and just be Thankful for all that as having had a D of a boss made us explore our rights & stand up for ourself and our self-worth!

Coming to admit I sacrificed my peace of mind past 2 years – I only felt angry at myself for letting myself be used & abused for the 2 years!We are professionals man, for goodness’ sake!

That ain’t the reason why I came to work in a totally foreign, new country, where I have no family…to suffer!


When we came to Melbourne for the bridging course in 2012, having already had an informal interview in one of the hotels in KL where we had our DFM workshop in January 2012 and met the D….we honoured his invitation to visit the clinic – at that time there was only one. I remember vividly he was mentioning to all 3 of us that they are renovating the clinic – to make more rooms to accomodate us – or so he said.
(Funny fact #1 – hahaahahaaaa :
Until today, they broke a room, a wall and the renovation is yet to see any daylight in the dodgy looking building

– Canberra has started questioning why is the renovation not completed after 3 years of receiving the government grant).

August 2013 I moved here under employer sponsored visa. Commenced work on 1st October 2013. Felt so much of hostility from some important figures in the equation…who only started warming up to me after almost 1 year – just because she had to do the paperworks? God knows…but it wasn’t my problem if Mr. D asked the manager to do the migration agent’s job.


Our introducer received a cut from the AUD 60, 000 that D received from government for each new doctor he hired.  We received less that what our ‘unofficial agent’ received as relocation money…at least I received both visa & relocation money after 6 months (which was merely because D was afraid we might runaway like someone else did before us). Some fellow countrymen of mine who came few months later was denied one or the other while the clinic received the same amount for each of us, and our ‘agent’ got his cut per head.

We were promised a job for 5 years, but the catch was a AUD 300, 000 penalty if we breach the bond (which everyone told us is not a valid clause & doctors have left in the past without any of them being sued) – So, that is how we ended up selling our soul to the Devil!!!

To the credit of our introducer, he did teach us stuffs…I wont deny that I did learn alot. Grateful for that.. and more than enough gratitude expressed.
That doesn’t mean I was going to stand up with nonsentical treatment! The reason I moved out to live on my own…for Peace of Mind.
I did meet alot of lovely people through him…whom I am in touch with to date. It is always a pity when a friendship turns sour, but then, not everyone deserves to be our ‘Friend’ as the word carries alot of weightage to it 🙂 – especially not someone who admits that friendship is all about making use of each other, why else be friends with someone sick.
When I give up on friendship, its either because they were wolf in sheep’s disguise who backstabbed (in past) or because the have used up all my patience & compassion & giving another chance.


Well well…God definitely wanted us to meet all these people for a reason and put them in our path to bring us to Ozzieland I guess.

At Work:
I used to mind my own bussiness, say Hi and Smile to everyone – I was courteous; have tea and discussions when dragged into them, yet be the strongheaded impartial person that I am. There were 2 groups…the self appointed leader of each who tried to win over supporters – Office politics anyone? That is just the tip of the iceberg.


After the first 6 months of fixed pay (when it used to be 3 months for doctors who came just 6 months before me), we were started on % scheme – where we are on ABN & considered independent contractors. That is standard pay  scheme for Australian GPs. But the amount he was paying us…and that too for TWO (2) whole years – is SHOCKING! The bare minimum…but so much further from the average market rate.
(Funny Fact #2 : After taking such a huge % as service fee, Mr D couldn’t even provide each room with a BP set & was pestering us doctors to buy our own BP sets! roll eyes Of course I refused to – I am not walking in to clinic daily carrying a BP machine!
What next? Weighing scales? As they were always missing from the rooms too roll eyes)

Things kept happening every now and then….though unhappy, as we weren’t given a choice, we obliged to all the schedule changes – knowing all the promises were bull shit and empty. But, did we have a say? Pasrah je la…

There isn’t a month…a week…at times even a day Without Drama! There were too many drama-queens and drama-kings around. People with shocking personalities – some of whom are professionals!


Until 1 day:

There were allegations against the junior doctors from Malaysia that we were mismanaging patients! The 2 jobless ‘senior doctors’ are fellowship holders who hail from the land of my ancestors – and they only made me feel “Thank God my (great)grandparents left the blessed land, or I might have ended up like this as part of survival instinct!” :p

Disgusting! That’s the word I use to describe them.

What she did to me was purely due to jealousy!

But how Mr D responded when I courageously voiced out my concern that people were throwing allegations without giving feedback was ‘disarm and attack’. That D actually started attacking me…on my personality and that those allegations were about me, not everyone. And that I was disrespectful to those senior doctors apparently. ME!
Lol…those who know me will know I will give due respect to people…especially given their age, and seniority – especially at workfront. The friend who was with me was dumbfounded & felt sorry for me.

Of course, whoever speaks up the bad-guy isn’t it.


That didn’t end there. When I went for my 1st year work performance review in August 2014 , I was striped off my integrity – ‘raped’ (for lack of a better word)!

From head to toe…from the time I joined to that point of time…without ever being given on the spot feedback (except for my powerpoint presentation – which was mere biasness), suddenly that day I was being bombarded by one after another accusation and condemnation. I was told off for trying to defend myself, especially as I mentioned it was unfair to not even ask for my version of the story but be judged merely by allegations of some party (who are the mega troublemakers!!)  He felt challenged by my strong personality…most likely threathened even. But I left the room feeling worse than a piece of a shit. For the first time in my life, that day I considered smashing my car somewhere while on the way back from city…and that night, I was crying inconsolably at home and was contemplating different ways of killing myself.
The first and the last time I had those horrendous thoughts!

But then before going to bed, I started asking myself..Why should I kill myself because of some idiots?
Poor mom of mine….that is the thought that stopped me short of doing anything insane…


I wish this was the reason I didn’t leave back then…but the bitter truth is I was afraid of financial repercussions – which now I know for sure if BullShit! If only I had enough guts to respect myself and walk off…only regret, but then everything happens for a reason!

I always look back at that part of me with anger – not for feeling suicidal, but for Staying On for more than a year after the humiliating session! I should have said F-orf and walked out with my head held high. (Funny fact #3 : That is what I did in my own style on 23rd November 2015! D was begging me for 1.5 hours – and I finally told him off highlighting all the bullshit he and his management does, just because he was pestering me for the reason behind my sudden decision.
Countless Apologies…and Praises! (The boat hath passed, mate! There is no turning back for me.)
Apparently all is good except for my presentation, it seems LOL he won’t give me credits for half of which he slept through, while there were people who’s presentation more than one year later was just of same quality without any datas at all (at least I had some) were praised for their good job!
Now, guess what…I am an excellent doctor…one of his best, model junior doctor that he asks new doctors to emulate me apparently! (He admitted to colleagues who recently tendered their resignation letters that he didn’t treat me right! Ooohhh..if only I have that recorded! )
He claims he stood up for me when some people tried to frame me again with some allegations recently, apparently it wasn’t brought to my attention because Mr D read my notes and realized I was right. And he described me as a ‘strong kinda personality’ & ‘religious’ {Technically, this should be Funny Fact # 4!)


To add salt to injury were a series of events that happened that left me wanting to isolate myself from everyone, but me being me…I just started becoming moving on with life while still being the planner that I was for organizing social outings. While battling the battle within…
But at work, I spoke to hardly nobody. People who came knocking at my door – I entertained. But you will never see me knocking on anyone’s door at that point, for the entire year, at least!
I was a recluse…

That was when my pre-planned Sydney trip came up…it was a soul-healing trip…rediscovering me, my passion for travelling 🙂


This year, first 3 months I tried to immerse myself into studies – which I flunked by 1 station, qualifying for a retest! With the preparation I had, It is a Miracle that I scored what I did. But honestly speaking, it was one stupid mistake that cost me that 1 last mark! Sigh…well well, God wants me to Study Harder…and become a better Australian GP holding General Registration I guess.

Then the trips back to Malaysia, and realizing I haven’t travelled overseas other than these two countries in the last 2 years, I made a conscious decision to visit Lake Toba during the first trip! One International Holiday to mark 2015 YeayyyYYY!

Speak of distraction techniques…


Following that, I was just kinda in a limbo…the amount of times I used to mention I am going to update my resume and look for a job!
It was more when they started to force night house-calls on us! My queries on safety measures were laughed at, and given bullshit irrelevant answers. Of course those who wanted to be politically correct sealed their mouths in the meetings, but behind the scene…OMG – you must just see those hypocrites!

Finally that was dropped off, first exempting ladies…and then latter even the guys.
Funny Fact #5: It was all to safe AUD 4K per annum from being paid to medical deputizing service! What is that money to an organization, versus putting your doctors at risk – the amount of drug-seeking patients that D entertain…shake heads – and he claims it is safe as they are only our clinic’s patients roll eyes


And then the Medicare repayment issue…all 10-11 of us junior doctors were made to bill wrong (unknown to us, as we trusted management’s instruction) item codes (which entitled us to more money) for a period of between 6 – 10 months in 2014! This was exposed during a medicare audit after which all of us were encouraged to make voluntary acknowlegdement of the wrong biling.

How dodgy can dodgy be?

The biggest mistake I/we made was not seeking legal advice at that point of time. As my lawyer mentioned, we could have made D pay the 100% of the sum! Sigh…too late. But better late than never. Hopefully they repay my pending rebatched amount, as how honestly they have been cashing in my outstanding pay the last month! 😀

Yup! They still owe me a lump sum, of the correct amount that should have been billed during that time period in 2014!


So, first it was a management that is partial to certain doctors…who don’t care about their safety…and to add icing to the shit-cake, they can’t be trusted! My reasons to leave were piling up…

Yet, I haven’t updated my resume nor start job-hunting…

My second year work performance review came…nothing like what it was, but this time even when I submitted the form, I was lectured on how to be a good doctor.
Funny Fact #6 : A good doctor is defined as someone who’s list is full!
The amount of politicking and biasness that went into patient allocation in both clinics shake heads– not mentioning the fear factor instilled by some bullies into receptionists hearts!

I did stand up and spoke back saying, “Yes, I am a bad doctor, that is why patients are willing to travel between Hampton Park & Rowville just because they want to stick to me as their regular GP!”
He was taken aback, and started retracting his statement saying he didn’t say I was a bad doctor roll eyes.

My request for pay review was denied.

My request for supporting letter for RACGP assessment too was denied – with a ridiculous pre-requisite to bring all the Malaysian employers letters. Dude, that is for RACGP, not your eyes!! Grrrrr….

And he banged me down while refusing to update me to Level 4 supervision and basically picking on my logbook which isn’t even a requirement in the first place!
I stood my ground – by refusing to waste my time updating the logbook – and he complained about me to the introducer who doesn’t even speak to me since early this year, that I should have at least lied to make him happy (And risk him marking me down for not complying with my promise?)

Funny Fact #7 : One fine day D intercepted me when I was busily in between patients, dragged me into his room to ask me to give a list of all/annual leave I have taken (for which by the way we aren’t paid for) as he needs to add that on to my 2 years to make it truly 2 years of work experience before he can increase my pay %.

Note to self : I am not a beggar…my parents raised me to live with dignity – so shall never negotiate or ask about the payrise again as by then I knew I AM definitely LEAVING!

But, when I gave my resignation letter, he was willing to go up yet another rung though I never asked for it! LOL


And then came Monday the 27th July 2015!
That fateful day made me act on my wish to leave – in fact it made me realize not even 1 more day will go by being contented working for a heartless D like him!

My car accident – my Black Beauty was partly smashed by a lorry from the back – which if he didn’t swerve my car could have been a write-off, and which if he hit a bit further in front my have set my car up in flames!
That accident was caused by another arrogant lorry driver cutting into my lane, due to his rush – MORON!

While still in shock and shaking head-to-toe a few hours later (safely home), while arranging for people to cover me for the next morning’s shift – I have already called in for Emergency Leave for Monday itself. When I informed to the operations manager who was on duty (as practice manager was off duty for that day) regarding Tuesday’s arrangement, he wanted me to inform the Professor (Mr D) myself!
Fast Fact #8: The usage of professorship by D is like the 1001 Datuks in Malaysia if you ask me :p

After informing that I was involved in an accident, and besides neckache, I was physically okay…this is the conversation that ensued.
D  : Where are you now?
Me: Home
D  : Home means?
Me : rattling my street’s name
D : That isn’t far…I tell you what, we are very busy today and short of doctors…even  tomorrow the new clinic (where I was rostered to work) has only 1 doctor (whom I got to replace me) as the other doctor is on leave unfortunately. You can take cab and work few hours today, it isn’t far. Even for new clinic tomorrow, take a cab – clinic will reimburse you!
(Bloody hell…everything is for money to you – it isn’t about cab fee you idiot! It is about me having to settle my car matters during office hour! Did anyone care a damn when leaving me to be the only doctor on duty for the morning shift initially!!?)
Me : Dr D!!! As I am speaking to you I am still shaking head to toe….3 hours post MVA! I am physically fine…not mentally! I am not working today nor tomorrow!
D : Ohhh…ok ok…When will you be back to work?
Me : I am not lazy. I have a situation. I am shaken & need to settle things. I will be back for my Wednesday shift as usual.

Everyone who knows this story expresses utter disgust at his lack compassion, and a doctor too at that! Well well, when he pushed around a colleague who has SLE (and later on pregnant) & didn’t give a damn about a receptionist who was diagnosed with breast cancer and undergoing treatments…why would he bother about a near miss accident! I was still alive, nah…So, Why can’t I work? Lazy me!! How dare I…
For the records, both of them are Malaysians as well.

For all the sweet friends who were there, especially the two who insisted and dropped by to visit me after your work – and to pick up and return my car…and still came for rides in my car when I was being drama-queen by saying I will never fetch anyone again, as I can’t bear the guilt if someone was in the backseat and could have been injured in that accident!

Funny fact # 9 : I used to love driving to the city for wanting to have long drive, if nothing else! Now, I would rather take the train and spent time waiting, and risk service interruption…rather than drive into city during rush hours especially.
I used to drive anytime of the day…anywhere in Malaysia, even alone at times when I am confident of the road – but driving on the freeway or even on any road with a lorry in close proximity to me made me anxious and tearful for a few months! Now, I am okay…but a lot of things seriously scare me on the road, even things that never used to before! The horribly big trailers here I have always had a phobia for…and I am continuing to conquer them!


Everyone needs a push for every major decision made in our lives! For me…that accident where I could have been killed (as D said I should have told him to describe the severity of it, after asking for the full story 2 months later – what a compassionate boss!) was my Catalyst for Action.

That Tuesday & Wednesday, I sent out 15 emails with my resume…received 8 replied…4 affirmatives with invitation for interviews – all which I honoured…2 offer letters…and 1 job that I finally signed up for! Once bitten twice shy…I followed my instinct, and did clarify a few potential scenarios (especially ethical issues) with my boss-to-be back then, who is my current employer! Thankfully, she has been keeping her word…she was hiring me, and others because there is a need!



Every day since then, not even one day have I regretted my almost-secret move of planning my departure! The dramas that were unfolding day by day only got from bad to worse, like a teleserial…neverending story of the same plot being recycled!

Seriously the daily happenings at my ex-clinics could be made into bestseller novels or teleserials, just because they were that dramafied! LOL

And did I mention about the excessive number of doctors being hired, in the name of an upcoming 3rd clinic, but all made to over-saturate the existing clinics, and vie for the already inapproriate Doctor:Patient ratio!

And my first week in new clinic, I had 1 fellow & 1 registrar thanking me for joining the team to help out after hours as they were getting crazy busy! I can never imagine that kinda dialoges being genuinely uttered in the ex-place of practice!


On one of the days, I mentioned to one of my good friends come colleague “If I am still here next year, things should have changed, or I should be happy with my situation. If I am still here, and unhappy this year next time…please slap me tight, my dear”
I escaped that tight slap!


And then I had sister and her friend visiting Mid September. Having my sister over for 18 days really made a difference to my state of mind! To have something/ someone else to channel my focus on other than work and the issues…

Then I saw my lawyer, something which somehow I kept putting off…but finally cashed in on my free 1 hour consultation! And like a hero, I signed the new clinic’s agreement and went ahead with all paperworks, fully aware of my rights – and with my lawyers words echoing in my mind, about what an unscrupulous person D is…very notorious and well known to my lawyer.
Funny fact #10 : I became an AMA member after my first year performance review, saying if it happens again, I am going to sue him for defamation – so I better arm myself with some professional support network. I am not suing him now,  but finally the reason I became an AMA member for was fulfilled.


The people who have tried contacting me with supportive words – among the common theme being how happy they were that I have moved on, though will miss me…how courageous it was..it is the company’s loss…and that I deserve better!

And the joke that it is on the other hand where some people actually go like, “Why leave?”

Seriously my only answer to that (if I were to answer would be) : “Why Not? I Deserve Better. Period”


Same goes to so many other colleagues & receptionists….the rotten treatment accorded to some is just evil – salute those who dare stand up, fight for their rights or walk off.. as we are deserve better!
A boss who doesn’t know how to take care of or treat dedicated employees, instead punish them. ..doesn’t deserve them.

I deferred two exams at the end of this year – as I decided my focus for 2015 is to jump ship – indeed with style I did it!

But I have never and will never forget the good kind things even the unkindest people there have done for me. Will always treasure that, and the part of them that did it – for that, I have showed my gratitude to all, via my Secret Santa! 😀

Back to answering the question that formed the title of this post…
What is the Price to Pay for…. :
1. Peace of Mind/ Serenity
2. Integrity/ Self – Respect
One word -PRICELESS!

I didn’t spend my life saving in Malaysia for a lifetime of suffering and unhappiness.


P.S: Final Funny Fact – which is in fact a sad fact – Mr D is a fellow Malaysian who migrated here for undergraduate studies about 30 years ago. What he is doing is merely exploitation & divide and rule – exactly like how the British brought Chinese & Indians to Tanah Melayu by promising gardens of roses…instead, used and abused them for their selfish purposes, and didn’t let them flourish by tramping on them.

Between me and 2 of my closest friends here, we have stopped 3 (+2) people from being sucked into this dungeon over the past 1.5 years -while someone else was trying to get more Malaysians victimized, even after knowing how badly we were treated!!
Thank God that they were saved!


NOW, with this rant & only 2 days left of this memorable and eventful year 2015 that is a Happy Ending, with me regaining my Peace of Mind & Freedom…I FLUSH D & co (the great pretenders and mega con men) out of my system!
If God wants to, he will allow me to watch Karma biting those people with what they deserve – Amen.
flushing away all the shit overflowing from my toilet bowl – and scrubbing with duckie-detergen and toilet brush All Done & Dusted! Ahhhh….how clean my toilet is Now – FLUSHHHHHHHH!

Wow….2015 feels sooooo CLEAN Now 😀 Priceless, indeed!

Edited on 7th June 2016:
Following a recent post, some people have wondered if I’m akin to a jilted lover that is bad-mouthing my ex. LOL. Those who know me wouldn’t even ask if what I said was true? 
For these people, I have only one question : Would you listen to someone who has been there and done that, or trust a middleman who posted an advert with the good intention to help out without knowing anything about the organization, or someone who still works there and ‘sold’ own friends for money, and definitely wouldn’t hesitate to do the same to strangers – for money (definitely the root of all evils)!

If I had issues with patients, I wouldn’t have them hunting me down, to follow up with me at my new practice.

And months after being liberated, I do not wish to relive those memories again — especially as I promised myself end of 2015 to let sleeping dogs lie.
Past few months, I had to chase the practice manager for the medicare money they owe me, in 5 digit-figures, which still hasn’t seen daylight! 7 months to reclaim! Passing the blame around for their inefficiency! So not cool…

Just quoting a few incidents that happened to fellow Malaysians who worked there.

  1. A doctor was diagnoses with Lupus for the very first time, with bad flare. It was physically & mentally taxing, and she went on 2 months’ sick leave.
    Upon returning, she was pushed to 1 clinic (the less busy one, B), while her existing slots in the busier clinic, A was given away to new doctors. Reason being she has lost all her patients. How then did her regular patients from A hunt her down to B just to follow up with her when they heard she is back to work at B?
    In fact now that the doctor is working in a suburb at the other end of Victoria, there have been patients who went there looking for her.

  2. It was one year ago, one of the medical receptionists there was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer. Not even one call or message, what more flowers or chocolates from the boss or management! Not even a “How are you?” to check if she was alive and kicking.
    Instead, they conveniently tried to make her sign a letter saying she resigned on the date her chemo started. Even her treating specialists were shocked at the treatment a medical centre accorded her – so insensitive, lack of empathy, and simply put, inhumane! How can you claims someone resigned when she actually was on sick leave for chemotherapy!
    Some staffs who were more of friends did personally offer moral support to her, and still are….but the management – epic fail!

  3. And oh I haven’t mentioned the fellow from Malaysia who was a clinic owner back home who was severely underpaid on the pretext of secure monthly pay and bullied and picked on my the same  so called experienced Australian fellows (not local in origin) who picked on me and my colleague.
    So it isn’t only doctors with fellowship who are ill-treated, but it was regardless of yout age or qualification.


Compare with my current employer where:
1. My boss made me a mug of honey-lemon-ginger tea and stood at my door holding it, when she noticed I was walking around with a mask due to bad cough & cold. She lovingly made the same remedy to some other colleagues who were unwell too in that week!
2. Clinic management celebrates every birthday, without fear or favour.
(one of the senior fellows from the old place was upset last year they have never remembered nor celebrated her in all the years, while so many are – usually by friends and occasionally by management)
3. A baby hamper was put together from individual contributions, for a colleague before she recently went away on maternity leave.
4. My boss left a congratulatory card & a bouquet of flowers on my table when I informed her I passed my clinical exams, as she was unable to see me in person on that day.

These aren’t expectations, but basic niceties of treating employees well so they feel valued/appreciated.


One might wonder if only Malaysians were ill-treated at the old place?
Mostly. Yes.
Why? Favouritism. The anti-Malaysian practice manager influenced boss greatly. She who has no respect for doctors. With the false impression that boss favours Malaysians, she was against us. The truth is we were marginalized by boss as taken to be non-resisting doctors who are easily manipulated & also by the practice manager. It was a lose-lose situation.

While the person who recruited us turned a deaf ear to our issues.
Fending for ourself put us in a bad light, as complainers, who don’t know how to appreciate. We were marked down, and verbally insulted during work performance review.
When those from other background complain, they are most entertained, especially if they were in the practice manager’s favourite list. Or the boss’ favourite (aka top earner).

Don’t even get me started on their pay scale! The lowest starting pay I’ve heard of in any GP practice in Australia. People were actually shocked to hear of starting fixed pay or the starting % scale (GPs in Australia are considered contractors & go on % basis).
And leave applications/allocations…LOL. Someone might be away for a month without any question, and for others taking 1 day of the weekend off will come under scrutiny and be judged as ‘someone who takes a lot of leave’ (facts aside).


In summary, I do not need to even bother about anyone, as I have saved my arse. But coming across the information that more Malaysians are being recruited by the unscrupulous practice made by bile rise & I just had to do my part – a moral obligation, I say. Berani kerana benar.

I do not wish to speak about that place or its dirty politics anymore, and shall not entertain any emails/messages on it henceforth. If you are a risk taker, doubt my story and want to venture on…by all means, please do! I will be laughing at the foolish ones who were warned, yet jumped from pot (assuming those leaving are seeking greener pasture, and find current environment less than ideal) into fire.

‘Nuff said. kthanksbye.

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