Loveliness comes in many shades – more than 50, of that I’m sure 😉
The thing about society is the double (if not triple) standards applicable in everything! *roll eyes*

Let me start with a personal story that occurred back home in Malaysia.
Just last November, on the morning of my brother’s wedding, we went for make-up. Not a big fan of make-ups as foundations never flatter my skintone or skin-type. But did I have a choice, given I was the bridesmaid for my lovely sister-in-law?

At the end of the session, I was upset & pissed off! The make-up artist made me WHITE!
Despite telling her that I wanted to look Natural >.<
I expressed my dissatisfaction, and was mocked, "Do you want me to make you look 'black' then, sis?"
As we were running out of time, couldn't do much. She did a final touch up which was supposed to make it look 'better'.
And as upset & disturbed as I was, I carried out my sisterly duty with a smile. Afterall, it was my tambhi’s big-day! Carry my sunshine I did, appearing unperturbed.

At the end of the wedding, looking at myself in the mirror, as well as judging from the few photos taken by friends/family’s phone (mostly) cameras, I looked like a GHOST! The official wedding photos merely served to confirm what I already knew. There were a few that looked okay thanks to ‘Beauty Camera’ features on selfie mode – some kinda editing/filter in place that is! LOL

Okay, okay…I know it is not about me, but as far as I am concerned, the gorgeous couple’s many photos were spoilt due to my ghost-like face in it. Seriously!

Make-up to make one more photogenic – to last through those long hours? My foot!
I should have just did my own and I know I would have looked like myself – naturally photogenic, as always 😉

So what was the obsession to make one’s customer seem fair? Or more like ‘White’??
I am still seeking enlightenment on that subject…and ta-daa, I came across this article!



Personally I have always been ‘deaf’ to any comments on my physical appearance. I know better – that a simple genuine smile & a true and bold heart is what LOVELY means to me. It is the Character and Demeanour that paints the shades of Loveliness – not one’s skin tone. I know I have felt and thought racist at times, but trust me, it is never due to one’s skin tone or colour…always the attitude or character that loathes me and feeds the racist-devil in me 😦

One mind-boggling Question in my mind since young, why is it for guys, it is the timeless ‘Tall Dark & Handsome’, but for us girls on the other hand, it is always about being ‘Fair = Pretty’.
Just look at Kolly/Bollywood movies for instance.
Ridiculing people who are darker in tone…or have to highlight that a particular dark-skinned actor/actress is so successful! As if the skin colour is going to feed the world!

Hero/Heroines are mostly fair, while the villains are dark (not All, I said Most!) –
time after time, this is the common trend. Rarely is it the reverse.


It is NOT just part of Racism! Or in countries like India, state/caste-related. Which in themselves are disgusting enough.
Worse still, the dark-skinned people in the society themselves promote & worship fair-skins, and shun fellow dark-skinned folks. Which gives rise to so many bussiness opportunities promoting ‘Whiteness’ / ‘Fairness’. And in the young souls, it may create a lot of doubts and insecurities – is that Fair!??

If only the only meaning of Fair is ‘Just’, and Dark is ‘Absence of Light’.

2013 – The Dark Is Beautiful: Nandita Das’ Online Campaign Against Fairness Creams



Some real life examples I have witnessed:

Dark skinned people who actually seek a life partner who is fair…one of the top criteria on their list – and not forgetting their parents/family’s List too! *roll eyes*

Dark skinned folks are more likely to be suspected to be the bad-guy/girl…while when a fair-skinned person would probably be treated innocent-until-proven-otherwise.

And at Weddings/ Engagements, I’ve eavesdropped on comments like:

“Ohhh he/she (who is dark-skinned) is lucky to get such a Fair-skinned guy/girl…”

“Hhhmm..if not for her (it is hardly used for guys in this instance as per my observation) job/money/social-standing, she wouldn’t be getting married to such a fair guy”

Sickening, isn’t it?

Saying that, each and every one of us form our Society.  Change begins from each individual. Isn’t it sad that we are living in 2016, yet we homo sapiens are far from being colorblind!

A powerful you-tube video

I wonder if animals are…
What use is 6th sense if we abuse and bully each other in so many ways, all over the World? Sighhh….

Common man! Learn from the children, who are, by nature…


Too heavy a topic for the first day of autumn? Bored with all the ‘Black’ & ‘White’, Dark & Fair, and the Grey-zone making up Shades of skin?
Lets make this abit more colourful…

As cliche as it sounds..Beauty is Definitely way wayyyy more than skin deep!
Good attempt by the sisters&co to create more awareness about being proud and comfortable in your own skin. As for me, always have and always will. #‎unfairandlovely‬ indeed 😀

And I hope every human being will too! No matter what ethnicity, colour, nationality, profession, social-background we belong to – Be Proud! Make this one life count.

P.S: Although having extra melanin makes Vit D absorption harder, on the bright side it gives some protection against skin cancer. Go figure!

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