Back On Track

Another lovely sunny Autumn Good Morning!! 😀

So, after months of being sedentary, the past few weeks, I’ve been breaking my sedentary daily routine & getting back on track – of taking a dose of the prescription I hand out to patients day in & day out – EXERCISE! In the form of nature walks – my favourite!

Of course, besides Work and Sleep too, among other necessities! :p

My walks have been via various meetup groups.
I wrote about my maiden meetup activity end of last year.

Meeting new people with similar interests in the last 1 week, and during coffee/walk chats, I have been reminded by locals & other ‘newbies’ in Melbourne as well of how ‘Brave’ I am to embark on the adventure of moving & living here.
That is when I remembered my much neglected blog needs revival.

I’ll be sharing some stories & awesome pictures from myself & fellow walkers/travelers in the upcoming posts – will take some time to catch up though.

Been fortunate as these last few Autumn walks/trips have fallen on beautiful sunny days, which are becoming very spaced out at this time of the year.


Considering how last Friday and Sunday were wet wet days & not forgetting the storm just the past Tuesday! How strong the wind blew *shudder*…


Lovely to be exploring parts of Victoria I haven’t been to.

But the highlight of my day yesterday was seeing This Signboard! YUP – Ducks Crossing!
I’ve seen various types of ‘mammals’-crossing signs before in various countries, but this is an interesting first for me.

Have you seen one before?

Too bad I couldn’t stop to snap a shot of it myself.


Photo taken from Google-Images

Feels good to be back on track.

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