Royal Botanic Gardens, Cranbourne

I’ve been here a few times in these past 3 years – probably 3-4 times till the last summer.

Always a lovely area to walk around, the Botanic Gardens (BG) itself. You will see why as you scroll down…

But I have never explored the trails outside the BG itself. Don’t dare to do it alone…with ‘snake alerts’ and danger of getting lost – though I always thought “I never know when i might get crazy enough to just do it solo.”


Summer Jan 2016

So, any wonder I jumped up at the first opportunity that came my way! 😀

That’s where I kickstarted my Autumn 2016 walks. With the South-Eastern Moderate walking meetup group.

Date: 28.04.16, Thursday
Venue : Walking trail around the Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne @ Australian Gardens


The trail we walked (Photo credits to fellow walker, Richard)

Mode: Still very overwhelmed by my results that was just released that very morning & thanking God for his grace & bounty. In fact, I was so overwhelmed that i forgot to click much photos until we were up on the viewing platform.


The red-sands that is the landmark of Royal BG! And, can you spot the race-tracks?


…all the way up from the viewing platform!

From the trails, we proceeded for a walk around the Royal BG itself, before it started raining! We did cover a good part of it.


Some of the home garden ideas & water garden (Photo credits to fellow walker, Nick)


What say you? Beautiful ain’t it? (Photo credits to fellow walker, Richard)


Or this?  (Photo credits to fellow walker, Richard)


And the most amazing part of the RBG is the fact that it is maintained sooooo well by a team of volunteers! God Bless these green-hands. 

Our group did have a chat with some of the friends of RBG/ volunteers on some gardening tips – after our coffee, while waiting for the rain to settle into a drizzle.

Lovely day. Amazing news. Indeed a celebratory walk! 🙂
So much so I didn’t feel the tiredness of being sleep deprived the night before.

I felt sooooo small in front of all God’s beauty & his abundance of Grace _^_

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