As the curtain draws upon 2015…

2015 oh 2015…Definitely a year in which I have:
i. Read the most number of books in a year since I left home in 2001!
Onto these two now 😀


ii. Taken the most number of flights in a year in my entire life so far
(9 – including the one I’m about to board in a while)…and to think that before 2007 I’ve always wanted to fly so much!


Not that I’m complaining at all!
On boxing day I got to know I’ve got 3days off from today – New Year’s Eve. After some contemplation I decided to spend my new years eve & day closer to the Equator…Oh My Khatulistiwa!


Before the next nights sleep (assuming that will be after the fireworks), I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you who have shared this wonderful year 2015 with me – be it in person or virtually!
Yes You!
You, who are reading this from my Facebook link or…
You, to whom I’ve whatsapp this link to 🙂


Let’s make it an awesome one ahead guys and girls!


2015 on New Year’s Day I explored a place locally…a road trip with a friend – boy, how I love taking my baby on long loooong drives.

And Tomorrow…the first day of 2016 I’m going to join a tour organized by Bushwackers…I’m going to be bushwalking with strangers…surrounded by Nature…lush greeneries…waterfall & a picnic lunch…natural rock formations…ahhhh Bliss!
Blessed to be starting the year with a healthy activity…especially those that I love to bits! *excited*


I can’t recall when I stopped making new year Resolutions…instead I make them on the go. Promises to self…

Well well…I thought this year I’ll have to sacrifice the promise to self made in 2013 to make 1 interstate trip per year but Nope! Yabadabadooooo….I’m keeping that old promise and being good by keeping it on the very last day of this year (plus the first day of next year) *tears of joy*



The one ongoing promise to self/resolution is to :
– Live Life to the Fullest
– Follow my Heart
– Be True to Self & Others
– Aim to be a Better Person each day as time ticks away….
– Life is a Celebration…Live It well & celebrate each milestone!


Tick Tock, Tick Tock…
In about 18 hours time New Year Celebrations will commence in parts all around the World…as we commence another journey around the Biggest Star in Milky Way, may Human Race find Peace in their Hearts & Truly learn to love one another as brethrens….we desperately need to leave a better world to our children. Let’s do our part as per our capacity…in whichever little way possible.


So…I might not be sending Happy New Year messages as the clock strikes 12midnight as I’m confused if I should follow the time in my homeland, where I live or where I’ll physically be. As such I’m sure I’ll be sending out my mass HNY messages after my affair with nature and my short holiday/escapede! 😀
Tsk..that’s just an excuse.
Want to know the chronological order in which cities around the world enters into the new year?

As such….I would like to wish all of you and your families a Fantabulous 2016 ahead! XoXo


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