1st Day of February 2016…

A day when I was coming to terms with how fast time flies and just like that January has whisked past when I’m still making errors of writing the date as 2015!!
So much has happened in this one month compared to some years…hmm


Some interesting events at work today:

#1. A patient (2nd visit) who previously claimed has seen me on the corridors of where I used to work & seen my name on that board asked me Why did I leave the old place.
I just smiled.
He tried guessing “Better pay here?”
I just said “nahhh…”
His next guess hit the bull’s eye…”Management issues? ”

Well..well…I guess it is Universal eh :p


#2. A pair of twins (fraternal…a boy and a girl) whom I saw for the first ever time today surprised me with tight hugs at the end of the consult.
Awwww…very touched.
How I miss kids…but GP world gives us a fair share of it.


#3. My last patient : Although I didn’t give them the referral that they came for today, after much history taking and explained management plan, they actually walked out appreciatively saying “You have been of great help, doctor”.



Nice start to this February 🙂

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