Update on Immunization Schedule – An extra jab for 18 month-olds

Don’t even get me started on anti vaccine groups/advocates. A lot has been said by many quarters. Extremists shall remain so at their own risk.


The National Immunization Registry for Australian Children has been updated again. From this month, there is an additional dose of Infanrix (Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus) vaccine to be given at 18 months old in addition to the existing MMRV vaccine.
Still 1 visit, but 2 instead of 1 needle at 18 month old.
That 1 extra needle potentially prevents more children dealing with the complications of pertussis.



Previously they were given as Infanrix Hexa (+HepB & Hib & IPV) at 2, 4, 6 months & as InfanrixTetra (+IPV) at 4yo.

This has to be in line with the increasing cases of pertussis as of late. A growing child’s immune system isn’t as matured as adults and takes booster doses to achieve an optimal coverage.
We are not only protecting these children receiving the vaccine, but their peers or younger children including newborn who are not old enough or not well enough for the vaccine too.

All government funded πŸ™‚
Not a conspiracy by pharmaceutical companies and governments as some parties may accuse *roll eyes*.


It isn’t only in third world or developing countries that we struggle with immunization issues. Even first world countries has its woes…

“On Thursday 22 October, 2015 the Victorian Parliament has passed legislation known as ‘No Jab, No Play’ which requires all children to be fully vaccinated to be enrolled in childcare and/or kindergarten in Victoria unless they have a medical exemption.
Legislation is planned to come into effect from 1 January 2016.”

There was another legislation earlier ‘No Jab, No Pay’ in regards to Centrelink child payment.

We have been warned about anti vaccine groups coming up with their own ‘template justifying exemption’ that they try to get GPs to sign so the child still gets Centrelink benefit.

Really? So smart to beat the system?
Do GPs appear so dumb to some? *roll eyes*

Wait till they personally come across unvaccinated children who end up with (potentially preventable) meningitis or severe pneumonia/respiratory distress! Then they will know why we advocate vaccinations.
Why governments & WHO (for underprivileged countries) spend billions yearly for vaccines.


Some parents only remember to get the vaccine after getting the letter from Centrelink following payment rejection. Or when childcare or kinder requests a letter verifying immunization status.

Sad but true that I personally come across many such parents still, in this first world country, where awareness if supposedly more. Without dangling carrots, we would be probably facing a poorer compliance rate.

Credit ought to be given to highly aware & compliant parents too. Thank you for being responsible & compliant, especially if you realize the importance of it on your child’s and other children’s health in your community – Kudos!!

Whatever the reason is, the ultimate aim is to immunize those without absolute contraindications to achieve herd immunity. Small pox was eradicated in 1980s because of good herd immunity and years of effort by WHO.


Past few years, we are seeing Measles outbreaks & Pertussis on the rise 😦 Occasionally some other vaccine preventable diseases too.


Still on the topic of vaccine…

This year’s seasonal influenza vaccine supply here faces slight delay. But the good news is the Quadrivalent (4-strain) types will be government funded for eligible individuals & be made available privately.


For Victorians who wish to keep up to date on Immunization:

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