Leap Day it is…29th February

Here I am occasionally still writing 2015 and we are already on the last day of February! And this is a special one too being a Leap Year.
Magic Monday? 😉
Today marks the end of 1/6th of 2016…officially the last day of Summer Down Under (dan kawasan-kawasan yang semusim dengannya).

So my wishes to everyone!!


We are alive to live another leap day & leap year…isn’t that enough reason to be grateful?


It was just last Monday that I truly Realized there’s a 29th this year…blurr me.

I was constantly keeping that in mind especially today. You see…so much so that I gave a patient a medical certificate for the next 2 days being ‘from 29th Feb 2016 to 30th Feb 2016’!

Fortunately I noticed it within minutes, though the patient has left. Mistake rectified.

Okay…let’s stop laughing at my Genius-ness in creating a date that doesn’t exist and turn our attention to Some Fun Facts about Leap Day.

Interesting, nah?


The last time we had a leap year, I marked it with something memorable. That was officially my last day as a Paeds MO, a KKM staff, a Government Servant…and looking back, it was the only resignation letter that I handed in with a truly heavy heart.

I knew I had to do it to pave my way into joining GP system here. And I still miss Paeds…though I doubt I was a perfect fit for that mould.

29th Feb 2012 will always be one nostalgic leap day for me. The day I officially resigned from the Ministry of Health, Malaysia.
It has been four (4) years!  Wow…


This year, I’m learning to enjoy the work life balance that I’ve finally been blessed with (still getting used to the idea) while working on (yet another) upcoming exam. Well well…


Have a good one folks!
Let’s make good use of this year which seems to be leaping away like a frog or monkey wannabe! *blink blink*

Relish how far we have come since the last leap year/day & Ponder where are we heading to by the next one.


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Posted from WordPress for Android

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