‘Close monitoring’ of country’s IMG needs

Excerpts from Australian Doctor:

The employment of IMGs on visas to fill GP workforce gaps is under the spotlight, with the RACGP saying the situation needs “close monitoring”.

The huge increase in both medical students and GP registrars over the past five years has raised questions about whether it will still be necessary to bring doctors into the country on 457 visas.

The RACGP says monitoring of non-specialist IMGs providing general practice services is needed.

This would include looking at “the role of international medical graduates, especially in areas of geographical maldistribution”, the college said in a statement to Australian Doctor.


Dr Mara attacked the Federal Government for granting District of Workforce Shortage (DWS) status last month to some 460 rural and remote communities.

The scheme allows IMGs on limited registration to work as GPs under the 10-year moratorium.


*face palm*

Tomorrow is not promised.

It isn’t easy to clear the assessment for FRACGP exams, which most of us IMG GPs do on our own anyway.
And then there are the exams themselves…
And now, risk of repatriation someday if we are on 457? Because now there are sufficient locally trained?

When all you do is study for one exam or another all day long besides working, and then see no light at the end of the tunnel.
Hmmmm…a tad demotivating indeed 😦

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