Disappointed & Unimpressed – Say NO To WOTIF

YUP! This is a BOYCOTTING POST! Who am I boycotting and ranting about?
A booking website for travelers – WOTIF!

I admit the email I crafted is a bit emotionally charged – on purpose. I am not even angry anymore – too tired for any more negativity in life. While typing the email, all I felt was DISGUST, Not Anger! :/
For the people who spoilt the first morning of my year 2016 – trust me, I am being way too kind with my language! If it was some others, especially locals, I bet some flowery language would be flying!

And to make matters worse…their email address is dysfunctional – Oh My God!!! *roll eyes*


“Dear Admin,

It is with great disappointment that I bring this matter to your attention.

About 1 week ago, I booked the below attached trip on your wotif website. I received an immediate pop-up (which I was unable to printout) mentioning the trip is confirmed and I do not need to contact the merchant for further confirmation. It also advised me to just print the itinerary and bring along with me.

Imagine to my horror, on new year’s day, 01/01/2016, my year had a very ugly start & my holiday in Brisbane spoilt thanks to your company, Wotif. I was deeply agrieved that there was no such trip available on the 1st January, in fact as the person manning Bushwacker/Sunrover tour was kind enough to inform me that they run NO tours on that day, and offerred me to change the booking to another date. Unfortunately as a visitor on 2&1/2-day- holiday, I was at no privilege to reschedule my SpringBrook National Park, Brisbane tour.

I would like you to give me a FULL REFUND asap.

Following are my issues:
1. Your company was irresponsible enough to mislead me by CONFIRMING a tour voucher on a day the tour doesn’t run.

2. Your customer service officer was downright unhelpful – from saying they can’t locate my mobile number in the system and when they finally did, not even a word of apology!
The same officer kept claiming that WOTIF is NOT responsible for this booking, unless if it was a booking for hotel or hire-car.
Really? Then WHY offer tour bookings then?

As you can clearly see in the booking slip below, CONFIRMED is spelt with all capital letters by your own company, and the valid date mentioned as 1st January 2016!
To add salt to injury, when I log in to your website now, this tour is marked as This reservation is complete. We hope you had a great trip.”
If anything, no thanks to your 1 whole day of my planned trip was ruined! I would have booked for another package if I had known there was no such tour on new year’s day – as my plan was to spend new year surrounded by nature!

3. Not only were my excitement for an exciting day at the national park surrounded by nature dashed, but upon checking the BushWacker’s official website later on, I realized I have been overcharged by $10 for the tour, with such poor service! The exact tour by Sunrover only comes to $129 (all inclusive).

Dear Wotif, Travellers book trips online ahead of time to make better use of their time at the holiday spot, and seize good deals. Kindly refrain from providing any service that you can’t give assurance, and due after sales service for.

To the helpful customer service officer at Bushwacker/Sunrover tour, thank you for your help. Hope you will reconsider your partnership with this company, who’s customer service claims they aren’t responsible for after sales matter, in fact that they bear no responsibility for the trip itself.
We (your company and travellers) deserve better – I would hate to have any other travellers be disappointed like I was.I have lost faith in your company, Wotif. So have my friends, who are all equally horrified at your service.
It would be good for you to mention on your website (for applicable bookings) that you you are charging additional fee in your bookings, or what the additional fee encompasses.Do refund me asap, or I will have to pursue this matter further.Disappointed Inter-state Traveller,


I had to rant on their FEEDBACK site, as I received a mailerdemon failure delivery message. Guess what the reply is?

“Thank you for your feedback.


Thank you for taking the time to submit your feedback. We appreciate your help and look into each report we receive.

While we cannot guarantee a response, we can assure you that the report will be read and investigated.”

How irresponsible, and user UNfriendly!

We always think e-bookings saves us some moolah. Well well…this experience makes me think twice about reliability of some companies operating internet booking!

You might ask me, “L, if you come across a super good offer by wotif in the future, won’t you book?”My answer would be “NO!”This is a matter of principle. Once bitten, twice shy.


In 2007, I was insulted by the Big MOVEN’S PEAK in Ipoh (Yes, the one with Aquarium & Buffets) for ‘stealing’ buffet food from my friends’ plates, while I ordered ala-carte myself. MY letter and email was unanswered by management. I was too kind to not have pursued the matter further. I boycotted them – I have been to the small Moven Peak, but never the big one, except once for an O&G Department meet, as I didn’t have a choice there.

When it is a matter of Principle, I stand for it with all my life – as if one doesn’t stand for something as simple as a matter of Integrity, one will fall for anything – What if Life without Principles!


P.S: I did end up enjoying my New Year’s day afterall, and didn’t start a fight/war on that day because I chose not to – -but that doesn’t excuse Wotif at all!

Wish Me Luck!

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